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06-25-2007, 02:06 PM
Well I finally was able to spend a few hours on IL2 1946 this w/e and boy does it start to get it's claws in you! Did a first few Straight off the Farm missions then went to quick mission (Okinawa) with a P-38 against 2 AI rookies in Mig somethings. It took about an hour b/f I got my first kill. Downing that first plane is pretty satisfying even if it's just rookie vs AI rookie!

Is the P-38 "generally competitive"? It's fun and pretty forgiving esp. now that I'm getting a bit of a handle on stall/spin recovery.

TrackIR4.0 is really something else.

I notice that the exe file that starts IL2 1946 is Il2pf.exe (I think). I'm guessing that means Pacific Fighters so is that the standard exe file for 1946 or are there others?

Almost wish I wasn't going on vacation later this week!

06-25-2007, 02:09 PM
P-38 is so porked that you cannot fly it on Passover.

06-25-2007, 02:47 PM
The P-38 is certainly a competitive fighter in the online world especially with the very late war P-38L Late which has the most power available to it. Its not without its share of problems so you should be aware of them.

1) The P-38 is not the fastest plane in a roll so trying to follow a human pilot in some low altitude spirals is difficult.

2) The onset of compressibility is too rapid and happens at too low a speed so the P-38 does not fly well at very high speeds. Controls are like concrete. The dive breaks are useful and can be used to really throw human pilots off but you can get stuck in places where your headed at high speed into the ground. Online and offline. Online human pilots can more effectively use their planes advantages over this than the AI can.

3) The P-38 is a large target with its twin engine design. Because of the twin engines the P-38 is also a higher point target (200 points instead of 100 points). For some pilots this makes the difference between chasing a single engine 109, 190 Spitfire, Yak, Thunderbolt, Tempest, etc. versus going after the larger P-38. I find when flying the P-38 in some of the more arcade dogfight servers means you're a greater target. It can be worth the challenge as the P-38s abilities are unique and you can certainly outwit your opponents with some good flying but you do tend to get more attention in a 38 than other planes.

Its a great and fun fighter but in a dogfight server I tend to reserve it more for strike missions. In COOPs the P-38 is typically better because the scenarios favour more of its strengths (twin engine reliability, range, speed, and firepower options).

06-25-2007, 04:03 PM
Originally posted by LStarosta:
P-38 is so porked that you cannot fly it on Passover.