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05-31-2010, 10:19 AM
Right, so we all remember Machiavelli from ACII, who, at the time Ezio meets him, is the Assassin's Grand Master (I think). We also now know that in AC: Brotherhood, Ezio is the Assassin's Grand Master, commanding the entire Order. From what I've heard about the upcoming game, Rodrigo Borgia will take a secondary role, and his son, Cesare, will become the primary antagonist. So, that means the game will take place somewhere between the end of ACII (1499) and Cesare's death (1507, during the Siege of Viana. I smell a mission?).

What does this mean you may ask? Well, Machiavelli, who's death was in 1527, will definitely still be alive. So that begs the question, why is he no longer grand Master? Did he resign, believing Ezio was a better choice? Or was it something else. One thing that has bothered me about Machiavelli being an assassin, is his ideas in life (he was what is known as a political realist, and also considered the father of modern politics) were oddly Templar-like. One of his most famous quotes is "The ends justify the means". That pretty much sums up the Templar goal: Use the PoE to make the world perfect, even though it will be tyranny. Also, Machiavelli was less then friendly with the Medici, a family allied with the Assassins. After Savonarola falls (Machiavelli was believed to have played a role in that in real life as well) Machiavelli takes power, and becomes Secretary to the Council of Ten of Florence, until 1512. That's when the Medici return, and imprison and torture him, because they believe he conspired against them.

How does this mean he's a traitor? Well, like I said, his ideas in real life were quite Templar like. But also in his famous work, Il Principe (The Prince, which is a book on how to keep power) he says Cesare Borgia is the perfect example of how to keep power. Seems odd he's complimenting a Templar, doesn't it?

So, here is my theory. The Assassin's discover Machiavelli is secretly working for the Templar's, and expel him from the Order. Ezio takes over, and Machiavelli becomes a target of the Assassins. Obviously, he won't die in game, (as the main antagonist dies 20 years before he does) but I do believe he may be an enemy in the game.

Also, and this final one is debatable, In the videos of the weapons on the Brotherhood website, it seems to be Templars killing Assassins with them. Maybe Machiavelli is setting up all these deaths?

05-31-2010, 11:09 AM
The part about the videos is dismissable. It's been confirmed it's nothing more than an Abstergo training program that's unrelated to actual history.

For the rest of your post I'm leaning towards the same conclusions. Some things to keep in mind though:
-Machiavelli wasn't always on bad terms with the Medici. He even served as an advisor to them at one point. Maybe the Medici betray the assassins instead of Machiavelli.
-It's still debated whether Machiavelli wrote Il Principe as an actual guide or more as a satirical lecture on principal rule. In one of his later works, Discorsi, he takes a much more republican approach to government, which seems to contradict a lot of what he wrote in Il Principe.

I still like to believe Maciavelli betrays the assassins though. Makes for a more interesting plot.

05-31-2010, 12:47 PM
As El_Sjietah said, The Prince could be a serious guide or just a satire.

Lots of history rambling ahead:

In any case, the Lorenzo de' Medici died in 1492, and his heir, Piero de' Medici was incompetent to take his father's place. As you know, the Medici were expelled, but they eventually return.

However, the generation of Medici after Lorenzo's was much more ruthless when it came to power. It was Giovanni de' Medici and Giulio de' Medici who came to Pope Julius II for an army to take back Florence. This led to the Sack of Prato.

Machiavelli tried to prepare Florence against the Medici attack but to no avail. The Pope's army slaughtered people in Prato, and Florence surrendered. So the Medici regained power in Florence through violence and force, and they exiled Machiavelli.

The main point of all that--Lorenzo's rule over Florence was much nicer than Giovanni's and Giulio's rule. Considering what Giovanni and Giulio were willing to do to take back Florence, I think it makes sense that Machiavelli, as an assassin, would be willing to oppose the Medici.

05-31-2010, 02:58 PM
Ezio isn't the Grand Master... he's a Master Assassin, two different things; Maccers is still the Grand Master. As for him being a traitor, I highly doubt it, they've already done that with Al Mualim.

05-31-2010, 03:13 PM
I still have problems believing Niccolo is the grand master. He was only 19 when Ezio was inducted into the order. It just seems a bit strange that Mario and the rest of the Assassin's were taking orders from a kid, prodigy or not.

I like to think that there was no grand master during AC 2. More like the Assassin's were governed by council.

06-01-2010, 08:26 AM
Mmmmm is an interesting point that both Machiavellian20 and El_Sjietah make and both are possibilities. Although in the History of Florence it goes into great detail about how respected the Medici and as we all know Templars are not good at showing anyone respect. But the Medici being traitors again is a good point mmmmm this should defo be confirmed in AC:B

06-03-2010, 01:49 PM
Actually Ru, just because someone is a Templar dosen't mean they can't show respect. For one thing, they obviously show respect for another, and would probably show respect to others to achieve their ends. And I think you missed the point, I'm not saying the Medici are Templars, I'm saying Machiavelli is.

06-03-2010, 02:02 PM
Machivelian20, yes we got that, it appears as though some are disagreeing with you. And positing another theory that instead of Machivelli, that it's the Medici that are Templars. And given that they went to the pope for troops (Pope Alexander, aka the Spaniard) a known Templar, that possiblity becomes higher.