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10-13-2010, 11:57 AM
Last 5 patrols storms and heavy rain constant for 5 days. Impossible to see anything and run the risk of being run down all the time.On 21st patrol 1940 550.000 tons sunk renown 12,000,trying to reach 30,000 to select xxi boat.If this weather pattern keeps up,might as well give up now.

10-13-2010, 01:49 PM
Five days is nothing. In real life storms could last five to six weeks. What I like to do in such weather is cruise submerged and listen for contacts on the hydrophones. You can find singles and convoys that way. On my most recent patrol I sank about four ships by first detecting them when submerged. Plot the locations on the map by marking an "X" and make several such marks over time. Draw a straight line along the "X's" and you will have a rough idea of its course. Plot an interception course; sail at high speed on the surface if you have to but remember to dive occasionally to take sound updates. You will have to be within 500M to 1KM in order to get a visual.

Foul weather works both ways. It can conceal enemy ships, but it can also conceal you. It does become dangerous to approach convoys on the surface once the escorts have radar at sea. In that situation, they can "see" you before you can see them. You'll have to adapt your interception tactics once they have radar, but it is still possible to attack shipping even under such trying circumstances.