View Full Version : Couple of Quick Questions.

12-21-2011, 05:48 PM

Just got the game and I love it, I havent got very far in the main story (halfway through chapter 3). I have just been doing all the side stuff.

My first question is, do different Dens have different Den Defence minigames? Or are they all basically the same? Im planning to lock down all but one den just in case I ever want to do the mini game. At the end of the game ill lock it up, but im just wondering if thats a bad strategy? Will I miss out on parts of the Den Defence game if I only ever do it at one Den?

My second question is, despite having a full barracks of 12 Assassins in the very north of the map is a 'recruit assassin icon', has anyone experienced this? Is my game somehow screwed up? What would happen if I decided to recruit the 13th Assassin?

Thanks for the help!

12-21-2011, 05:58 PM
The Den Defenses are all basically the same but in different streets, so the layout of where you place barricades and Assassins is the only difference. And there are different templar "war machines" (for lack of a better term) at each den, I think.

The thirteenth Assassin is likely a real mission. Some recruit missions are actually memories, while others are just generic fights like they were in Brotherhood. Hope I helped.