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Saar Ben Kiki
05-06-2011, 05:20 AM
Hi, and hello ubisofters.
i wanted to show you my opinion about how the game should be.
as we know, this game will be one before last in the AC franchise and itll be in istanbul..
so one thing really bothers me, is the difficulty of the game - it's damn easy.
so these are my suggestions to make the game harder and more challenging:

1. firstable the hp potions amount must be reduced from 15 to 10 at max!

2.various kinds of enemies:
- a crossbow man on the rooftops who fires only arrows

-a crossbow man that uses both arrows and a sword

- street/underground fighters/thieves who use daggers and throwing knives

-a swordsman with a big sword, a gun and heavy armor (like papla guards of sort)

-normal guards with least armor and a sword

- fast guard with the medium armor and dagger

- the buruts heavily armored guards

- special guards with a lot of armor and health that use a big axe and come in special missions or show up in important places.

3. expand the availablities of enemies:
enemies in AC can only do a few things, when most of the time they just escape and attack you... so i think that we should introduce to certain enemies (not all, jsut a minority or strong ones) better abilities, like smoke bomb, throwing knives,dodge,hold and throw you away after held.

also another thing that i really liked in ACB was the interactive chase.

we, the fans, like chases and assassinatings as you know, so you can apply missions where chases have a variety of content, like in that one mission in ACB when we chases a guy in the secret location where we ended up doing a leap of faith into a well to receive the brutus key, so chases should be that way- indoor or outdoor should do the same but just your imgination for the best way to introduce a good interactive chase.

last thing i would hope to see in the game, is MUCH more of altair, ezio is cool but i really missed altair and we know nothing about him, and PLEASE ubi use that same voice actor for altair!~

05-06-2011, 12:46 PM
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