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06-11-2011, 03:27 PM
Instead of waiting 45min to fill up your lobby just so <STRIKE>karr</STRIKE> some guy with better rep come in and fish out your lobby by spamming invites, how about this idea:

You make some maps, and you publish them. You put them in a playlist before you join a lobby.

There is no option to make a lobby, unless private. You just choose the game mode and the lobby size (4-16) and then you join.

There will not a selection of who you join. Once you join the lobby, the host is anonymous. It will not require the host to start, there will just be a timer.

Everyone in the lobby should have their playlist layed out. Everyone gets a turn to get their map played in order starting with the host. If the host looses connection, the match will end and the players will be migrated to a new lobby.

Voting should not be so annoying.
You should add:
-Vote to ban
-Vote to skip map
*2 maps cant be skipped in 1 session

You should not add:
-Vote to extend time
-Vote to end or restart match


This way everyone's maps get played.

Also, add a party system.

06-11-2011, 04:00 PM
that's the most stupid idea i have heard "no offense" people want to host a match to show off to the public what they have made, if you want your map to get popular, you make the effort! you will get people who just leave themselves in a match doing nothing as they get map downloads on there maps. I personally think the map lobbies are perfect and just that the recent players shouldn't be added. I don't think people want to play on some random map that is just filled with trees and nothing else.

Sorry, Don't support this one bit!

06-11-2011, 05:17 PM
The only thing I agree with is the party system.
It would be nice to jump straight into an online game with a team. But only on ranked team games.

06-11-2011, 05:17 PM
I gotta disagree here.

I'd love to see Ubi host some of their own servers. Maybe two or three per mode that showcase community maps.

I ran dedicated servers occasionally myself, when I did I tried to include a selection of maps from multiple authors. Some people didn't and I'd also occasionally host only my own maps, that's fine. It's a personally hosted server on the host's connection and on the host's system, they have every right to host whatever they want with it.

Now this "lobby fishing" is a real **** move. There's no denying it nor preventing it.

If you wan to host your own maps, go ahead. If you want your maps to be hosted by someone else, you should get to know them or simply ask.

I think only a couple of my maps ever were hosted by people other than myself. There was the occasional get together of friends were we'd host each other's maps. It's not really easy now as most people have moved on from FC2 a long time ago, but become an active part of a community is essential to getting your maps played unless you plan on hosting 24/7.

I try not to join communities and instantly start asking to get my stuff looked at. I'd rather play other people's maps and have mine thrown in occasionally to get some feedback on them.

But what you've mentioned gives me an excellent idea for an implementation into the game.

Well here's how it is, rather than force people to play someone else's maps even though they're the host, give them the option. No reason to shut down the server just to download a map or two.

Simply add a button in the match lobby that lets you select a player in the lobby and view their uploaded maps. Unless the map isn't uploaded to the servers, the host doesn't have to have the map on their hard drive. So say you're in my lobby and ask to play your map "Old Town." I select your name, along with the view profile, mute, ban, etc I'll see "Map list." Select that, scroll to wherever "Old Town" is and hit "Add to playlist." Then it'll have everyone else in the lobby download the map from the servers, just like they would with any map they didn't have. Only this time the host will download it as well. The match can't start until the host has finished downloading and since the match hasn't started, the bandwidth of the host won't be in use as much, allowing the download to not be slow beyond all reason.

Sounds good to me. I think I'd host a lot more this way, I don't want to host only my maps and sometimes people show up wanting to play their own maps. This would probably result in people joining rooms and begging the host to play their map. If they become a nuisance they aforementioned "mute" and "ban" options are still there. lol

I think I'll add this to my wish list thread.

06-13-2011, 09:41 AM
I said this a while back they should have a map party mode where the players in que can have a map picked to play on. The games times would be short like 10 min max that way everybody gets an chance to have there map seen & and on top of that more people would stay in a lobby. It would work just like mortal combats king of the hill eccept the maps would change with each player. This would be a mode that i would like to play.

06-13-2011, 05:25 PM
Your ideas are horrible! You will not like to hear it but here is your real problems. You are not a popular enough player to open a room and have it get filled and stay full by friends and other players. When you host people are leaving to the dbag peoples rooms because of two reasons. They don't like certain aspects of how you run a lobby and/or your maps stink.
The system works great. When the game is new and very active any random person can open a lobby and get people to join. You'll then be able to prove yourself. As the game dies off only the better map makers and hosts will be able to keep rooms filled. I can get and keep rooms full without sending a single invite.
The lobby system of FC2 is almost perfect. They need to add room descriptions. You can post if what modes your playing, maps, authors, or special rules to better inform people what you are upto in your lobby. Just a short paragraph to tell people how your lobby is run would be great. Having say three Ubisoft servers to run rooms would be a good idea for newbies and people to come across new maps. Once room could be for new maps, another for highly rated maps, and another for random maps. You also should be able to block players from ever entering your room so they can't attempt to steal players or cause havoc. It's old booting the same idiots over and over. When you do a designated server your camera is stuck if the screan shot is taken off the map of in an enclosed room. This needs to be fixed.

06-13-2011, 07:22 PM
If I'm (hypothetically) hosting a crappy server and somebody comes along to offer a better rotation of maps and modes, then I deserve to lose almost all of my server population to the better host.

06-14-2011, 10:25 AM
no way the current fc2 server system doesnt work good at all, its sucks it doesnt make any use of the servers. you always have 12 matches with 2-3 people in it and like one with 15 people. The game mode im suggesting isnt supposed to take the place of tdm or dm its specif for mappers who wanna have there maps seen. Ill bet the very best maps have less than 100 downloads. The new title will not gain notoriety with current format. ubi soft if your listening please have a map party mode.