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05-22-2007, 02:49 AM
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Hi all,

reading the book from Willi Rreschke "žJagdgeschwader 303/302 wilde sau" animated me to do a dynamic campaign about it.

The JG 300/ 301 and 302 were named "žwilde sau", cause they were build in 1943, to stop the british night bombing of german cities, with Bf109 and Fw190. They flew without eletronics or radar equipment over the burning cities, to fight the bombers in range of vision. A job like suicide.

These units were build by former bomber pilots. Step by step, they were used from the early year of 1944 on, as day fighters, till the end of the war. Their only duty was the defenese of the homeland.

Willi Reschke served as fighterpliot in the JG 302 from summer 1944 in the defense of the reich. He first flew against the alliied bombers over ungary in summer 1944.

In autum of 1944 the JG 302 was renamed or reorganizd into JG 301 an reequipped with Fw190 A8 and A9. With this plane he flew at the end of 1944 till 1945 over germany.

In the beginning of 1945 his Jagdgeschwader (fighter wing) was used in the attempt, to stop the russian troops heading for Berlin.

The JG 301 was the only german unit, which was equipped with a small number of the new Ta 152H fighters. Willi Reschke was one of the few, who flew with this plane.

In my campaign, the Ta 152H will also be flyable in the second subcampaign, Reichsverteidigung 1944.

The campaign will be:

"¢ ungary summer 1944: baptism of fire (Bf109G6)
"¢ Reichsverteidígung end of 1944
"¢ The last stand at Berlin 1945

The campaign is in work, but will not take tooo long till release.

Stay tuned.

05-22-2007, 12:23 PM