View Full Version : CTD no aparent reason.

11-21-2004, 07:00 PM
just this second, on warclouds HL there i am navigating my way at low level in my p51 with 2 250 pounders just waiting to be dropped on whatever ground target fired at me 1st. 20m off the deck at 520k's trimmed for straight and level, i see a few tracers wiz past from the right, woo! ground targets, just as i turn to ID the targets, POOF im staring at my desktop, with a very strange look on my face wondering wtf just happend. no warning, just poof, gone.

quick specs;

asus p4p8x mobo
p4 2.53 ghz
1gig pc2700
fx5950u 66.93 drivers

running standard .exe settings are perfect with water=0 version 3.01m, gunners and gore turned on.

ideas ?