View Full Version : Have you found a way up? + possible DLC

12-22-2011, 03:06 PM


Have you found a way to get up there? A glitch perhaps?

Also, if you replay the first memory in Masyaf, there is a very small village in the background. Stay at the same spot where you start your first memory, turn on eagle vision, then look into the mountains. There's on of those wooden bridges that connects the 2 mountains behind Masyaf, but is very visible to the eye if eagle vision is on.

Along with that, it connects to several house, then it leads to a ladder that goes up pretty high in the mountain. I tried reaching there but of course desynched. This is possibly a dlc.

12-22-2011, 03:19 PM
There is no way, Its virtually impossible..

12-22-2011, 04:31 PM
Are you sure http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

How were they able to show us Ezio and Altair on the platforms in the gameplay vid?

12-22-2011, 04:52 PM
The gameplay videoes showed many lies, like Altair in Constantioopel. Dident happen.

12-22-2011, 06:32 PM
Well that could've easily been a skin. But I mean, how can they possibly leave out that platform. That's the biggest thing about Masyaf imo.