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A message from the author,
I Katia Capri made this book about an orphan named Sarah Medy and her life about being an orphan and how being and orphan really is.This is based on a true story but told my way.

My alarm clock rang.I looked at it.7:45.I got up and went down the hall to brush my teeth.I walked quietly to not wake up any of the others.My name is Sarah and I am an orphan.My parents gave me away the day After I was born.My mom was way too young to take care of me.I used to live in Michigan But now I live in Jade Island at the Orphan house.I had many friends but one of my close ones is Michaela.We were best friends since I came and I knew I could trust her.Michalea and I are now 11 and still at the orphan house.How sad.All these people have came by deciding to take one of us but they always choose someone else.I walked back to my dorm and woke up michaela.She wasn't in her bed.I searched everywhere for her to appear but no where had her.I went to the yard where we chill and there she was with Chef Pierre.Those 2 were do kind to eachother and like best friends considering they were cousins.I walked to her and said "Time" she said bye and she ran with me to the Outdoor Lobby where she took out 2 pieces of paper.I wasn't shocked at all.

Michaela starting writing down today's breakfest specials.I looked and shook my head.That wasn't yummy at all.We went to the display room with the other 11 year olds since some couple wanted to adopt a 11 year old girl.The boys stared in shock that no one wanted a boy.The couple discussed with Mrs.Degree and then whoever they chsoe would get taken away by Mrs.Degree.I decided to take a nap.With all these cute girls the couple might find it hard to decide.While I was sleeping Mrs.Degree took Michaela to the couple.She got chosen.I didn't know until her stuff was gone from our room.Did I have the room to myself?I didn't ask for her email so we couldn't keep in touch.I felt sad.Was it my hair?My freckles?Michaela was a perfect girl with Blonde hair and PERFECT skin.I decided to go to the spa which was on the HIGHEST floor of all.The Orphan House had 99 floors and this spa was on the 99th floor.I didn't care about taking an elevator but Michaela was so scared to go up that high.I had never been to a spa.I went and relaxed until bed time.

The next day I got to go on the best field trip ever!I got to see what a REAL house looked like.I met a friend while we got to play on the road or sidewalk like a normal kid but this kid was an only chile with 2 parents blonde hair and PERFECT skin.It wasn't Michaela though.Her name was Annie."So you live at the orphan house?",Annie asked."Yes.I am always hoping one day to get adopted."I replied."I always wanted a sister.Never happened."she answered back.Soon it was time to go and I thought that I might want to get annie's email before I leave.I thought that what annie told me would change my life FOREVER.I just had to eat lunch because my verrryyyy kind teacher Miss.Legacy told me to and I would get a gold star.The school took up 10 Floors and The orphan house took 19!I got into the best class.I ate my verryyy discusting lunch-even the grey stuff.I walked to class and after class was done I talked to Miss.Legacy.

Soo do you guys like it?I am going to make more chapters tomorrow based on thanksgiving!

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The next day was thanksgiving.I had no family so I wasn't going to celebrate.I headed to the cafe.Nothing special.Just grey globby stuff that was there and I think it was moving!I went to the VIP section for 11 year olds and got some turkey.I stuffed mine with stuffing so it would taste better.I went to my room surprised to see people looking in my room.Where they going to adopt me if I was neat?I was very neat my room was spotless!I thought about when Michaela left.It was sad.A couple of minutes went by and Miss.Ginevieve came in."Sarah it is time to go somewhere special!We are going to celebrate thanksgiving with Annie and her family.You are the only one.They said for her birthday they are adopting someone so they want to see how neat you are!"I shook my head and changed into my nicest clothes.I walked to Miss.Ginevieve's car and got in.I had perfume on.

I had never eaten at a real place before.Annie's house was soo Big!I wish that they would adopt me.While I was there I got to ask her when her birthday was.It was October 21st.I knew halloween was October 31st and I wanted to go trick or treating!Was it going to be me that she picked or no?I loved the turkey.Her cousins and grandparents were there.They all asked me who I was.I met some new friends and we played outside.I felt that I was her sister.It was so fun!I got home and wrote in my journal.
Today was Thanksgiving.I celebrated at My new friend Annie's house.Apparently her Birthday is October 21st and she is adopting someone who is 11!I am soo excited!Maybe she will pick me!I met her a couple of days ago on our trip!Oh well Miss.Ginevieve is calling me so I better go!

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I spoke with Miss.Gienvieve and she said that I had to pick all of the not important stuff and throw them out(I basicly had non)and I had to put all of my stuff in a bunch of boxes she gave me.I knew what this meant.Someone adopted me.I was so excited!I packed up and kept my laptop stuffy and journal out on my desk.I wrote in my journal once more:
Journal,I have some good news!I went to Miss.Gienvieve and she told me to start packing.I think I got adopted by a Family!
I then realized it was October 21st!Abby's birthday.I felt like screaming but most kids were in bed so I did a happy dance!

I got into Miss.Gienvieve's car and we drove off.I said bye to my friends and got their emails to keep in touch!On the way I played my laptop and emailed back in forth with abby.
Soo It is My birthday!
I know and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I have a special gift for you!
Miss.Gienvieve parked in an odd place.It was called a DRIVEWAY.I was just so excited I could NOT breath at all but I did!

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I arrived at the door with all of my stuff.Abby's dog came to the door and licked me."Hi Sarah!"Abby's Mom said."Abby is playing outside halfway down the block.This is a perfect time to set up!"She smiled at me.I smiled back.I walked in and I saw Abby's brother doing work.I figured not to bother him but His mother did.I settled down beneath the piano hiding from Abby.All of the sudden she walked in and..."SURPRISE!"everyone cheered.