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07-14-2011, 12:33 AM
I am sorry for posting this twice but this would be easier to find-

So you know Modern Warfare 2 has special ops as a bonus feature Black ops has Zombies and Halo reach has fire fight? well i was thinking make a map editor with cool features bu before you enter you get an option: Make map for multiplayer use? Make map for [My Idea] ?

and of course if you pick multiplayer you would do the same stuff but if if you pick [My Idea] you get a MUCH bigger map with placeable NPC's and objectives.

And its like single player but with friends/random people which means single player can be singleplayer

So there can be say 5 game modes within this feature:

Chase the convoy-[Gun shop mission] One team of 2-5 has 2 be the people who attack i will call theses the good guys and a team of 2-10 uses the convoy

Kill the target- well same as above only like this single player mission.

Even- Guerrilla warefare-[I made this up] 2 teams. 2-6 players each have a big map to play in the have a base with an objective which both sides want so some will have to attack and some defend. They will also have vehicals placed in vehical position like in singleplayer

And remember all this is seperate from multiplayer so you can still have capture the flag, deathmatch ect

Now ubisoft can make basic [My Idea] maps but then you have to make your own a bit like making your map

Additional details-
Its better if you could use npc's that are freindly to you and hostile to the opposing team

So feed back on this?

07-30-2011, 08:26 PM
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