View Full Version : input issues after yesterday/today's update

03-29-2011, 08:42 PM
I launched the game today and received an update of some kind.

Since then, SP is nearly unplayable if my framerate is not consistently above, say, 40fps.

Before, when rotating my camera about, it used to rotate at a consistent rate. (eg it might look choppier, but the same input movement caused the same overall rotation)

Now, it seems to rotate at an angle based on a function of frame update. Eg, the game slows down a hair, and my rotation speed slows with it, sometimes by what feels like an exponential amount.

A working example:

In some ruins (where there are a ton of french soldiers?) the amount of mouse movement required to rotate my camera roughly 180 degrees can, if the framerate hiccups at all, move it only a handful of degrees.

... multiplayer does not seem to be doing this at all, only single player.

It also feels like other input commands are being "missed" - my total failure to fight anymore at least indicates this.

Conjecture: it feels like the input buffer is gone or orders of magnitude smaller

Anyone else experiencing this?