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05-15-2007, 06:52 PM
Ive learned alot since this afternoon about how to play this game but their are still some actually quite a few items I dont understand

If you could explain what they are used for id apreciate it very much.

Boost (WEP) on/off
Prop Pitch
Supercharger Next & Prev. stage
feather props
cowl/armor flaps
Jettison Droptanks
Attach/detach aircraft
arresting hook

canopy(I know it slides the glass back and fourth but does it serve a purpose?)

Gunpods on/off
toggle comms
wingtip smoke

I know this is asking alot but ive looked through all the controls and these I just dont understand what they do in the game.

05-15-2007, 07:06 PM
This should get you started:


Then check here for other questions:



05-15-2007, 07:07 PM
Boost = Maximum power setting for an engine, usually used in emergencies and combat engagements.

Prop Pitch = the angle the propeller blades make in relation to the direction of travel of the airplane. In this way, you can control your engine's RPM.

Mixture = The fuel to air ratio used for combustion in a reciprocating engine. Rich mixture means more fuel to air. Lean means less fuel to air. Generally, you lean the mixture as you increase altitude to compensate for less air in the atmosphere. Only some planes can do this manually. Most are automatic.

Supercharger = Basically what a Supercharger does is mechanically force more air usable for combustion into the engine. Generally this is only used at altitude to compensate for thinning air and keep performance as close to sea-level figures as possible. Most planes are also automatic in this respect. A few have variable stages.

Feather Prop = When your engine quits, feathering the prop puts it at an angle of least resistance towards the airflow, thus reducing drag.

Cowl/Armor flaps = Opening this increases airflow in air-cooled engines. This increases drag, but keeps your engine nice and cool.

Jettison Droptanks = Some planes carry fuel on detachable fuel tanks that are dropped before entering combat. This allows extension of range or loitering time in a combat zone without sacrificing maneuverability and performance when they are dropped.

Attach/Detach A/c = Don't worry about this. Certain planes have a parasite feature in which you can attach to a motherplane.

Arresting Hook = You drop the hook when you attempt a carrier landing. The hook catches arresting wires on the deck and abruptly stops the aircraft on the deck.

Chocks = Also used only on carriers, when your plane initially spawns on the carrier, it will have little blocks stuck in front of your landing gear which will allow you to set your engine to full power while remaining stationary. When the engine reaches full power, the chocks are pulled and away you go!

Canopy = It serves no purpose other than to wow you. Some people say it increases drag. Some planes have better visibility once you open the canopy.

Gunpods = If your aircraft is equipped with gunpods, this toggles them on or off so they don't have to fire every time you hit your triggers.

Wingtip Smoke = Produces smoke trails at the wingtips which are useful in showing off tricks and maneuvers as they stay for a while after so you can review how crisply you performed maneuvers.


05-15-2007, 07:13 PM
Thanks so much!

05-15-2007, 07:18 PM
boost - adds some sauce to the fuel/air mix to get more horsepower outta the engine for short term combat or evasion needs

prop pitch - changes the angle of the prop blades and allows them to either take a bigger bite and provide better propulsion or less bite causing the engine to work harder for the same amount of propulsion (also used on approach to allow for faster acceleration deceleration adjustments on the throttle , less effort or bite = quicker response)

mixture - the fuel / air mixture on some planes is adjustable - at sealevel with a cold motor you want rich fuel to air mixture - later at altitude and with a fully adjusted engine temp you can 'lean' the mixture and both save fuel asawell as maximize engine performance...a hot engine does not need 'rich' fuel to air mixture - it is overkill. But be carefull - too lean or too rich a mixture can either kill the engine or break it completely.

supercharger - some engines are equiped with a one or two or even a three stage charger...this unit forces the fuel/air mixture into the engine so that a plane at much higher elevations can still have the same power and respnse as an engine at sea level. You need to watch your RPM gauge to be sure that you are in the right stage for tha alt. you are at.

feather props - this allows a dead engines propeller to be 'feathered' or have the blades turned straight into the wind - in a prop plane with a dead engine and an unfeathered prop - that prop will windmill and add too much drag. In a twin engined plane this xcess drag can lead to an uncontrollable flight. )not so much ingame though)

cowl flaps - are the cooloing flaps around the engine (radial) or radiator (inline engine) that allow for extra engine cooling. But they can slow you down in flight....cowl flaps are typically full open on the ground and during takeoff and climbout and then partially closed during cruise - you want them as closed as they can be without over heating the engine in combat.

jettison tanks - a way to jettison external tanks before combat - a fighter pilot would never carry tanks into a fight unless he forgot to drop them - like carrying gascans through a forest fire. real bullet magnates

attach detach craft - has to do with the hybrid fighter/bomber combo machines like the TB3 big bumbler from Russia or the whackjob Luft rig flying bombs with fighters on their backs...ai carramba.

arresting hook - is what happens whenever I go to T.J. after midnight on a weekend

actually - its the part of a navy fighter that catches the wire on the deck of a carrier to stop you from going swimming after every flight

Chocks - on the deck of a carrier these are positioned around the main aircraft wheels to keep your plane from rolling all over the deck...you must assign a key in the game to release the chocks before you can take off.

the canopy just slides fore and aft - it changes the sound of the wind and thats about all ingame - you can bail out without first opening the canopy - and the yonly open on some of the planes that were added with PF and afterward.

05-15-2007, 07:55 PM

WEP stands for "War Emergency Power". It is a little odd, to see the term used so often in the sim, as it was historically only a US term

WEP was used by phyiscally shoving the throttle forward past and through a safety wire rigged up across the path of the throttle lever, to prevent accidental use of WEP. You actually had to break the wire. WEP settings could wear out an engine very quickly, and it's use was typically governed by a five minute maximum recommended use

"Comms" are "Communications", ie: using the radio

When you 'feather props' you use the prop pithc control to angle the prop blades so that they offer the least resistance to the oncoming airstream. This is used when an engine quits and cannot be re-started