View Full Version : Brotherhood multi Error!! please Help me ??

03-19-2011, 10:38 PM
hi, I'm from naver 1st assassin's creed cafe, Korea.
and I want to ask some questions for solution of error.
I installed the brotherhood through steam.

1) Lots of people hoping to play multi have same error.
when we connect auto matching,
After showing the map of fighting, game shut down with "acbmp.exe is stopped"
So, As trying to do, it makes us crazy,
how can we fix it??

In first acess to multiplayer, maybe introduction is going well but when my character(what i select)
moves, there is serious lack!!!.... npc is moving naturally but, when i use "w,a,s,d "
screen is on freezing for 4~5 sec and move with lack..and go on same....

my computer setting is like...
windows 7 32bits
i5-760 3.2ghz
4gb ram
1920 1080 resolution full option , in single playing, there is no lack and fps is above 60

please answer this problems as soon as possible..

lots of people in Korea are waiting ubisoft's right answer and patch...plz