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11-17-2004, 07:15 PM
Hi all,

Very tired as it's gone 2 in the morning here.

Fixed some important bugs in v1.94 as follows;

IL2-MAT Manager v1.94.1 update patch

Bug fixes from version 1.94

Fixed bug in displaying Luftwaffe single-engine fighter numbering

Fixed bug selecting Jabo/Lettering option.

Fixed bug selecting Esquadrilla Azul markings option

Fixed bug Displaying weathered Romanian markings.

fixed bug when selecting Luft. Random and Luft.Default codes options simultaneosly.

Download link (http://www.aces-artwork.co.uk/IL2-MAT_Manager_V1_94_to_V1_94_1_Patch.exe)

Please un-install your v1.94 MAT Manager program before installing the new version. It is important NOT to delete and MAT or TGA files.

Best Regards


11-18-2004, 04:23 AM
IL2-MAT Manager v1.94.1 and v1.94 to v1.94.1 Patch available.

Hi all,

I worked half the night producing a new updated, bug-fixed version of the program, version 1.94.1. I have produced a new download which contains the new program version installer and a few extra MAT files. This download is available here from the link below. Please un-install your IL2-MAT Manager version 1.94 and then run the new installer. Important this download is an update to your IL2-MAT Managert program version 1.94 and not a full stand-alone version please DO NOT delete your CoopRegt folder or any MAT files contained within.:

v1.94 to v1.94.1 patch download link (http://www.leigh-kemp.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/IL2-MAT_Manager_V1_94_to_V1_94_1_Patch.exe)

I also updated my main program download to version 1.94.1 which is available on my IL2-MAT download page.

I hope that this fixes the following known bugs.

Fixed bug in displaying Luftwaffe single-engine fighter numbering.

Fixed bug selecting Jabo/Lettering options.

Fixed bug selecting Esquadrilla Azul markings option.

Fixed bug displaying weathered Romanian markings.

Fixed bug when selecting Luft. Random option and Luft.Default codes options simultaneously.

If ever I needed a reminder that I'm not, nor ever will be, a programmer it was at 3 AM this morning when I tumbled exhausted into bed after a 7 hours session working on fixing the bugs in v1.94 . I regret that there were bugs in the new version, I always want it to be working 100% as conceived. The new version has been difficult to develop because my tired old brain has a problem dealing with some of the more complex logic such as "do this and this but not this and that if this is like this and that is not like that" etc. not aided by the fact that much of the code was now written months ago and is no longer fresh in my memory. I also found it very hard to get back into the swing of things after returning recently from a lengthy vaccation and to the release of Pacific Fighters which has made it neccessary to re-write much code to incorporate new markings options such as the new RAF and Luftwaffe lettering/numbering etc. Thanks for bearing with me, I hope that v1.94.1 has addressed many, if not all of these issues.

Best Regard


11-18-2004, 07:55 AM
Kewl buddy, thanks for the HARD work and longs nights

really enjoy your work


don't know if it is just me or my puter, but them blue lines to download are very HARD to read ?