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11-19-2010, 04:12 PM
I'm loving the multiplayer for Creed, it's the most fresh MP I've experienced since Red Faction:G but there are some problems I've found that really could do with being addressed, and I figure other people will have their own and views on mine.

First is the lagg. Detrimental to MP and especially one with mechanics such as this. Trying to follow someone who is constantly disappearing and reappearing is completely game breaking. As is trying to watch behind your back for people who do the same. Coast is clear, oh wait, no, someone just jumped 10 meters closer and is now stabbing me in the back, and no, they weren't just being really good.

Matchmaking. Enough has already been said about that one.

Stunning: The amount of times I've known in a crowd exactly who is following me, and as they get nearer I'm frantically hitting B and they get the knife in, pretty much every time. So instead of being stealthy relying on the players actions, it's instead hard coded into the mechanics that the assassin gets the upper hand.

Bringing me to my next point, there isn't enough of a deterrence for being unstealthy. A fair bit of the time I'm trying to assassinate a guy who's running around the map like an idiot non stop, meaning there's no way I can get a decent amount of points for killing him because I'm always running after him, unless I can manage to cut him off. Then again, with half the people running around on the rooftops I don't exactly have much cover anyway.

Also, I'm trying to sneak up on a guy, I get closer and closer and BOOM, oh, some guys just shot him from 20 meters away. Wow.

Sometimes getting constant 400 points for assassinations isn't enough, because they are getting non stop 100 pointers, although doing kills the 'right way' does often land me in at least the top 3, so they do very nearly have it right.

Lastly, variety. RF:G's MP died out because there wasn't enough support for it, and I'l be annoyed as hell if this MP doesn't as it could be one of the most unique of this gen.

11-19-2010, 04:36 PM
I haven't had nearly any lag at all. Only one match there was legitimate lag and it disconnected everyone shortly after.

Matchmaking: Yea, it could def be better but it isn't going to stop me from playing.

Stunning: The amount of times you knew who was following you, that person probably knew it was you too. The goal of multiplayer is to HIDE and KILL. Not to play offense as a defensive player. How many football teams get all their scoring points on defense? None. When you score on defense it's a bonus, not the primary way to score. I understand sometimes you might feel like you got ripped off on a stun, but it's supposed to be like this so you feel vulnerable instead of an unstoppable killing machine akin to games like COD and Halo (not that there is anything wrong that http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif ).

You have to be the deterrent to keep people from going on the rooftops. If you stay on the ground and go for quality kills it WILL PAY OFF. When you stay on the ground, your killer has to come for you. Then their killer has to come for them and so on an so forth. If you get in a game where people are playing that way (rooftops and sprinting nonstop) and you can't get them to come down or run out of patience, kill a civilian and get a new contract. There are ways to help alleviate that problem but you have to look for them.

I'm not hating on you, just presenting different options and pov.

11-19-2010, 04:46 PM
The only problems i have with multiplayer is that it keeps putting me into matches that have already started.

And please while the multiplayer is still fun take the PISTOL OUT OF MULTIPLAYER its not even fun when they use that POS weapon.

11-19-2010, 04:59 PM
I kind of agree on the stunning, because sometimes it won't let me stun them when it's obvious I should have.

And yes, the roof*****s. Worst thing to happen to this game. Just leave em be, let em be pussies, kill a civilian, and hope to get a different target.

11-19-2010, 05:28 PM
Cheers guys, that actually is a very good point and I just realised I've been quite an idiot.

See I've been thinking as well that if you kill a civilian you should have points taken off, but I completely neglected to realise that I could simply kill civi's to get a new contract.

I knew, but I didn't think to actually use this as a means to not have to chase around after idiots. Kudos people! Now if points get taken off for civi killing I'm going to be so annoyed!

Perhaps I rely on stunning to much, however there has been times I'm clearly pressing it and a second later they are killing me.

However some times I'l be walking down a street and some guy who's walking towards me will just gut me and I think "Nice, I didn't see you coming", other times, as already stated, they stick out like barney at a nazi party but I just can't get the stun. Smoke bombs I guess.

I'l keep practising and using smoke bombs more.

But yeah, matchmaking and that bloody gun need to be sorted.

Anyway, as I said, Awesome multiplayer, really fun and exhilarating and extremely fresh. If they keep up support I'l be playing this for a long time. Might even splash out on DLC too.

11-19-2010, 09:36 PM
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11-21-2010, 05:44 AM
I just hate how my pursuer always seems to counter my stuns. I haven't even fugured out how to do that yet. ):

...I think it's Y/Triangle
Stupid in-game manual.

11-21-2010, 08:31 AM
Stunning isn't broken.

You're using it wrong.

Don't try to counter your assassin with it, that rarely works.

Make sure you're in a group with several clones of yourself (morph would help). Then when your pursuer is close, watch. If they come right up and sit in front of you or another one like they're trying to decide who to kill, stun them.

If they stay a short distance back, wait, because they WILL kill you if you move. Let them kill one of your clones instead. Or step in, then use a smoke bomb and stun, if you have smoke bombs.

As for guns, guaranteed 100 point kill if your target stays in line of sight long enough after you've identified them, and your pursuer doesn't notice that you're lining up a shot. And it has a massive cooldown. REAL unbalanced. /sarcasm.

I don't use the gun often, because I don't find it useful enough. It's ok for countering rooftop enemies (easy to keep in sight, and can often get the "midair" bonus against them), but it gives you away before the kill, which makes it a risk to use.

EDIT: As for countering stuns, you do that by hitting the assassinate button before your target lands the stun, but after they've triggered it.