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This thread is called,"A Nugguts Learns To Fly". I just want to share my experience from a Nugguts point of view. I use a Siatek x52 control sytem with a Nostromos n52 speed pad. The speed pad is mainly set to engine settings using direct buttons. All other controls are set to the x52 or keyboard. The fom I will be using to write my experience will be in a form of a letter writting home. Since I am Okinagon Indian on my mothers side of the family, my call sign is "Injun" The period will start of at 5 Jan 1940.

5 Jan 1940
MCRD Paris Island

Dear Mom and Pop,
I just finished basic here in Paris Island. Ya know what I have been through in the last couple of months. The DI's kept callin me Chief. I tryed to tell them I never held the postion in opur tribe. They finally started just ta call me the " Injun". That Sgt. Brown musta hated my guts. He never let up on me. He new I was slated for flight school. He said when Injuns fly wil be the day he sees pigs fly. He tell me I would make a better fleet Marine than an Airdale. I am not givin up my dream of flyin with the eagles. I knownthe other kids back home laught at me for the extra schoolin I got. The only one of the family to graduate from high school. I don't know which was rougher that Indian School back home or Paris Island recruit traning. Sister Mary would put many a DI here to shame. My knockes still remembers that ruler of hers. Pop please take care of my dog Shag. Ya got to work him steady with the cattle. Also give Lady pleanty of exercise, let her run free in the north pasture. WhenI get home on leave I will be please to ride here again.

I finally got orders today, goin to the Islands. Thats right Hawaii and some place called Haleiwa Airfield. Sorry folks no leave. I catch the train for California and San Francisco tomarrow. and I board ship on the 10th of this month. I will try to drop you a card from San Francisco.

Your Son

13 Jan 1940
At Sea USS Atlantic

Dear Mom and Pop,

I am travelin in class, 3rd class at that on an ocean liner. For that past couple of days sick as a dog. Finally got my sea legs as the crew here call it. The food is just great. Be arriving in Honoluu on the 17th. Be at Pearl Harbor for a week and be taken a bus to Haleiwa Airfield for flight school. I will be goin with a great bunch of guys. There is this Texan Bill Wheeler who keeps tryin toget me drunk and a guy from New York City Phill Dunkin. He is one sharpe guy with a deck of card and dice. Pop I can't send ya that extra money I promised. Lost my last pay check to Aces Phill Dunkin today. I never did learn not to pull to an inside straight. Well unlucky in cards maybe lucky in love.

Ole Bill Wheeler says he hasthe inside scoop about what aircraft we are gona fly, The F4F3, a fighter. He claims that we will be at war with Germany within the year if Rooseyvelt had his way. I think he does not like the president and keeps miss pronoucing his name. I guess we will see if we do fly fighters. Thats it for now.

18 Jan 1940
Pearl Harbor

Dear Mom and Pop,
We pulled into Honoluu last night and boarded a bus for Pearl Harbor. Spent the day just walkin the base and admiring those batlleships here. A lot of fire power, real make the earth move. Once transportation is set we leave for Flight School. I here that they have a mean flight instructor who goes by the name of Major Payne N. Dias call sign" Dusty" for all the pilots he washes out. I hope I do not get him. Thats it for now.

22 Jan 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Dear Mom and Pop,
I had liberty for two days. The city of Honoluu is great. Beautiful girls and friendly people. Spent some time on the beach and nearly drowned. I tried to balance myself on a plank of wood like the natives here. A wave took me and the board craked me in the head. Good thing our people have thick skulls. Surprised to see people ridin waves on an old peace of board. We got here last night and flight school starts tomarrow.

24 Jan 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Flight School

Dear Mom and Pop

They are not gona let your boy fly one of thier expensive aircraft with out more schoolin they call ground school, they teach basic principles of flight, the controls we have to memorize, flight control rigging, Aircraft mechanics and radio procedures, thats just for a start. The instructor is name Capt. Byde Books. Ground school is gona last at least a month.

25 Feb 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Flight School

Dear Mom and Pop,

We began hands on flight training today, would ya believe it I got Major Payne N. Diaz! There are ten of us in his class right now and he said half of use chicks will be washed out by the time he finishes. Our training aircraft is a SBD-3T Dauntles Dive-bomber Trainner. Bill "Tex" Wheeler was surprised. He was disappointed we were not training on fighters. Met a guy from California here Joe Payne from LA. We call him Hollywood becasue he is a movie fan. Says he gona be a movie actor someday.

I took-off on my first hop today, boy was it easy. The Major warded me not to use to much rudder. got the bird of the ground and made it two the way point. The major then took over the controls. Over heard him talking to the Line Chief Gunny Woody Breck about me bein a natural. Well I gotta go I have the duty.

26 Feb 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Flight School

Boy was I out of it. Lack of sleep. Today was a nightmare. My second hop started Ok, I musta got nervious.I started to over compensate with rudder and nearly crashed in a tractor! The next attempt did not go any better I nearly hit another aircraft. It is either too much rudder, too much stick or too much power. Just keeping the aircraft on the runway was a problem. The only thing the Major said was that he need to up his premiums on his life insurance. He told me to get a policy. At least your parents will be taken care of when you are gone. He said I better bone up on the take-off procedures and use a checklist and make it my SOP Standard Operating Procedures. I guess I need to work on those procedures.

