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12-03-2010, 03:30 PM
This is just some basic help. If you have any additional tips I will add them on the list.

1.The most important thing is to work as a team; donít turn the game into a race against your team mates to get kills.

2.Chase breakers: Try not to run through them as they will shut and this will be an inconvenience for your fellow team mates.

3.Your targets will most likely use smoke bombs; donít fall into the smoke bomb trap. The best way to avoid this is to go for an air assassination as the smoke bomb will then have no effect.

4.Abilities: Your target will probably hide in a morphed group so abilities such as Templar vision, fire crackers and even morph will offensively reveal your target. A gun is very useful since targets can be running around paranoid.
5.Use the lock on button frequently to highlight the target for other team mates whose abilities may be recharging. You get the co-op kill bonus and your targets will go down a lot faster.

6.Donít be afraid to dive into a suspicious hay bale as this doesnít cancel out your contract.

7.Be patient: If your target is in a morphed group and your abilities are recharging here are your options. Wait for your team mates, move onto another target, wait for your abilities to recharge or watch the group because your target may slip up.

8.Poison is not a very good ability in this game type since targets are extremely paranoid and are looking out for your character.


1.At the beginning you have a limited window of opportunity to get into a group before your hunters come charging. The morph ability becomes useful here but you must act fast.

2.One of the main things that catch me out is the templar vision. When you see your purser glow then he/she is using templar vision and they know who you are. You should get out of the area quickly using a smoke bomb. Abilities such as decoy will not fool your attacker at this point.

3.Abilities: There are plenty of combinations that you can have such as the smoke bomb, mute, morph and decoy.

4.The big question in your mind is whether you should fight or flee. It is pretty easy to stun your purser but are the points that you gain less than the points that you lose?

5.Disguise can be helpful and a good tactic is to walk around a corner in your hunterís line of site, quickly change and then you surprise and stun them.

6.There are advantages of staying together but there are also disadvantages. Together you can make one large morphed group but since you are all together in one place, you make it easier for your attackers to wipe you all out. Whereas if you are on your own you are most likely to get out numbered and assassinated.

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