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12-26-2009, 01:29 PM
So as the title says I bought this game about an hour ago and I have yet to open it. I was very ecstatic about buying it because i have wanted to play it for some time now. But after reading some reviews I am wary about opening it and playing it, I am thinking of taking it back. So I have a few questions.

-How long is the story and what is the re playability like?
-How does the "Open World" Play out?
-How is the Online? Does it have a level system? How big are the levels.

Is someone could just tell me some of the positive features of the game because I have read some bad ones.

My girlfriend wants me to keep it but that's $65 I could spend on something else.

Thanks in advance.

12-26-2009, 02:06 PM
How long is the story and what is the re playability like?
Answer: shouldn't take you more then 10hours of play to complete. Very simple quest quest line, and just have to check you map to know where to complete your quests. However there are challenges you can try to complete while you quest or after your finished the game. You can go back and complete the challenges to give you more reasons to run around the worlds, and they are supposed to give you items. However I am having problems receiving my bonus items.

-How does the "Open World" Play out?
Answer: well I like the world it looks very sharp I think. I find it fun flying around in the worlds doing the extra challenges. All and all its not like a RPG where you can total run across a map for a hour, but it gives you a feel of freedom to explore and kill as you go.

How is the Online? Does it have a level system? How big are the levels.
Answer: Online is where this game is at. I feel once you finish the game in a day or two of playing. There is nothing else, but to online pvp. I can see hopes for the next halo here, but right know its to new I think to say much. It is fun however but can see it getting old for me if new things are not added soon. like weapons, maps, and a little tweaking here and there. You have to keep the people happy or the online game lobbies die out and then there is just no one to make games.

here is how you should look at it. Did you get the game for a online pvp shootem up part of the game, or did you get it for the questing campaign part of the game. Because the campaign will end quickly and the game will gather dust, but if your looking for some CTF or KINGoftheHILL or Deathmatches play, keep it! You will always have a free online game to kill people on, as long as they keep us all into the game and the quick matches going.

Anyways hope this helps

12-26-2009, 03:13 PM
Did you buy it for a console or the PC?

Even though it doesn't necessarily add to the gameplay, there is more of an incentive when Achievements/Trophy's are involved, especially with Online, (150 matches will keep you playing for awhile for this one), and like Gladius said, This game is made for its Multiplayer, if the campaign seems like its dragging go battle it out Online

I love the game, but thats a bit bias I guess, lol

12-26-2009, 04:40 PM
I bought it for the 360.

12-28-2009, 07:16 PM
2 things:

1 - Never let your girlfriend make your gaming decisions.

2 - This game rules. Online is a TON of fun. Campaign (so far) has been fun for me as well.

Ignore the review sites. They are becoming harder to trust and are starting to be WAY to picky and ripping apart games that are great just because the game isn't anything ground breaking.

12-28-2009, 07:52 PM
The 1p campaign allows you to pursue two different avenues. The first as Navi, and the second as a human working for RDA. You get two completely different story lines.

During the campaign, you also get to unlock content through experience points. New armor, weapon, skills and information.

There is consistency between the game, film and the book "Avatar: a confidential report on the biological and social history of Pandora". The only exceptions seem to be the queue connections between the Navi and the mounts was not included in the game.

The graphics are stunning, and if you have stereoscopic-3d hardware you are in for a special treat.

Open-world is included, but there are linear events. You can go where you wish if the areas have been unlocked. "trash" mobs do respawn, so you are provided with challenges this way.

The multiplayer is both awesome and insufficient. At the moment there are serious issues like no in-game server browser. The only way of joining a game is either by starting one yourself, or doing what is called "quick play" where you join the first available game, with no control over the mode of play. There is a friend's list option for joining games, but it is also flawed in that connection errors and joining messages disallowing the connection are constant.

This problem may be because UBI has not released the port information that is necessary for people to successfully play via matchmaking (the ports to forward), or that there is a serious flaw in the multiplayer interface.

Once you do get into a game, it is extremely fun. The netcode also seems solid. I have been in games with 16-players and there was no discernable lag issues.

I can understand why the meta score on steam is a 65 for the game, but IMO, it still is a very good game with potential. It just needs a patch from UBI that will give us a real in-game server browser and address any bugs in the connection process.

Is it worth playing, and not returning? I would say yes. If you are a fan of the Avatar film/universe its almost mandatory. Let's just hope UBI fixes the game so it can achieve its real potential.