View Full Version : F4F-4 & F6F issues

12-01-2004, 05:40 AM
Hi all:

I don't normally discuss this kind of things, and I can even presume it has been discussed before, but...

* The F4F-4 model has very weak aileron control cables, which get damaged all the time. It doesn't matter if it is cannon fire, light MGs or flack, I constantly loose aileron control, even when attacked head-on. However, the FM-2 or even the F4F-3 doesn't suffer this weakness... Is this correct? was the F4F-4 propense to loose their aileron control cables so easily?

* The F4F Wildcat seems to be really tough. No matter how hard I pound the wildcat with a A6M or Ki-43, they seem to be very ressistant. (sometimes more than a jug or Il-2). As compared to the F6F, it is tougher. Many times I have seen the F6F loose the tail after a few hits, hoever, I have only seen the F4F lose the tail on crashes. It would seem to me that the F6F should be structurally more durable than its predecesor. As it stands, their DM seems oposite.

* Speed in dives against AI: we all know this, but is is impossible to escape from a zero on your tail even diving from 3000 mts or more. Once on your tail, u can't shake them. This may be correct, but seems like the F4F and F6F are a bit too slow on dives.

CAn anyone confirm or correct me?