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06-26-2003, 08:15 PM
I saw this commercial on the wings channel. Anybody have this? what do you think? is it worth getting? FEEDBACK people!

-Don't feel bad for the pilot you just shot down because your next.

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06-26-2003, 08:15 PM
I saw this commercial on the wings channel. Anybody have this? what do you think? is it worth getting? FEEDBACK people!

-Don't feel bad for the pilot you just shot down because your next.

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06-26-2003, 08:30 PM
I downloaded the program and had fun fighting my brother on our home LAN, but I never tried their online servers. From what I read, it had the most convincing flight model compared to similar products of the day. There was some reviews of Aces High on SimHQ.com but they're not back on the site yet. You do realize you pay monthly for playing right?

From reading their forums, the developers seem very dedicated to their product and their customer base. The community is great also.

06-26-2003, 08:36 PM
I have been with Aces High for 3 yrs and I love it. If you love La-7 's or Spits then you'll love aces high-they dominate. The community is great-flight models are very very good. Down side- graphics sux. We are waiting for a major upgrade in GFX's engine and new mission based (role playing) server. It's free for 2 weeks ....100% free- no credit card required at all. Try it...u got nothing to loose.

06-26-2003, 08:41 PM
It's a good game Lots of players online. for about $15 you get to fly shoot down real people not AI.

It usually has on anywhere from 200 - 500 player everyday.

Graphics are a bit outdated.

FM is suppose to be accurate. about as accurate as any sim.

It's mostly a free for all most of the time in the Main arena. Where most play. In the Main you can fly anyplane against any plane for instance p51 against p51 and so on.

They have a axis vs allied also in CT arena but there lacking some of the plane set to make that worth you while IMHO.

It's capture the flag mentality type of game.

In the main arena you got 3 countries going at each other to see who wins the war. When the War is won you get bonus points for the side that won.

They got a pretty decent plane set there from zeros to me 262s and tempest and typhoons so on.

It's would be a great game if it had IL-2 FB's graphics.

06-26-2003, 08:44 PM
the graphics are very shady its an old game but was cool, I dont get why FB doesnt advertise on discovery wings 10,000s of people watch it and commercials are cheap on there compaired bigtime network channels


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06-26-2003, 08:44 PM
AH is nice.... I think FB is better///i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif but AH is nice...it is better than ....some other prop sims out.... I just didnt want to pay to play. Same thing with Warbirds....it's nice...but to tell you the truth....IMO NOTHING can touch FB.

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06-26-2003, 08:46 PM
Aces High has its good points. The flight models are surprisingly clean, and there are several features I wish FB had. For example, you can move your head from side to side or forward and back rather than being locked in one position. The joystick sensitivity settings use a very sophisticated arrangement that shows you the curve on a graphic display, and there are lots of different settings you can play with, such as raising or lowering the effectiveness of AA fire. (Oh, couldn't we use THAT.) The in-flight map display is in some ways better handled than the one in FB.

The terrain isn't bad looking, though it's more imaginative than accurate. There's no attempt to reproduce any historic war or campaign.

But it's still pretty toyish. The cockpits are strictly imaginative rather than authentic. The gauges, for example, are in English - language AND measurements - even in German and Russian and Japanese planes!

And it's strictly for online play. You can operate it offline but all you can do is fly around and shoot up ground targets (which can be fun) but there are no AI planes so there's nothing to compare with the offline play in FB.

I had it for some time; it was the first flight sim I ever used - it was a free download then, I don't know about now - and that was where I got my basic virtual-flight training. (The first successful landing I ever made was with the AH La-5 in fact.) But as soon as Il-2 came out and I got the demo and tried it, I wiped AH off my drive and haven't been back.

All that was a couple of years ago and they may have made some changes by now for all I know.

06-26-2003, 08:55 PM
I flew it quite a bit on the free 8 player servers (just download and go, I assume the still allow this) before Il-2 came out, it does have a very convincing flight model, and the number/type of planes is staggering (admittedly Il-2 has come close!). But the free servers were most often 'air quake' types, at worst free for alls or no team work. But occasionally a great one would come up, very realistic, very similar to Hyperlobby Dogfight rooms. Downside is definitely the graphics, mainly the cockpits which are imho pre-CFS1. Terrain and aircraft models aren't bad, lighting isn't good but reasonable.

