View Full Version : Multiplayer Audio Freezing Realtek FIX!

04-17-2011, 03:27 PM
Ok guys for all those who have been experiencing the multiplayer freezing with realtek and punkbuster follow this steps
1- go to COmputer (My Pc) and right click, go to properties and find "Device manager"
2- Find Sound, video and games controllers, open that and right click on Realtek High definition Audio, And Click Uninstall, reboot your PC and let windows install Basic Audio Dirvers (wich work as good as realtek ones)
3- Config your audio settings as you wish (speaker fill 5.1 7.1 whaatever can be done with this driver)
4- Enjoy any game with punkbuster enabled since realtek and punkbuster dont work together at all.

Hope this helps!