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11-28-2010, 06:30 AM
I didn't unlocked the truth yet but I did beat the game what can I say ubisoft did it again AMAZING ENDING but I have some questions:
Lucy talked about some satellite that abstergo will lunch I played AC1 and I beat it I also read the emails.AC2 beat it too.but not one of the games explains about a satellite my guess that the satellite will found the exact place of the piece of eden .I know that abstergo just want the apple to control humanity they think we are barbarians so they want to control us(tho minerva explained about her kind controlling the world and then Adam and Eva stole it well I am not going to explain AC2 XD ) am I missing something about the satellite ?
Could someone explain me a bit more of the ending?How did shaun discover the Password "72"?What's that "6th sense"minerva was talking about?How did minerva controled desmond throgh the apple?isn't she dead or maybe she charmed it when ezio returned it?I didn't really got why minerva wanted Lucy dead?? she talked about guiding desmond Guide Desomnd to what?did subject 16 knew about minerva ?
Hope Someone can exlpain me
BTW did Ubisoft announced anew AC coming soon?

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11-28-2010, 08:46 AM
1) It's Juno at the end, not Minerva.
2) The 6th sense is Eagle Vision though EV is only a dim facsimile of what it could be because Desmond is only a hybrid.
3) Nobody knows why Juno made Desmond stab Lucy.
4) The satellite contains a piece of eden that is supposed to control the populace. The Templar already have many PoE.
5) There's a 7 page thread right below yours that goes into great depth about the ending. Why make a new thread?