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12-05-2010, 03:42 AM
Greate game, but still AC 1 had the bester controls. (The below is for the PS3.)

-The ability to assign weapons to the D-pad is a major improvement.

-The camera reset on pressing R3 does still not work during animated fight sequences when the special effects camera (or what you call it) kicks in. So I have to set this to zero in the options to have full control during fights, as the cameraview often gets obstructed by trees and greenery. This was perfect in AC 1.

-I still haven't figure out if there is a way to select a new target when already in target mode *without executing an attack*. This was perfect in AC 1, as Altair would just point to the new target when the appropriate buttons where pressed. (I've seen this animation in AC:B, but haven't figured out how to do it on command...)

-The R2 button for calling assistance could be used better: maybe as inducing a social context to the buttons for calling your horse etc. I know this poses a problem for what you might wanna quickly, but could perhaps alternate it's function depending on whether engaged or not... =)

-Finally, when switching from medium sized weapons to the hidden blade, the blade on the free hand should be usable for counters before the medium weapon is sheathed. This was perfect in AC 1.

Also, it'd be nice with some options regulating the color and/or intensity of the target indicator, I'm having difficulties telling if and whom I have targeted in a crowded commotion.

Likewise, targeting an enemy that has agro towards you will put you in fight stance right away. Perhaps the fight stance could be delayed until you release that button, so you can run and assault more easily in a crowded angagement (without risk killing some innocent person).

Thanks for a great series of games in AC.