View Full Version : Save game will not load

11-20-2010, 05:53 PM
First off, I'm playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood on Xbox 360.

I've already played through and beat the main story, however, as with the previous AC titles, I wanted to go back and get 100%.. It continued just fine, I went back through the city and bought some more buildings etc.. then I decided I would try to go get that awesome armor that I hadn't gotten yet.. So I enter on of the lairs, the one by the pyramid looking wall on the edge of Rome, and halfway through loading, the screen freezes, and I can't even hit the Xbox button to exit the game, so I shut down the console, and restart it. Whenever I try to load the game, the console freezes again. Any advice..? I really don't want to play through the whole game AGAIN, just to buy a few more weapons..

11-20-2010, 05:56 PM
On an unrelated note, your multiplayer is horrible!! I have been waiting for games for HOURS, and I've only been able to play 1 game so far.

Also, in the 1 game I played, everyone was running around like idiots, so stealth was impossible, because your target would just run around at full speed, so you couldnt catch them unless you ran too.. -.- There should be a bigger penalty for not using stealth.