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02-18-2008, 12:46 AM
It's that little Aussie bleeder, the Boomerang.

CA-13 Boomerang : first photo by Philip Makanna
Photographed over Temora NSW Australia.


All info here:

A paragraph from the website:
" Some other logbook remarks from his flying in the Brisbane region:
. on the 8th November 1943 when he flew the squadrons ˜hack', a Moth Minor A21-8, under the Story Bridge with the unit's german shepherd mascot in the front cockpit, followed a few days later on the 11th November when he flew his Boomerang Suzy-Q UNDER the Story Bridge and proceeded to beat up downtown Brisbane on the morning of his section's departure for the Northern Territory. Two other Boomerangs also participated in this event".

ps. It didn't win WW2. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif


02-18-2008, 01:10 AM
I remember this one from years ago - I think it's in one of my WW2 books on world aircraft.
Looks like it can outturn the Rata http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

02-18-2008, 01:31 AM
A very clever design which went into production just as it was needed most. The design was based upon standard North American AT-5 components.

Good thinking because Australia was getting isolated in those days; having the Boomerang meant having a fighter, remember that at the time the Dutch had been defeated in the Indies so for some time a shortage of fighter aircraft loomed.

The Boomerang served well for most of the war I think.

02-18-2008, 12:31 PM
I have thought it would be cool to have these in-game...early war scenarios, ect...

02-18-2008, 12:39 PM
Nice bird, apparantly it could take a lot of punishment.

What engine and HP did it have?

Do you guys notice the SPitfire VIII- a-like tail??

02-18-2008, 01:35 PM
Originally posted by Xiolablu3:
Nice bird, apparantly it could take a lot of punishment.

What engine and HP did it have?

Do you guys notice the SPitfire VIII- a-like tail??

Powerplant: 1× Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engine, 1,200 hp (895 kW) (From Wikipedia)

I've never seen this plane before today. Interesting little plane.

02-18-2008, 02:30 PM
Cool looking aircraft! I imagine climbing out of one of those after a flight was a rather delicate operation! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif

02-18-2008, 02:36 PM
Boomerang videos:



02-18-2008, 03:23 PM
Originally posted by WTE_Ibis:
ps. It didn't win WW2. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
Bugger... So they left that to the Spitfire and Mustang.. didn't want to steal the limelight you know, make them look sheepish and attractive to the Kiwis http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

02-18-2008, 03:50 PM
I recall reading somewhere that the Boomerang ended the war with never having shot down an enemy aircraft. Anyone know if this is true?

02-18-2008, 04:29 PM
Looks like an SBD mated with a Spitfire. I like it...

02-18-2008, 06:06 PM
its a good AUSSIE plane

02-18-2008, 06:12 PM
and by the same company

a Commonwealth Wirraway it was the first production aircraft of the CAC (commonwealth aircraft coparation)it is the Aussie version of the North American NA-33

S! RAF_Leigh

02-18-2008, 06:37 PM
NAA P-64. (NA-50A)

Like the Commonwealth Boomerang of Australia, which was a fighter adaptation of the Wirraway
it was a fighter adaptation of the NAA trainer(s).

Only thing they lacked was horsepower.


02-18-2008, 07:28 PM
My friend Sqn Ldr Jim Nolan RAAF.

Jim flew Boomerangs in the Pacific and was even shot down in one by a USAAF P-38 no less! The yanks claimed it as a "zeke"

Here are 2 pics of Jim at the Australian Aviation Museum in Temora NSW. Jim learned to fly there in 1942. He has Wirraway 653 in his logbook from 1944! and was brought to tears seeing it and the Boomerang flying 60+ years on!



02-19-2008, 03:39 AM
Great photos of the building of a Boomerang in the walk around section.

02-19-2008, 04:23 AM
Yes Woofie theres some good info at that site.


Skoshi Tiger
02-19-2008, 05:09 AM
Originally posted by cawimmer430:
I recall reading somewhere that the Boomerang ended the war with never having shot down an enemy aircraft. Anyone know if this is true?

