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12-30-2010, 02:31 AM
OK then - basically, please post your ideas. Be as detailed as you want, and please don't post multiple posts for your story - edit your post to include them.

My fan-fiction is going to Primarily follow Desmond - I'll do his bits first, followed then by the Animus bits (I'll slip them in the right places and they'll be a different colour).

Flashes... so many different Assassin's... Spain, Rome, Turkey, Brazil, England, Russia, Tokyo... everywhere... all different, united by a single purpose... to unite the world's Freedom Fighters and to tear down the forces of the Control-Savvy Templars... the flashes go on... it's an Animus 2.0, I can see that for sure...

The light's intense! I shield my eyes with my hands until my retina can see everything clear once more. What? Is it...?
"Desmond!" He gives me a bear hug, then I break into a great grin - shocked to feel this happy after such traumatic weeks.
"Father, it's you! Where have you been? How come I didn't know you were an Assassin?" I ask, slightly suspicious.
"Of COURSE you did, son. I still am an Assassin, the leader of The Farm. I also have a pretty high place here, at Assassin's HQ! Having ancestors like Ezio do help with positioning slightly." William winks, reassuring me of his identity. My mind then flutters away, thinking back - I shiver as I remember what happened with Juno and the Piece of Eden.
"Is Lucy alive? QUICK! I need to see Lucy! Where's Rebecca and Shaun? Are they alright?" I stutter, scared and afraid as I come down back to Earth and the real situation - the end of the world, that sort of stuff.
"Son... it's hard for me to say this... Lucy is dead. But Rebecca and Shaun are still a-"
I don't hear the rest - I look down at the ground - if it wasn't for Lucy, I would still be at Abstergo, going crazy, writing messages on the walls with my own blood like Subject 16. And she's gone...
"How many days is it after the thing with Juno?" I ask, recovering from the shock.
"Days? Oh, son... days is not the problem here - you've spent weeks in the Animus, trying to find a valid source. We needed to keep you in there because we didn't know what would happen if we let you out back into the real world so quickly. It's been 8 weeks, son. 56 days, if you want it in your measurement." Bill smiles, but I don't.
"The 7th of December?!?! What will we do?" I wonder.
"We have two options - we either go into the Animus and find the Temples OR we go into the Animus and find the Shroud. It could bring your friend back to life..." My father explains to me - a little bit of hope rushes through me.

The doors bang open, Rebecca rushing through, pointing at Desmond and waving, running to William. "We've found the perfect Assassin, Bill! They found THREE temples, and it looks like the put the Shroud somewhere. We don't know where, but-"
"That's where I come in..." I smile, nodding. "But, while I'm busy saving Lucy and saving three parts of the world, you need to save the rest. And to do that, you need to do find the rest of the Temples. But you also need to do something else."
"Which would be what? We're gonna help, whatever it is!" Rebecca says optimistically.
"You're gonna wonder what's happened to me, but I want you to do something. I want you to find Subject 16. He knows everything about Eve - he knows everything. If we can find him, he might be able to give us one message that isn't crazy. I need to find him in the darkness. And he's alive, trust me."
Rebecca looks at me seriously, then shrugs her shoulders, "If you think it will help solve this Lucy business, this Those Who Came Before business, the End Of The World business, the Saving The World business and the Eve business? Then I'll get right on it, Desmond." She winks, then runs off.

I nod. "Let's find this Assassin, then."