View Full Version : How to pwn?

05-27-2011, 03:51 PM
Iv'e seen some clips on youtube showing people doing crazy killstreaks. I play ACB on pc and i don't understand how to just keeb killing in such way. Are there someone who know how to pwn on pc?

05-28-2011, 07:48 AM
75% of the time it's luck, people are more or less more favoritable to post their most succesfull online matches, so you get to see them pwn but it can be this might not happen on a daily basis, while maybe for some.

The general idea is practice, in the beginning, do not expect crazy amount of points, you are just too limited to do the crazy things they are doing.

What does most people have though, is a strategy before even coming in the game, and a partner knowledgable of that said strategy and both covering each other.

You can't get consisted amount of points every game, this game is all about adapting to your opponents just as much as getting a winning strategy.

There are only 4 killstreaks too, +100 and +300 which can both easilly be done, just get 3 kills (you can only equip 1 killstreak bonus though, and +300 is only for 3 SILENT kills in a row) and the +250 and +750 (same thing except now 5 and +750 is again for SILENT kills in a row). Another thing that manipulates the streak is the x2 bonus.

It's just practice, that's all. Since you are busy watching on YouTube already for good playthroughs, I doubt you probably can do better.