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08-26-2011, 09:53 AM
Hi, I'm Polish and I wanted to present my ideas for the upcoming AC
I think of appealing.

Catacombs - Catacombs
(Prize for the transition) - Plan blades in his shoe.

Enhancements - (Gun) - mini-bombs, and fired after the 5th kills between 1 and
3 people.
(Sharpening weapons) - after a longer use
dull weapons and reduces the DMG, then it must be
(Late game), (2 swords) - after reading
last fragment book hero has 2 weapons
swords. (amount of use be limited to 3, you can
archival copy of the supplier of arms)
(Editing equipment (Q) in the house) - more options to
killing, which can be exchanged at home in your

Take a city from scratch-
mini-heroes have their seat, and after graduating, or at the end of the game builds character
Details - (name and appearance of objects from the catacombs)
- Weapons - a piece of paper weapons
- Martial art - a piece of paper counterattack
- Design - curled card in a roll and seal

(Street) - playing with children.
(Various possibilities of blood) - the interests of August
onlookers and slipping NPC
(Throwing stones at the windows) - Notes
guards, guard stones, you can steal.

Killing techniques - The hero runs guardian, the hero runs on
wall, doing a somersault and sticks a sword in the back guard.
- (Versus blade in his shoe), the hero reflects
from the chest of the guard
blade and runs away, or kills 2
guardian of the sword.
- (Vs Hidden Blade) catch
guard for the sewn and put him
explosive balls into his mouth.
- (Hiding) bribe
pedestrians or threatening them to go
near him. (The threat is not often
and makes interventions guards)

The contact please e-mail: marek31.13 @ o2.pl

Yours Marek Pucyk

08-26-2011, 02:08 PM
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