View Full Version : nature of the Abandon Career problem/issue/bug/annoyance

05-15-2005, 08:54 AM
I've been playing SH3 for 7 weeks and on three separate occasions I've had the unpleasant surprise of pressing the Esc key to exit the patrol -- only to be presented with the sole option of Abandon Career. (As opposed to Return to Base) All crew dead, game over.

Now, many others have experienced this problem as discussed in two previous threads in the hyperlinks at the bottom of my post. This problem cannot be described as a CTD, because it isn't. It's an in-game function and the program continues to operate as perfectly as it had before. It just marks you as Dead for the 'save'.

This was a surprise because it made no sense. No enemy around. No recent explosions. Middle of Atlantic, depth of water 150+ m, no land masses possible. No time compression. Just "time for bed", so I press Esc, and wham! everyone is dead, I lose credit for a great patrol (very disheartening). I save and save often with different file names, but that doesn't help reclaim the 30K in kills I worked for at 100% realism.

I have had this problem with 1.1 virgin, 1.2 virgin, and now 1.2+RUb1.22 . Does anyone know how or why this problem occurs occasionally.

For some, it seems to _perhaps_ be related to TC. For others, it might be secondary explosions from a recent and nearby killed ship. Yet others speculate it happens more often at 100% realism. In my case, it is related (post-related) to a bruise on my head due to banging it several times on the wall...

Thanks in advance. Previous threads below.