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07-21-2007, 03:46 AM
Il2-DCG is a freeware Il2 Dynamic Campaing Generetor, by Paul Lowengrin.

I definitely left DGen in favor of Il2DCG, some months after Pacific Fighter release.
Then, I no more tried DGen, so I have not idea of most recent DGen performance.

On the contrary, I saw a progressive improvement in Il2DCG, that, at present, is a mature and flexible campaign engine.

""Based on the Dynamic Campaign Generator for Combat Flight Simulator 2, this program generates dynamic campaigns for both IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2 Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters by Maddox Games. Over time, the front lines will shift, airfields may be captured and recaptured and objects appear and disappear. Squadrons will transfer closer to the front as friendly ground forces advance or bug-out should the enemy break-through. Armor, truck columns, and trains will also move from city to city during missions and ships from harbor to harbor, starting the next mission at the city or harbor moved to in the previous mission. Build ups of guns and armor will also appear at the "front" and captured locations will have new defences generated.""
Quoted from Paul Lowengrin DCG introduction.

The high flexibility & player customization are major DCG qualities.
Factors that influence Il2 performance on different PCs, can easely configured so to achive good FR/performance even on low-edge PC.
On High end PCs, most parameters can be set to maximum, producing a high density campaign with plenty of non-mission related flights, ground targets of opportunity, static ground objects.

Accurate Campaign and Missions management allow users to set at will game difficulties, and most parameters influencing boths: kind of missions, distance to target, theater of operation wideness,....
Player can change at will number and kind of squadrons, planes equipping squadrons, replacement rate, ground moving units, ship units, and many more.
Also the balance of power can be changed at will, influencing campaign outcame.

As an example of the detail care used in DCG I will quote the example of pilots career.
DCG creates detailed pilot rosters for any squadron, AI and player one, envolved in a campaign and manages them along the whole campaign: pilots gain experience and skill as soon as they accumulate missions and victories.....Their career and rank advance as campaign advances.
Any crew member career is monitored for multy-crew planes.
Tons of historical aces will be added with next DCG version, (3.27), for Luftwaffe, VVS, Rumanian Rojal Air force, Italian Regia Aeronautica, French Normandie-Niemen Services.....Aces for other nationalities/services, will be added in the future.

The attention to graphic detail in DCG campaign is great: any squadron can use its unique skin, that can be easely changed at will by user.
Aces can use unique plane skins too, at player will.

Although the full campaign management and setup can result quite complex to DCG novice users, it's possible to leave DCG to manage most parameters, according to default setting.
So it's important to evidence that DCG can be easely used by any Il2 user, novice and experienced one.

The plenty of Dynamin Campaigns available for DCG is one more reason in favor of DCG trying.....
The defaul DCG installation includes tons of Campaigns, that can replace Il2 Dgen ones and add more: for example "Normandy 44", "Ardennes 44-45", "France 40", "Poland 39",.....

More DCG campaigns have been developed by Third Party authors: Tailspin, Jurbo, GilB, RedEye JastaV.
These authors added their "interpretation" of some Classic Il2 campaigns.....
In some instances, they created brand new campaigns not available in the DGen Campaigns pool or in Paul Lowengrin's DCG default Campaigns pool:

Winter WAR: Russian-Finnish border, 1939-40.
Mediterranean War: 1940-1943.
China, 1941-1943.
Spanish Civil War, Battle of Ebro, 1938.
Operation Zipper, Singapore liberation, 1945.
Japan invasion, Kyushu-Island, 1946.
Panzer Armee Afrika.
Marianas 44.
Finland 1944 Campaign by Jurbo.
Nomonhan 1939 (Battle of Khalkin Gol).

see link for a detailed list of free downloadable DCG third party campaigns:


Most DCG campaigns, default and third party ones have been organized in GRANDCAMPAIGNS:
single map campaigns are linked each other and action switch to next battle/campaign as soon as victory is achived on a campaign/map.
This dynamic process allows to recreate large pilot careers spanning over years according to DGen pilot career style.

DCG Grandcampaigns can be really different in style, according to Designers taste.

Paul's default DCG campaigns and Tailspin's Minigrandcampaign are fully dynamic open-end grandcampaign where action can flow back and forward over the same maps more times in turn....
An example: winning "Smolensk-map campaign" Axis advances to "Moskow-map campaign". Here being defeated, Axis is pulled back to "Smolensk-map campaign", and has to play it again.
Due to dynamic nature of DCG, even campaigns played more times over the same map are any time different...Sides strengh balance and Order of Battle change, as new units are available and older ones replaced.

