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11-15-2010, 12:47 PM

I updated recently to a GTX 580 graphics card (from a GTX 285) and - much to my surprise - the performance improvements were only marginal, especially in 3D.
First I though my 'old' Intel Quad Q9650 processor is holding back the new Fermi card, so I sat down and decide to run some tests and the results were... well, puzzling. I monitored the CPU & GPU usage using nVidia's system monitor software. The frame rates were recorded with Fraps.

I ran the game on a 1920x1080 display @ 120 Hz; all other in-game settings were maxed out. The average frame rate was 31.3 fps (min=17, max=61), a meager 10% increase over GTX 285.
Looking at the processor and graphics card load, I noticed first that mostly 2 out of 4 cores were used (a 2010 game still not taking advantage of all 4 cores??!). Second - and most important - the overall CPU load was only 52% (averaged over all 4 cores) while the GPU load was 57%. If the CPU was the bottleneck here, I would have expected the CPU load to be nearly 100% all the time, and the graphics card to 'cruise' comfortably at 50-70%. That is clearly not the case. Finally, even when taking into account only the 2 cores that did most of the work, the average load doesn't exceed 85%.

How is it possible that both CPU and GPU still have plenty of power left untapped, and yet the frame rate is only ~30 fps (not to mention it is as low as 17 fps sometimes)?
Considering that both Intel and AMD have launched hexacore processors for some time, is it conceivable for a game like AC2 not to be able to recognize even a quad core when she sees one?!

AC developers, please here my plea because I do have a point (and it's not too late). We're still 3-4 months away from the PC release of Brotherhood. At least this time around, could you please make sure you adapt the game to the reality of today's computing capabilities of a modern PC? And while we're at it, maybe it will be DX11 too.



P.S. in case you think I'm a lonely voice in cyberspace, please have a look at this:

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