06-26-2003, 10:37 PM

Mulla_Stondaa wrote:
"There's no attempt to reproduce any historic war or campaign."

Not true at all. Special Event Arena had and have many. Check the link

Last year december was in CT arena first time Finland vs Russia "Continuation War 1941-1944" setup:
Yes, many planes is missing but plane & play setup was in balance.

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06-26-2003, 10:43 PM
Big Difference..I still fly with a squad on AH. Coming from IL2 to AH I noticed one thing..AH is a GAME..IL2 is a Sim. Plain and Simple. AH is just as fun..even more so because it has a mission objective in taking bases and winning a map. IL2 has better graphics and such but the kill kill kill gets boring. BTW a few comparissons. If you think vulching is bad here..try taking off from a base under seige in Aces High.. LOL The IL2 community is spoiled by the cockpit off function as compaired to AH as cockpit lock is mandatory however as it has been stated before you can actually move around the pit.

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06-26-2003, 10:56 PM
The_Blue_Devil wrote:

- Big Difference..
I didnt repley to start compare IL2FB vs AH. Just tell the fact about AHs historical events.

-I still fly with a squad on AH.
I just cancel my AH account after three years online flying.

- Coming from IL2 to AH I noticed one thing..AH is a GAME..IL2 is a Sim. Plain and Simple.
In case of IL2FB Full Real vs AH MA its very very true.



06-26-2003, 11:20 PM
Mulla_Stondaa wrote:
- Aces High has its good points. The flight models
- are surprisingly clean, and there are several
- features I wish FB had. For example, you can move
- your head from side to side or forward and back
- rather than being locked in one position.

That's nice, although I think Warbirds III does
it better as when you look to your 6, it moves
your head automatically in Warbirds III but it
is G limited. In fact in many ways Warbirds III is
better than the current Aces High (the graphics
are better) although WB III has some weapon
strength issues and FM issues (in Aces High the
FMs are too clean, in WB III you wallow). WB III
has very few players online.

I need to put AH back on after a reinstall, but
my saved install is corrupt so I have to download
another 40MB...

06-27-2003, 12:34 AM
a few of those mass multiplay/online only games have perked my interest but i could never get past having to continually pay for it. $15 x 12 = $180 a year

fb was...what, $50 for a lifetime?


06-27-2003, 01:57 AM
My comments after playing quite a bit. GFX are not bad. Land detail is poor. AC detail is AMAZING! Its flight system is fair, but the damage modeling sucks my left you know what. A loan Lanc had NO chance what so ever online. Even with escorts, it only takes a short birst of any gun to explode it. Also, when your hit, you dont notice much differance till they do enough damage to "kill you" and you simply explode. I LOVED Air Warrior. The best thing to do is gather a group of people in the B-17. It was known as a death star. It had a chance. I have shot down 2-3 BF-109's in the tail of a B-17 and made it bad. 1 F4F took down a Lanc with a short birst of his 4 .50 cals in Aces High. I laughed as I deleted the game.


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06-27-2003, 02:06 AM
Aces High is currently at Tour41. I started off with Tour14, so I've been with AH more than two years.

I'm a WWII flight sim enthusiast, and anything that's considered worthy, lives on my hard rive. So far, amongst the many games of this genre, only AH, IL-2:FB and EAW still remain.

AH has some weak points, just like any other:

* Graphics are outdated
* Non-realistic cockpits
* Suspicious gunnery modelling(long-range shots frequent)
* Sounds aren't all too good
* The effect of the sun glare is too weak
* Sometimes views are too lenient


However, AH is a game under total size of 50MB(when's the last time you found a game under 100MB, since 1995?), a free download, two-week free/unlimited trial period game - it's a very worthy addition for a WWII air combat sim enthusiast.

Considering the game is under 50MB, AH graphics are actually pretty good. A little weak in dynamic lighting effects, bit lower in the polygon count, and low texture resolution - but those are the factors that keeps AH to the most efficient status, offering a bare minimum download size. When you look at it that way, 3D modelling is still very convincing - it is good enough for a MMOG.

Also, the ability to add in player contributions, such as custom sound packs and gun sights, offer a compromise between a multiplayer on-line game aspect and the pure flight sim aspect - anything that doesn't disturb the status of flight, can be changed by the player. From the colors of the icons, to custom made terrains. The in-flight maps can also be added - ETA charts, strategic facility maps, checklists, terrain infos etc etc.. you want it, you add it in.

