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11-23-2010, 05:06 AM
I ain't the greatest fighter in AC Brotherhood, and I ain't never gone be.

However, I know some things which aren't really 'tips', but could be something others do not know.

Not to mention, feel free to post your own.

Dagger+Throwing Dagger Execution
Perform an execution/counter on an enemy. During the little kill scene as you're stabbing him or whatever hold LS (or Left Analog) over to another enemy, and HOLD down X (or Square on PS3). He will then perform the 'combo' of the two weapons on the next enemy.

Also during the little kill scene of you doing this combo, go ahead and move the LS (or Left Analog) into the direction of another enemy, and HOLD down X (or Square for PS3)and he will continue doing the combos until all daggers have ran out.

Sword+Pistol Execution
Nearly the same as above. During an execution or counter, hold LS in the direction of your enemy, and hold down X (or Square) and he will perform the execution.

The AI
Not to mention the AI. I found how they work at the start. When you counter someone or execute them to get a Kill Streak going, another enemy will begin an attack DIRECTLY or DURING the execution so you need to be ready to counter them.


It actually took me a while to get this down, seeing as I pressed X and held LS to the side; or hold X and do nothing at all except aim; or hold X first THEN move the LS Stick over.

But now I can get MUCH higher combos and stuff in the Long Kill Streak.

11-23-2010, 05:26 AM
hmm, thats strange because i got the brutus dagger and get up to 15 kill streaks but he never throws a knife, he does spins and rolls and basically slices up guys like a ninja but i never managed to do the throwing knife thing, mind you i have NO breaks in between combat. he just f0cks them up with the knife, really nasty. he jumps from target to target and kills them with one hit...do i need to target someone who is far away? i heard that some daggers swords whatever have different animations...can that be confirmed?

with the sword i always manage to pull off the pistol execution, and i am gold and silver in the combat VR missions...so its not like i am an idiot and lack skills.

11-23-2010, 05:29 AM
Well you're doing the Kill Streak correct, yes.

However you DURING an execution you cannot just randomly throw the dagger. You must activate the exectuion of throwing it while killing someone else.

While in a Kill Streak, during an execution just hold the Lefft Stick in the direction of another Guard, then HOLD down X - this will not make him throw the dagger instantly though - it just activates the execution, so the keep the buttons held like I said and he will move on to the next enemy and perform the 'stab-throw' execution basically.

Yeah daggers and swords have different animations.

11-23-2010, 01:33 PM
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