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11-24-2004, 01:21 PM
Some of you may agree or disagree here.

But I've noticed one thing that - atleast - not so many game developer do after they released their games: Listening to their consumers and making further improvements based on the consumer's inputs.

After the release of 3.01 patch, in the readme file and from Oleg's words himself, he stated that some of the features (modifications) on the patch are some sort of "experimental" features that will or won't be included in the next patch after hearing opinions from the users.

While some people disagree on this kind of policy and feel that they have bought an incomplete or buggy product, it seems that most of us are quite happy with the patch, experimenting and customizing our pc, setting up the conf.ini file etc, to maximize the game performance under various hardware settings that we have.

Naturally, opinions vary regarding the new features (such as new "dots" etc) and some of us even found compatibility issues with the hardwares and/or softwares he/she owns. But so far, it seems that most - if not all - of the problems are solved in the end.

Critics, too, arose. One of the critics stated that we - as the end user - are just like beta testers, testing out the products, patches, improvements, features etc, to give reports to the developer about the game. Things that we shouldnt tolerate in the 1st place. Atleast that was what I feel while reading the postings in the forum.

But in my own opinion, this "interactive development" is one-of-a-kind and really bring a sense of involvement from the common users to the developer for the sake of future improvement of this game. Are we really the beta testers of this game? If so, how lucky we are. We can test the features, find the bugs, hardware compatibily issues and so on while at the same time we can have so much fun playing this game, on and offline.

Now with the oncoming 3.02 patch, once again we'll be asked to report our opinions. We will conduct further testings and comparing features in this game. Find "glitches" of the FM and DM of each plane to name a few. It's even possible that some of us might find another hardware compatibility issues etc, etc... But, put it in positive way (especially about hardware compatibilty), I think this is one of main factors about why this sim is playable over a wide range of hardware configurations. The widest, IMHO.

Then add the superb online community support to the list and that makes this game even more impressive.

Well, that's as far as I can write here for now. As for Oleg and team, I can only say what an outstanding work you all have done and I hope that this will stil continue for years to come.


11-25-2004, 12:51 AM
I've noticed a lot more griping about buying a so-called "incomplete" game as well these days. Not trying to start a flame war here, but I get the impression that a lot of this belly-aching comes from the new guys that just bought PF and haven't been with IL-2 for as long as the rest of us have.

As for wether or not PF was complete, I put the disk in my computer and it ran... that makes it complete in my mind (An incomplete game would spin the disk and you'd get a flashy message telling you to wait for the patch before installation can begin!)... everything else is just bonus!!!

I personally really like this incremental/interactive development. This is one way to ensure we get the game that we want. With all the feedback and communication on these forums, I'm sure it helps Mr. Maddox when he goes to UBI and has to convince them that the community would like a Mosquito or Tempest. The incremental development and bug reporting process also fosters a sense of community. People are happy to do a little research because they know they will be listened to, so the end result is we get a Sim that's continually being revamped and refined for performance, historical accuracy, and sheer enjoyment!

If only more games were like this!