AH is no doubt, more of a GAME than a SIM. However, in the most important aspect of flight, it is dead serious. The amount of research and planning 1C:Maddox has done for IL-2 series is admirable, but as much, in research and their ambitious visions of achieving accuracy in flight modelling, the developers of AH are no slouches either.

For instance, AH has balanced the E-retention aspect of combat maneuvering into a satisfiable, realistic, and believable level - one cannot help but notice that the IL-2 community still has split ideas on E-retention up to this day.

AH's FM too clean? Well, maybe in some parts. However, with the nifty automatic "combat-trim" feature turned off, it isn't really as clean as one thinks. During one of the AH player conventions, a Kiwi Spitfire pilot noted that the plane response was still too sluggish in AH, and his actual Spit, would respond within milimeters if he wanted to do so. Sometimes people do get caught up with the illusion that the bouncy, unstable, and HARD TO CONTROL, are equivalent of 'reality' /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

Problems, if they can be proved on an objective level, are looked into and corrected - so far, no serious challenges or claims to the existing FM since the two years I've been in AH - no major changes in FM, since version 1.04(that was before I joined, more than two years ago)

Does that mean people of the AH community are less knowledgable? Hardly - the amateuer/professional researchers of the AH community are one of the most picky people I've ever seen. What can I say, they're satisfied, too. Considering that AH has introduced almost all of the important planes of all the five major combatants, plus some of the minors(such as Italy), that, is an astounding thing. IL-2:FB has its shares of various planes, but how many of them are actually "different planes"?


The very fact that you engage in a no AI(at least, no AI driven planes, with maybe the exception of the two bomber drones that follow the players lead bomber), all-player based territorial combat at a massive scale, itself is probably the largest key factor to AH's success.

Many other games have tried to achieve this, but FA3 had to sacrifice something important aspects as a serious flight sim, WB3 is going the path of AW3, and WW2OL is still striving to balance itself out. No doubt there will be more serious contendors in the future, but currently, as it is, AH is probably the best choice one can make if you're looking forward to flying with massive number of players around the world.

You can fly in the way you want, in what you want. If you want a non-stop fighter action, you can have that. If you want a more refined, historic approach, you can post a mission you have made yourself, and let other people participate, in a real-time warring environment, 24hours a day. You want a ground war? AH isn't exactly a tank-sim, but there you have it. Tigers, Panzers, Flakwagons, M-16s and M-3s at your disposal. There's also a naval aspect, with naval bombardments from the sea to land, carriers, landing craft, and of course, carrier planes.


The best it all, is AH, is still a growing sim. It's not a boxed game. Major updates and changes, new versions, upgrades, new battle fields, new features, are always on the way - providing with way more than just two~three patches to a boxed game can offer.

To sum it all up, AH is not a weak game, nor does it neglect the sim aspect. It comes at a price - 14.95 US dollars for a month, but it is worth it.

As much respect one can give to the IL-2 series, AH deserves the same. IL-2/FB and AH, upto the day where a totally superior game comes to conquer them all, will live long and prosperous on the corner of my hard drive /i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

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06-27-2003, 02:28 AM
If you don't mind paying the $15 bucks a month, it can be fun for some time playing against a lot of people online. However like Warbirds when I flew, that usually it ends up in mindless furballing most of the time. Icons that always give you away and all seeing map radar from your cockpit unless you fly very low to the ground.

There was team work at times but basically like Warbirds, it just felt like Quake. Lots of killing but no real purpose. They have other things to do but I keep reading in the forums how participation is always weak. Plus the flying any aircraft against any aircraft, most folks try to fly the best aircraft so not much in variety. There are folks that want it to be more historical base but the major do so those with the historical outlook will leave after some time unless they found a bunch of friend to fly. That is usually the main reason you keep flying.

That's why I left Warbirds 3 years ago and Aces High 1 year ago. FM for the planes were/are considered good but not much reason to fly them. FB is hands above it with its co-op play. Trouble is with FB you have to wait for things to get started.

Target Rabaul will be the next thing to watch out for. It is historical based from the start. No Zeroes battling a BF-109 or Corsair fighting Corsair unless you want to create your own server to do so. The main server is planned to run historical based missions. Wells is doing the FMs.

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