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12-13-2009, 10:21 AM
Alright everyone, so I had this dream last night and yes, it was about Assassin's Creed.

In my dream, I lived out an entire assassination mission unlike anything I've ever played before. Now, I haven't finished Assassin's creed 2 so I don't know if there are any missions like this, but I know there are a few things in this dream that you can not do in AC 2.

Alright, so I get this mission to infiltrate this noble's house and kill his son. There is not much more information about my mission, so I have to collect it myself.

Making my way over to the mansion is the easy part. Getting in and through it isn't.

After going through a generic courtyard labrynth scene similar to that of Zelda: OoT, I got into the mansion through a window on the ground floor. Heres the part where everything is different.

The room I got in very much resembles the main room of Ezio's Uncle's Mansion in AC2, except its a MUCH bigger room, its darker, and there is a family sitting around a large table in the center eating dinner by candlelight. And if it wasn't enough to sneak past them, there are also random maids and servants walking around.

Now, this is a restricted area so being seen is a BIG nono. First I had to carefully walk behind these pillars that surrounded the open part of the room that the family was eating dinner at.
I suddenly get a help menu thing pop up and tell me to watch out for squeaky wooden floorboards, and to walk very slowly and carefully.
Once I get behind a particular pillar that is close to the family, I overhear them talking about their son's big horse race today, and the father makes some remark that upsets the son, and so the son leaves the table and goes up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the big open room.
(Again, this big room is like Luig-I-mean-Mario's Mansion and the second floor is more or less only these two balcony things on either side of the room.)

So I have to get upstairs without being seen, and I wait for a moment when the father gets up to use the bathroom and sneak up the stairs unnoticed.
I am shown by a camera view that the son has gone through a door that he locks behind him. To get a key, I follow a maid into another room and when we are alone, FWWWIIINGG! she is dead. Im just laying her on her bed so she looks like she is sleeping when the door starts to be knocked on. I quickly slip into the closet and close the door. I suddenly decide to climb the wall a bit to reach something on the ceiling, and hoist my legs on another ledge, making myself as invisible as spiderman clinging to the ceiling of a small closet. Its a good thing I decided to do that too, because a few seconds later, the person who knocked on the door, a servant, decides to open the closet and look inside. He sees nothing and leaves the closet and the room.
For whatever reason (its a dream) the servant is now guarding the door from the other side (I find this out by looking under the crack at the door and seeing two black blurry feet close on the other side). I quietly open the door behind him and pull him in and FWWWWING! hes a goner.
I take him into the closet and put on his clothes.
Now, Im virtually invisible as long as no one sees my face.
I walk down a long hall and see that a maid is carrying a key. I decide that there are many different ways to obtain this key from her,
but I decide to do it the easy way.
When no one else is around, I motion to her, making her thing I have something to say, when shes close, FWIINNGGG! I get the key and stash her body in an alcove above me where no one will notice her.
I notice that there is blood on my costume and I freak out. I try to get it off but the blood just wont come off. I decide to just try to hide it for now, as more maids and servants appeared and walked past me.

I eventually made it to the door, behind which the son, my target, went through.

I unlock the door and enter only to see it is a door leading outside to a huge horse racetrack that goes down the hill in a spiral.

For whatever reason, the son is racing against some of his servants as well, so I am pulled into the race. When one of the guards is inspecting me, however, he notices the blood on my suit and gasps. I start coughing and make it appear that I just had coughed up blood and, showing no care for the poor servant people, pushed me aside to make me take part in the race.

After the race started I thought of several ways to kill this boy, not just using the different weapons I have or from different positions, but in completely different ways altogether.
The method I finally chose to use was rather creative (but typical) of a dream.

First, I had to get ahead of all the others, and so I played dirty by kicking them and pushing them into the wall of the mountain/hill as we rode down in a spiral.
When I got to the son, I intentionally drew attention to myself by taunting him and speeding past him.
This cajoled him into leaving all the others in the dust in an attempt to defeat me.
When we got far enough away from the others and got to a bend in the hill, I got my horse close to his, we glared in eachother's eyes, and just before the fatal moment, he realized who I was and what had happened. But it was too late.
FWWWWIIINNGGGG! I sliced his fragile throat, he doubled over, he fell off the edge, taking his horse with him. I rode to bottom of the hill and the finish line, but kept riding, for there was no winner in this game.

I took to the allyways and dark areas and got out of there. When alone, I discarded the servant clothes I was wearing and tossed them in the river. I walked out into the public a free man, and blended into the crowd as just another passerby. Mission Accomplished.

After having this dream I thought how awesome it would be to play as an extra level, dlc perhaps, or maybe even appear in future titles?
Maybe no one will entertain the idea, but I thought it would be worthwhile just to reveal it to the world for anyone's benefit anyway.

If anyone needs a clarification of the layout of this whole mission, I'd be happy to draw a map in ms paint haha. Anyway, I just thought it was a cool little dream mission.

12-13-2009, 10:40 AM