View Full Version : Saving logic of assassins creed 2?

09-11-2010, 08:11 AM
What is the logic and what are the key events that activate the auto-save. I have lost like 10 hours of gameplay, because the game has either messed the saves or I havenīt done something to trigger the game to auto-save.

I have done those tower synchronization things, progressed the main plot, upgraded my town and whatnot. Then I quit only to discover hours of gameplay wasted away.

I read a post that suggested to turn off the online saving, but alas this did not help me. What annoys me the most, is that there is no mention of saving the game in the manual. How am I to figure out what I should do to make the game save its progress?

I must say that the faults of this game are absurd. The gameplay itself is awesome, I feel like a ninja when I hop about in the games spectacular areas, but the immersion and feel of being present are then shattered when I realize I have to do everything again. The first annoyance I had with the game was when I installed and it informed me I do not have a working internet connection, argh. I then went to the internet and browsed the forums with my defunct internet connection and lost yet another hour of my life and found no working solution. The game started working fine the next day, but this should not happen. Im okay with having to tweak my drivers or work on problems that are caused by my hardware, but these problems seem completely fabricated. Like someone made an incredible game and then gave it to the department of ingenious problem implementation. Gah. Sack someone. I want my 10 hours back. Angry customer rant off...

09-11-2010, 08:16 AM
It seems to be a problem with your PC, I'm assuming since you said you installed the game.

As far as the saving, all the things you listed should have saved the game as you went along.

It sounds like a corrupted save game to me but I can't really be sure.