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This is the 24th post in a series of topics on the Revised Aircraft & Cockpit Reference Guide that i am working on. It will contain all planes this time blah blah blah ...
Republic P-47 "Thunderbolt" "The Jug" (`43,`44)
One of the heaviest fighter aircraft of World War II, ironically the P-47 was designed to meet a 1940 USAAC requirement for a lightweight interceptor. It was designed by Alexander Kartveli based on the earlier P-35 design of Alexander Seversky. When reports on air combat in Europe came to the USA, it became clear that armour, heavy armament, self-sealing fuel tanks and a very powerful engine (Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp) should be preferred over any weight-saving compromises. The result was an impressive, very heavy fighter, which excelled as escort fighter and fighter-bomber. The most extensively built variant was the P-47D (about 13000 units). The P-47 was nicknamed "The Jug" (short for Juggernaut or because of the milkjug shape of the fuselage).
Maximum Speed (P-47D): 540km/h at sea level and 700km/h at 9000m. Range 3060km.
¦ The P-47D and the FW190 are the best power divers of the game, with the Thunderbolt having a much higher break-up speed (approximately 1030km/h vs 900km/h).
¦ The P-47 is not sufficiently fast and manoeuvrable for dogfighting at low altitudes. Against other fighters use strictly B'n'Z tactics.
¦ Turning to evade shots at medium and long distance only allows the enemy to come closer. If he is very close make a last-moment hard turn and dive away. Otherwise, trust your armour and escape with a shallow dive.
¦ Try to stay at altitudes over 5000m and utilise team tactics. Although not good at dogfighting, the P-47 can withstand a lot of damage and can keep escaping for a long time thanks to its second-to-none diving ability. All this time the enemy is vulnerable to attacks from your friends.
¦ Best roll rate is at about 400km/h.
P-47D: wings - 8x12.7mm Browning .50 (200rpg/15sec or with extra ammo 425rpg/33sec).

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Supercharger speed cannot be adjsuted.

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Originally posted by Diablo310th:
Supercharger speed cannot be adjsuted.

On any plane? This is pretty confusing when the option is there on the keyboard setup, and advised to adjust at 4500m in the cockpit pdf. I was trying to adjust the charger on a P-47, but nothing happens. Didn't know what the issue was.

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The best rate of roll you have listed is in TAS, correct?

That would be cool if they could hook rate of roll to IAS instead.