( I use to try to fly only with a twisty rudder on the x52, rudders do make a big difference. These are my rudder settings:1Z2=0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81 100 0. I wonder how others like thier rudder settings? Advantages or disadvantages?)[ I will keep notes of each hop and give my take on each]

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Next HOP Today

27 Feb 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Flight School

Dear Mom and Pop,

I did as Major Payne suggested:
I. Preflight

1. Cockpit lights on ( that cockpit is auwful dark hard to read instruments)

2. Check flight controls ( Hit F2) and watch flight control surfaces move
a.) Aileron
b.) Elevator
c.) Rudder
e.) Flaps, final set to take-off
f.) raditor on ( Hit F1)

3. Seat Back- wide view ( to see both sides of runway)

II. Take-off

1. Start engine

2. slowly advance throttle to 50 %
a.) gently use rudder to make corrections
b.) do not lock tail wheel
c.) a throttle setting of 20 % is good for taxi-ingusing the rudder to steer a/c
e.) Braking do so gently or you will nose in.

3. Once A/C is going straight lock tail wheel

4. Slowly Advance to 110%

5. A/C speed reaches 120 mph, gently back on the stick and you are in the air
a.) Raise gear
b.) set flaps to combat
c.) Unlock Tail Wheel

III. Flight

1. Fly to assigned way point

Well needless to say Folks it works and the Take-off went a lot smoother. Learned to use only 20% power to control A/C in taxi-ing. Got off the runway and had to power back and go arround to start position and try it again. By the 3rd attempt got it right and I was in the air. The major said I was fighting the controls in trying to keep the A/C straight and level with Artifical Horizon. He thinks it might be a problem with the flight control rig. He is gona have Sgt. Hav Click check the rig he might have me go back to basic rig instead of those throttle dials. The Major claimed he got sick with me behind the stick. Once we reached way-point he took over. When we landed he immediately lost his cookies. Said next time I am on the schedule he is not gona eat breakfast.

************************************************** *
One problem I had was with trim both Aileron and Elevator set to my x52 throttle. I have now marked the full throws of each dial wheels with a mid point marked. I will see if that helps. Learned that for taxi-ing a throttle setting of 20% is good for it. Just be gentle on those breaks.

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2nd, 3rd, and 4th HOP

HOP#2: This was a disaster , too much rudder and off runway clipping a tractor and flipping over.

HOP#3: This went more smother. A little of runway and got into the air without tailwheel lock. The A/C tends to want to turn right and nose in. Had to fight this.
Next HOP I will record and watch.

HOP#4 Same result as HOP#2 for today. I am a real danger to those tractor operators! Watched vid, over compensating on that rudder. HOP#5 later to night take a break.

04-22-2008, 04:51 PM
HOP#4 Same result as HOP#2 for today. I am a real danger to those tractor operators! Watched vid, over compensating on that rudder. HOP#5 later to night take a break.

Rest of day grounded due to weather.
28 Feb 1940
Haleiwa Airfield
Flight School

Dear Mom and Pop,
Real bad day today, The first hop fair I got off the ground still haven problems of controling the A/C on the ground on the roll out, hard to get a feel for the rudder, either to much or to little. Well I got off the ground, Nearly clip a parked SBD-3 leavin the ground. As soon as I got airborne, The Major took over and we landed. The next take off nearly had me washed out. One of my better take offs just as we left the ground the A/C starts a left roll, I over did the still and we went stright. As I righted my self went into a dive and the Major immediately took control. Pop, I thought Drandpa could curse! This Major wouldput ole grandpa to shame. Boy did I hear from him. Over heard him talking to the Line Chief that he should wash me out just ta save my life.
Note: The problem is that engine torque, keeps divin me left and once in the air the aircraft tends to roll and bank left. I have to maintain some right aileron control. The actual result of that last hop was a hole in the ground. Can'nt have the Hero, Me, buyin the farm this early. Give it somemore practice.

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For the readers,

If anyone wishes to jump in and ask any questions just do so or make any constructive comments.

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Seems like your stick and/or rudder sensitivities might be set a bit on the high side. Symptoms are much like what you describe--over-control. Setting your controller sensitivities is one of the most important things you can do in order to really enjoy this game. Do take the time to explore several "curves" for each axis--THE ELEVATOR MOST IMPORTANTLY!

When getting airborne, do so at a speed at least 5-10 knots above stall speed, and kind of let the plane fly itself up.

And if you have trim on sliders, try to have them not too far deflected from neutral.

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Originally posted by MudMarine3:
For the readers,

If anyone wishes to jump in and ask any questions just do so or make any constructive comments.

Yea, I'd like to know why you call yourself "nugget" which simply means "a small, rounded piece of ****" as I have found in on-line English dictionary???