I know they had a reasonable record with close ground support after they were releaved from fighter duties. (2 20mm cannon & 4x.303 mchine guns)

My brothers got a book about their service with the RAAF. I'll borrow it on the weekend and find out details.

Here's my favourite Ozzie plane that didn't quite make it to WWII or production for that matter!



I think its going to be released in 4.09? http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif

02-19-2008, 08:38 AM
Only thing they lacked was horsepower.

Holy...it is an SBD!

Hmmm...I betcha you could skin an SBD to look just like it.

Skoshi, what's the name of that book?

02-19-2008, 09:00 AM
Looking like an La5 collided with a P40.

Cool plane, thanks for posting.

02-19-2008, 09:52 AM
Cute.... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/34.gif

02-19-2008, 10:05 AM
Looks more like a stubby P-36.

Regardless, looks sorta like you could make one out of parts we have http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

02-19-2008, 04:18 PM
Wow cool didnt know there were still TWO in flying condition.

They were used most for recon/groundstafing/ground support, and also strafing targets with their guns to mark it for bombers to bomb

02-19-2008, 04:36 PM
Many of us asked for the plane alot of times and know it well. With the amount of aussies in the community you think it would have been made same for the great french community and their aircraft.

Skoshi Tiger
02-19-2008, 04:41 PM
Originally posted by Crash_Moses:
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Only thing they lacked was horsepower.

Holy...it is an SBD!

Hmmm...I betcha you could skin an SBD to look just like it.

Skoshi, what's the name of that book? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

From memory the book is called "Wirraway, Boomerang & CA-15 in Australian Service
" By Stewart Wilson

It's one of a series of books about aircraft that have been used by the RAAF. They talk about the aircraft development, construction and service (Including quotes fromthe pilots) with the RAAF, including the lists of serial numbers of ALL the individual planes of the type used by the RAAF and what happened to them.

They were published in the early 80's if I remember. I've still seen them for sale on the internet so they might still be in Print.

I've got the "Spitfire, Mustang & P40" book which has a fairly good report that was written during the war when CAC chose to puild the P-51 under licence in Australia ( Including the reason why they didn't build the Spitfire MkVIII - Range, top speed, ease of construction).

Good read but specific to the RAAF.

02-19-2008, 05:56 PM
Found it! Thanks. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

http://www.amazon.com/Wirraway-Boomerang-Ca-15-Australi...id=1203468706&sr=8-1 (http://www.amazon.com/Wirraway-Boomerang-Ca-15-Australian-Service/dp/0958797889/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203468706&sr=8-1)

02-19-2008, 07:23 PM
If I remember correctly from what I've read, this was quite a robust little warplane that could hold its own.

And it just looks good. Its a cozy effecient looking machine.

Skoshi Tiger
02-19-2008, 08:30 PM
Crikey! Their expensive!

If I get hold of my brothers book I'll try to scan some of the pictures. Most of them were in B/W from memory, but remember a few colour plates!

Originally posted by Crash_Moses:
Found it! Thanks. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

http://www.amazon.com/Wirraway-Boomerang-Ca-15-Australi...id=1203468706&sr=8-1 (http://www.amazon.com/Wirraway-Boomerang-Ca-15-Australian-Service/dp/0958797889/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203468706&sr=8-1)

02-19-2008, 09:08 PM
As an aside, the boomerang may not've downed any enemy aircraft, but a Wirraway downed a Zero:

