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12-01-2007, 10:32 PM
Okay, so I am tired of crushing dreams one by one, and will now compost it all into one thread.

1. Altair should be able to buy new clothes. he sticks out like a sore thumb in crowds.

No, he doesn't. He is supposed to be able to blend in like a monk, which causes fear and paranoia in guards. His uniform also shows symbolism to the white falcon in the trailer, as it relates him to birds. Notice his shadow when he jumps. His hood is supposed to appear like the beak of a bird, and other features have been implied to enhance this. His name is I believe the name of a star in a constellation that is bird like. Taking the clothing away would compromise integrity of the game.

2. There should be stores where Altair could buy clothes

See no. 1

3. The ending sucked.

No, you do. The ending supplies reference to the impending end of the world. If you take a close look at the wall, there are dates such as 12/21/2012, or 13.00.00. 13.00.00 belongs to the Mayan Calender and was used by (get this) the Mayans. The Mayans were commonly known for mathematic expertise, and were able to trace astronomical motions to the date where our solar system was absolutely aligned, and if you were to look at our sun you would be looking in hte direction of the center of our Galaxy. The time is to the hour, being at 11 AM GMT. Another reference is to the Revelations chapter of the Bible, which tells of the end of the world, judgement, and the coming of Jesus. This coming occurs 1 generation (about 70 biblical years) after the Jews reclaim their land (Jeruselam), which this reclamation could possibly represent the end of WWII. There are other signs to Mayan religion and the Ejyptian Ra. Both gods are the gods of the sky. English writings on the wall require decoding, but speak loosely of the sky. There is also talk on the walls of soul sucking. This could refer to the Animus, which might be translated into "soul". Why did they pick Desmond? This probably suggests that the last person in the room was also an assassin who was used as a springboard to Desmond. The time period this occurs in is a mere 3 months from the estimated end of the world. There are a few pyramids on the wall as well (pyramids of Giza?). As a side note, the multiple orbs of immense power might remind you of Final Fantasy Tactics.

4. Okay, then the storyline sucked.

The storyline was actually fairly complex. The ending was a very impressive cliffhanger. Symbolism was employed (No. 1). There was a foil created between the master and the assassin targets quite well, as most of them appeared savage and heartless while the master appeared kind and thoughtful. If you noticed, he appeared no different. The power of the Piece of Eden was shown at the very beginning as the Master summons an illusion and "pretends" to stab Altair, showing strong forshadowing. If you didn't like the storyline, there is still much you have not seen.

5. The new story should be in Japan.

If memory serves me right, there is not a single orb in japan. Yes, this means you will never be a ninja. This is ultimately Altair and the new brotherhood's task (notice you killed all of the betrayers), and probably won't be relinquished to future generations. If Altair had assigned this task to his children and on, it is important enough that either 1. a predecessor would steal the power and go evil or 2. Desmond would have already known about this-- after all, he is a direct decendent. It is questionable whether there is even a future for our friend Altair, as he does not know the world is round. He has never seen a globe. Europe did not discover N/S America existed for quite a while, and preparing a ship for N/S America would kind of be suspicious. Altair probably can't even find his location on the map at all. Will he continue to be useful? Maybe, but it's either Desmond or Altair, or nobody.

6. Will Desmond use guns to compensate for the technology?

Probably not. Although we do not know, it is unlikely since he inherited Altair's abilities. This obviously means something or is just a way to burn space in the game, which we all probably hope was never intended.

7. This game is so inaccurate. Many of the real-life characters' hair is the wrong color.

Remember what Vidic said? Anyone can write a book. Really, the color of their hair and many other features are modified to fit the game, and history can always be wrong. Always.

8. Why do some assassins have a ring finger?

Some assassins you see as informers are truely novices. This means they have not yet been inducted as a "true assassin". Also, the dagger is in the left hand, not right. This initiation could relate to the dedication of the clan (i.e. current day finger you put your wedding ring on) as well as assassination technique. Please also acknowledge that some characters are part octopus, and in the game show they do not have a left hand ring finger but then it suddenly grows back. This is a perfectly normal glitch.

9. What's with the chemical compound signs?

The chemical compound signs you see commonly during the movie glitches and in the Animus Loading Screen are not Chemical compounds at all. They are most likely DNA Strands being accessed to build the memory.

10. Multiplayer?

Assassins work alone, and another partner would most likely be considered cumbersome. Notice that in the game's pamphlet, Desmond Miles is also considered largely introverted, meaning he probably will be an independent worker in the future.

11. Where can I find the list of accomplishments?

Check www.xbox.com, (http://www.xbox.com,) log in, and select your game. This will also show you other games.

12. What did Altair say after the stabs his master?

It is in a foreign tongue, of course. The meaning of this is either that the synchronization is somewhat failing in the blue room (as we see when Altair gets weak) and the translator is failing, or it could be secret and later revealed a foreshadow.

13. Is Lucy an Assassin?

Probably. Her emails imply asking for backup, and she is missing her ring finger.

14. What should I name my horse?

I recommend Butterscotch, but honestly your horse will stalk you no matter what you name it. Just please don't try to "collect horses" in the Kingdom. I have seen people do it, and it's really creepy.

15. Do you speak English?


16. What should I do after I beat the game?

Buy a new one.

17. What nationality is Altair?

Altair's mother is Christian, and a father who is Muslim.

18. Any other dreams you would like to crush?

Yes. There is no secret weapon, level, or cheats. What you see is what you get. There is no crossbow. There are not only cameras but bugs (not cockroach bugs, I'm talking spy bugs) scattered in various places that shine once in a while. Vidic is a Templar.

Yup, that should be just about it. Hope I could help. If you can think of anything unaddressed, now would be a good time to state them.

12-02-2007, 02:03 AM
Decent if slightly aggressive summary, just some comments:

1: Altair means "the flying" in Arabic, and is the name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation. Aquila in turn, is Latin for eagle.

17: Nationality is not religion. Christianity and Islam are not countries.

12-02-2007, 02:22 AM
can i point out that peopel thinking people in acient times thinking teh world was flat is a myth

12-02-2007, 05:30 AM
Vey interesting but, perhaps you have slightly too much time on your hands?

12-02-2007, 05:36 AM
Christianity and Islam are not countries.

Yeah, I'm always getting asked if I'm "half Muslim"... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif

But yeah, aggressive, yet decent.

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Can you explain why Altiar can climb up buildings really fast, run on walls, kill big groups of gaurds and resist mind-control, yet can't swim? http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif

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Because he never had swimming lessons?

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Can you put that in English?

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12. What did Altair say after the stabs his master?

It is in a foreign tongue, of course. The meaning of this is either that the synchronization is somewhat failing in the blue room (as we see when Altair gets weak) and the translator is failing, or it could be secret and later revealed a foreshadow.

what he was saying was " nothing is true everything is permitted ", it's in arabic.
lol it has nothing to do with all that stuff above.