View Full Version : problem with the bonuses in the Russian version of game

03-23-2011, 03:07 AM
hello Ubisoft))).I am from Russia.We Assassin's creed Brotherhood publishes Akella. the game is published in 3 versions Jewel, deluxe edition (DVD - Box) and Collector's Edition. Russian fans of the game complain that Akella first said that the deluxe edition will include: Aqueduct, harlequin. And for those who pre-order: Aqueduct, the harlequin, the officer and the market of Trajan. and when all booked deluxe edition and get paid ($ 33) is changed Akella bonuses: Aqueduct and armor. saying that (Aqueduct, the harlequin, the officer and the market) it is a typo. and the area around the aqueduct, the market of Trajan, the officer and Harlequin. only available to the aqueduct and armor. that is, they violated our consumer rights. Understand please with this problem