"Popondetta, Papua, 1942-12-12. Two RAAF Wirraway aircraft stand on the grass shortly after landing close together at Popondetta airstrip. Before Wirraway A2-103 (left) had come to a complete stop, its pilot, Pilot Officer (PO) J. S. Archer, had leapt from the aircraft and run across to the Control Tent where he had found the Control Officer talking to NX34655 Captain Alan Oliver Watson, Dental Officer with the 2/4th Field Ambulance. Puffing hard, PO Archer exclaimed excitedly, 'Sir, sir, I think I've shot down a Zero!' To this the Control Officer replied, 'Don't be silly, Archer, Wirraways can't shoot down Zeros.' 'Well, sir,' continued Archer, 'I went in to look at the wreck off Gona and I saw this thing in front of me and it had red spots on it, so I gave it a burst and it appeared to fall into the sea.' Within a few minutes, a dozen telephone calls from observers all around the Gona area confirmed Archer's story. While on a tactical reconnaissance mission over the Japanese ship wrecked in the sea off Gona, Archer and his observer, Sergeant J.F. Coulston, had sighted the Zero 1,000 feet below. After diving on the Japanese aircraft, they had fired a long burst into it with the Wirraway's two Vickers .303 machine guns, causing the Zero to crash into the sea. Archer was later awarded the DFC for his exploit. (Donor A. Watson) (Note: Archer's Wirraway is housed in the AWM."

02-19-2008, 09:18 PM
Oh & by way of some self promotion,
you may like to check out my I-16 Boomerang hack:



Skoshi Tiger
02-19-2008, 10:06 PM
Cool! Even got rid of the canopy to save weight!

02-19-2008, 10:32 PM
the Boomerang & the Demon would be fantastic competition for the Zero's

02-20-2008, 12:22 AM
Originally posted by Badsight-:
the Boomerang & the Demon would be fantastic competition for the Zero's

Actually no, it was a very poor fighter. From 'Killer Caldwell' by Jeffrey Watson:

General handling characteristics of the aircraft: poor.
All-round performance in comparison with enemy fighter aircraft types: extremely poor.
All-round performance in comparison with other Allied fighter aircraft: is also poor.


But the little panic fighter [it had been designed and built in three months] did have something going for it - its extreme manoeuvrability and its ability to be used low down as a sort of flying bulldozer. In New Guinea is was used in the army cooperation role for marking targets and attacking enemy positions.

02-20-2008, 03:17 AM
Boomer pilots used to seek out targets of opportunity for artillery in jungle clearings and along rivers. Usually by flying below the tree canopies so they could look at what was hidden underneath. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif

02-20-2008, 12:28 PM
dangerlaef... Excellent work on that I-16 Boomerang hack skin! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

02-20-2008, 12:32 PM
About the Wirraway...

02-21-2008, 11:32 AM
Looks like a P-51D in need of a diet.
The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAC_CA-15 link'claims it was "The CA-15's overall performance was clearly superior to existing single-engine, propellor-driven fighters".

Yet I see the numbers as inferior to the last Spiteful from Supermarine
and the P-51H from North American.

Got to say that it was an impressive design
from a company that normaly built foreign designs under licence.

Very impressive indeed.


02-22-2008, 01:44 AM
production CA-15 would have been faster than the H mustang

02-23-2008, 09:10 AM
Buffalo would make a good Boomerang hack.

02-25-2008, 12:19 AM
Originally posted by Badsight-:
production CA-15 would have been faster than the H mustang

Very seriously doubt it.
The CA-15 was over weight, over sized and the
limits of prop fighters had been reached.
Any speed advantage would have been small.

Look at the Spiteful, not really any faster than the p-51H desipte having
a bigger engine and more power.
Spiteful was also lighter ;-)

The prop was the problem.
Props had reached their limit.

Republics excellent XP-72 prototype is another example.
Added a nice clean installation of a R-4360 at 3,450HP
and cut some weight out of the P-47 it was based on.
Result was 480mph.....
A whole lot of engine and engineering for little or nothing.

Note also that the "Super Corsair" the Goodyear F2G-2 was also powered by a R-4360 and was slower than a F4U-4!

I believe the speeds of the prototype CA-15 were indicative of the final result.
Neat plane, something for Aussies to be proud of.
Bummer it was scrapped.

I love those late war fantasy planes.

Ok, I got to mention a big favorite in the what couldda shouldda been, the M.B.5.
Very similar idea to the CA-15. Just too late.