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03-20-2006, 12:50 AM
Has anyone ever thought about trying to add the XIB type U-boat to SHIII, im going to enclose a link to some infromation bout them if no one knows about them but there was one found off the coast of the US not too long ago by sonar scan and other methods but its been a while since i seen that site for updates.

Sizes compairsons between the Type VIIA, IXA, XB and XIB


"According to the official design drafts laid out for the German Type XI-B U-Cruiser in 1939, the specifications for this vessel were as follows:

Length Overall: . . . 115 meters (377 ft.)
Breadth: . .. . . 9.5 meters (31.3 ft.)
Depth: . . . . 6.2 meters (20.3 ft.)
Extreme Displacement: . . . 3,630 tons.
Deadweight: . . . . . 6,800 tons +
Propulsion Machinery: . 2-shaft diesel/electric motors, (eight 12cyl. diesel engines in two separate engine rooms), plus two high-grade electric motors in third compartment.

Armament: . . 4 torpedo tubes in the bow
2 torpedo tubes in the stern
6 torpedoes in ready-fire with
6 spare torpedoes carried below internal storage plates.


Armament: 4 127mm Guns in two twin armored turrets.
2 37mm AA mounted on deck amidships.
2 20mm AA mounted in after Wintergarten.

Ammunition Carried: 940 rounds total of 127mm.
4,000 rounds total of 37mm.
2,000 rounds total of 20mm.

Crew: 110 men, with capability to carry two company's' of "Special Coastal Troops", ('Brandenburgers')

Cargo Capacity: 600 cubic tons above provisions.

Accessories: 1 One-Man "Arado/Argus 231" reconnaissance seaplane stowed in forward vertical storage tube."





and this is the link to the whole article since theres too much to post


But in closing i think making a mod to make that uboat avaiable or taking and including it in a add on pack if there is one in the works would really improve this game considering this sub has a float plane, two twin barrels cannons and supposedly a great combat radius.

03-23-2006, 09:12 PM
Yep, but you may need to look here


Another rumour perhaps? But these guys really do their job with research, and if they say it isn't true, then just perhaps they could be right. After all, are there any photos, anywhere?
But yes, it would be great to have twin turrets on a U-boat, and return fire with DD's

03-23-2006, 09:37 PM
Ive looked there but so far ive read up on the CA32 or was that CA35 well which ever one it is i read up on the project and so far they claim it to be the XIB which was a project designed but supposedly never built but they have enough information to raise the boat up which there supposed to do in 2006 i heard somewheres. so we will see. Who knows anyone can be wrong and uboat.net might be wrong just like so many people before i was just asking if anyone thought about modeling the XIB sub for the game, cause basicly the XXI subs never really got into the war enough to change it like they would have but the game still gives you the sub

This could be just like the german VTOL saucer craft that they have worked on since 1922 that uses tesla anti gravity technology. But considering how much germany got bombed and everything and all the secret aircraft projects they had i wouldnt doubt that the XIB was ever designed or possibly built

03-23-2006, 09:42 PM
Oh i just noticed on Uboat.net the link you posted you might want to go back cause they DO list the XI class just not the XI-B variant.

(Type XI U-cruisers
Huge U-boats, designed in 1937-1938, with 4 127mm deck guns in two gun-towers (one fore and aft of the conning tower). 6 torpedo tubes (4 in the bow and two at the stern, all below the CWL). One Ar 231 small aircraft in a watertight 2.6m in diameter container shaft. These boats were to have a crew of about 110 men almost double that of any constructed German U-boat. 4 contracts (U-112 thru U-115) were awarded to the AG Weser yard in Bremen on Jan 17, 1939 but wisely cancelled at the outbreak of war in September that year and none of the boats had been laid down at the time (some sources mention U-112 as being laid down but that does not make sense).
These boats are often claimed to not only have been completed but sailed, usually on very clandestine missions and for good measure words like SS, Hitler, Bormann and the like are thrown into the mix. None of this is true and they very certainly not black as some suggest as it is somewhat hard to paint something that does not exist black.)

I find it odd that theres some rumors of U-112 was laid down but was not finished obviously during a war if you start a boat by putting the keel and the bottom of the ship together your going to finish it even if the designer pulled out their support. just dosent have no logic to not finish something that was started construction during wartime. Not only that but why would AG Weser yard in Bremen cancel the order cause last time i checked Bremen was IN germany, that also dosent make sense from uboat.net as to why would they cancel it especially when hitler was in power and was using any resources he could get and build up his forces.

I was searching on the XI type U-boats and I stumbled across this statement "there are references within the military archive at Freiburgim-Breisgau, Germany, of a series of "yard trials" in the Weser River for the Type XI U-Cruiser, and the report of it having attained a surface speed of 26 knots" "The details contained in the records of the Military archive in Germany make it very clear that the above speed trials were not obtained from 'tank' tests of models"