View Full Version : Can't Take DC-3 off of 200 foot airstrip...why?

12-27-2004, 07:27 PM
Sound like a corsair/static CV problem?

The Corsair wont excel when loaded to the gills as it shouldnt but....it would walk when powered above 46".

I noticed the A6M3 was slowed a bit as well.

Oleg was trying to get the color green by mixing blue and yellow. He got green but he didnt mix blue and yellow to get it. The Corsair should not be able to leave the deck loaded heavy, as is now modeled. But what oleg did was make the corsair sound as if it is trying to excel in 10th gear!!! It sounds as if it is bogging down. Oleg, the F4U would walk the deck with the brakes locked at 46'mp. You have it sounding as if its about to shut down while departing the flight deck.