JastaV & co-workers' "Spanish Civil War, Battle of Ebro, 1938" campaign is as historically accurate as possible for a dynamic campaign set over a "generic" Il2 Map.

JastaV's "Stalingrad Campaign" - to be released in a near future - is an example of DCG grandcampaign, where the main phases of the Battle for Staligrad have been recreated with great care to historical detail.

JastaV's "Operation Zipper, Singapore liberation, 1945" and "Japan invasion, Kyushu-Island, 1946", are examples of "What if"-hipotetical campaigns....
The first one is based on the historical "Operation Zipper" plan: its execution aborted due to Japan surrender following A-Bombs attacks of August 1945.
"Japan invasion, Kyushu-Island, 1946" was based over Allied Japan invasion plans, developed before the decision to use the A-Bomb to enforce Japanese to surrender.
Both campaigns are based over realistic O.o.B and balance of forces....

JastaV's Panzer Armee Afrika covers the first British offensive against the Italians in North Africa, from Sidi Barrani in 1940 through to Sollum in 1941 and includes: Beda Fomm, Aghedabia, Derna, Ridotta Capuzzo.
P.A.A. campaigns maps have been "expanded" over the quite small "Sands of Time" map. Most actions, when playing P.A.A. will take part on the south map border. Unfortunately, it's impossible to enlarge the game briefing and debriefing maps and the in-cockpit navigation map. Provided reference maps are useful for navigation, but beware, it's quite easy to loose orientation and position when in flight. Of course, navigation was a challenge for WWII desert pilots as well.

GilB's "Mediterranean War: 1940-1943" campaign is an example of an historical campaign, set over available Il2 maps that resembles the Mediterranean theater of operations as near as possible.

Marianas 44 is a free 3rd party add-on campaign by JastaV designed to work with Il2DCG3.32 or greater. Version 3.02 concentrates on the Landing Operations leading to the Marianas Isles liberation: the large carrier engagement known as First Battle of Philippine Sea has not been replicated although its influence over the campaign has been considered.

Finland 1944 Campaign by Jurbo: After three years of relatively quiet trench war between the Soviet Union and Finland, the Soviet high command decided to knock Finland out of war. To achieve this, enough troops and material was reserved for conquering Finland. On June 9, 1944, the Soviet Union started a massive attack against Finland.
This package contains two campaigns for this period: one for a Finnish and one for a German pilot career. Both campaigns cover (roughly) June-July of 1944, when the Soviet Union launched its strategic offensive against Finland.

Nomonhan 1939 (Battle of Khalkin Gol): In the Summer of 1939, a border skirmish known as the "Nomonhan Incident" occured between Russia and Japanese in the disputed area of Khalkhin Gol which lay on the border between Mongolia (then an ally of the Soviet Union) and Manchukuo (the Japanese puppet state of Manchuria).
This campaign by ColHut represents, in a limited way, the fighting for Khalkin Gol. Some compromises have had to be made to the campaign as many squadrons and plane types are not available in the game.
Players may fly as Russian or Japanese. The game balance swings more and more to the Russians as time goes on, and they ultimately have the most variation in equipment.

All DCG users & members of DCG official site forums are supported by Paul Lowengrin and other experienced DCG users when meeting any trouble.
Indeed, in almost 2 year I experienced a quick and proffesional assistance to manage common and unknown troubles.

Tailspin's notes to DCG and DCG campaign, ver3.21:


is an exaustive support to DCG users and to anyone that like to try designing his own campaign.

Although a mature and competitive Il2 dynamic campaigns engine, Il2DCG is work in progress.....
New, updated and improved versions are released about any one and half month.
The contribute of users is of capital importance to evidence DCG troubles & bugs or to report any troubles related to third party campaigns.

Finally, I need to evidence that DCG installation is a really simple, and reversible operation.
Also, with a simple LM click users can enhable DCG or restore DGen campaign engine, without any need to uninstall il2DCG.
In other words users can have both DGen and DCG installed and operative in their PC, and can easely switch between the two, without complex uninstallation routines.


My suggestion is to try both, letting your experience and taste take the decision.

Visit by Paul Lowengrin Il2 Dynamic Campaing Generetor:

www.lowengrin.com (http://www.lowengrin.com)

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JastaV, Il2DCG beta tester team member, and Il2DCG third party campaign designer.

07-21-2007, 07:20 PM
Haven't tried DCG for a long time but I remember it was fantastic. I'll give it another go.

07-21-2007, 08:59 PM
Im very happy to BUMP this!
Its a great piece of kit that normally works like a charm, i say normally but at the moment i have an issue with it - however My Lowengrin is trying his best to help on the DCG forums!

If your looking for something to make IL2 campaigns that much more varied give DCG a go!