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01-10-2011, 11:34 AM
Hey guys,

I'd like to know your thoughts about the next game that is coming out later this year.
In my opinion, Ubisoft will transport a big part of the action to 2012, with a really awesome plot that advances a lot the struggle between Templars and Assassins and the Global Disaster in a intriguing story full of mistery and twists (even more than in previous games), although I don't think this will be the last in the franchise. Desmond will have lots of different abilities and moves, providing awesome action and an improved stealth. This game will have more memorable moments and many different places around the world to explore, instead of just one country. However, not all of them will be open-world - some of them will be like Viana in Brotherhood. Hopefully, these places will have more variety, from snow mountains to The Middle East, to jungle and the desert. There will be new mechanics and technical improvements, among other things, and the open-world cities will be much bigger and full of side-quests, maintaining all the awesome things from previous games and adapting them to the present, resulting in an awesome experience with Desmond.
On the other hand, there must be some action in the Animus too. Probably Feudal Japan, it will feature a new ancestor with a new story and a world with even better quality than the previous games packed with stuff to do, see, and kill. Joining the past three games in one open-world experience in Feudal Japan will be really cool.
Then, Multiplayer will still exist, but with another story and lots of new improvements that will make it the best multiplayer anyone can play.

This would be the perfect game, with the strongest single-player ever and a cool multiplayer, but I doubt Ubisoft could do this in just one year. Maybe with two or three. I mean, in the storyside, it can be possible. Maybe. But in gameplay, not everything I mentioned will be possible. And they may not want to do it. But if they do, this will be the best game ever!

Here's my opinion but,
let me know yours because,
we just know one thing:

01-10-2011, 02:17 PM
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