View Full Version : I've been a huge supporter of the game but re. connection glitches: enough is enough

06-28-2010, 12:37 PM
I've reviewed it favorably on a major gaming website, defended it against rabid naysayers, some of whose complaints are basically justified, I've spent hours opening ports in my router firmware, fiddled with my Firewall settings and suspended my AV software in order to play online.

After dealing with two hours'-worth of connectivity error messages while trying to play coop with a friend yesterday, I am approaching the end of my tether. I have trouble-shot the situation exhaustively and know that the problems are server-side; even the error messages ("Server not available, please try later") attest to this.

In about 20 years of PC gaming, I have never, EVER seen such a botch as Ubi has made of PC multiplayer for this game. They should be ashamed of themselves. Every time they try to fix it, another batch of connectivity problems springs up like an ugly rash.

What makes this staggering technical incompetence even worse is that you cannnot separate it from Ubi's greed. Every supposedly player-friendly aspect of this game's presentation, like the idiotic matchmaker, the childish, malfunctioning Uplay and the godawful DRM simply add to Uni's bottom line at the expense of the player. If they cannot get the tech right then don't make it a burdensome, aggravating waste of time for the player, or it will appear that you hold your customers in contempt.

I'm not putting up with this nonsense in the next Ghost Recon game. I'm on the verge of giving up "Conviction" which is a really well-designed game hopelessly sabotaged by half-assed, chronically malfunctioning, uneccessary corporate technology instituted by greedy, incompetent, and cynical publishers.


06-28-2010, 12:46 PM
I'm not sure how long you've been with the series, but for me, I've been here since the first Splinter Cell. Everything was going great til Double Agent came out.

This marked the first step where Ubisoft began to over-simplify the game in order to appeal to gamers who never knew a pure stealth-action game.

Double Agent's Multiplayer was a complete and utter failure. It was obvious that Ubisoft pretty much ignored what the fans enjoyed about the unique game mode, and we began to see the limitations of multiplayer coding that Ubisoft was reknowned for; this included HORRIBLE connections issues with co-op/mp and a "dumbed down" console-esque experience with multiplayer.

During that time, I had noticed a multi-company wide policy to port over garbage to the PC with next to no quality assurance or actual development FOR that platform; the only reason why this would be done was to pull in additional funds that PC platfrom players would pay; and as we see with Conviction, post-sales patching doesn't address any problems at all.

I had pretty much predicted this to happen with Conviction as well, and is why I refused to not only pay the $50 retail price but Ubisoft's disrespectful $60 MSRP as well. I got this game for $22, shipped, and due to the myriad of networking issues, it's not even worth that.

While I hold a regard for Ubisoft's talent when it comes to graphics, art, world/level design, etc. I think they are abysmal when it comes to multiplayer and networking code. There is no excuse for this level of quality failure. In any other company to date, the game wouldn't have been let out the door.

Ubisoft doesn't comprehend the true value of the SvM game mode. It is a gem that deserves not only more attention, but attention based on what the fans of the series wanted, and not the tangent Ubisoft repeatedly takes its projects on.

06-28-2010, 01:17 PM
I've been with the game since the beginning and was a huge supporter of S vs M in both Pandora Tomorow and Chaos Theory.

Everything you say about sloppy porting and abysmal MP code is beyond dispute but, being an optimist, I had hoped for better. More fool me.

06-28-2010, 02:57 PM
I actually wish I had your optimism. I'm a pessimist by nature. From a console perspective, I think players see Ubisoft as a decent developer. But speaking from a PC consumer, Ubisoft is known for some rather horrible business practices.

06-28-2010, 03:36 PM
i'll bet the designers get so ****ed off at the porting staff. The PC game is like a beautiful painting smeared with poo.

06-28-2010, 04:34 PM
I do web design and graphics, and one of the worst things is when someone messes with your art.

Of course, the art is pretty much the same, but in this case, the game is all for nothing because Ubisoft's Multiplayer team are a joke.

So many studios, and none of them seem to know the first thing about making a solid multiplayer experience. I think they feel "less is more", and we can all agree that they couldn't have given us any less than they did.