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THis is gonna be a compilation of tips , tricks, and advices for ac:b multiplayer. I manage to find and copy, or provide links to increased amount of threads, posts made by good players , focused on advices how to get better online.

Please , anyone having useful ideas, tricks, advices , dont hesitate to put them in there, and help beginners , and others who struggling with some specific aspects of online.

I will start from pure gold of knowledge, YourInnate's "asb multi " post:

Since the announcement of the Approach Meter (that's it's official Ubi given title BTW, NOT RDM) people of ALL skill levels have been complaining. People have complained because it is different and does not follow the ground breaking multiplayer formula that we all came to love in AC:B. There was a lot of speculation as to what the Approach Meter was going to do to gameplay leading up to the release of AC:R, and now that AC:R has been out for a week I think it is safe to say the following:

It is TOO EARLY to factually judge what the Approach Meter has done to the gameplay.

Everyone comes onto these forums and either praises or hate the Approach Meter based on their opinions. The only fact out of all those opinions is that, if Ubi had the Approach Meter in AC:B, we wouldn't have complained about it from the beginning. We would've loved it because that's how the gameplay was. We wouldn't have known, or thought about implementing a Detection Meter(the meter for AC:B) to replace the Approach Meter, we would've loved it, just the way it is. How do I know that? For a fact? No one on the forums ever proposed what is now the Approach Meter as a "fix to the stealth issues" in AC:B. So in turn, if AC:B was released with the Approach Meter (AC:R) instead of the Detection Meter(AC:B) and the gameplay was too slow for people (instead of the too fast that was often complained about), we would still be proposing not scoring meter changes to fix the problem.

So for all those people who truly feel that the Approach Meter is not worth giving a chance, considering this was announced as an ENTIRELY NEW MULTIPLAYER, NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH WHAT SOME PEOPLE REFER TO AS A "SEQUEL" then please leave the thread right now, don't post, sorry for wasting your time.

My opinion on the Approach Meter, is that it doesn't affect gameplay nearly as much as anyone expected it to, at least not among the top tier of play. The fact is players are still scoring just as high as they were with the old meter, they just have to use slightly different methods to do so.

I will compare the Three(3) most competitive modes that returned from AC:B to AC:R.
(Sorry Alliance, even though Ubi won't give you some love, I still love you!)


In Wanted in AC:B, the de facto best set to use at all times to score the highest possible game was Disguise Poison. I will not go into the most extreme of details, but the concept was using 2 abilities that gave you the maximum scoring potential, and used free running as a defense to score points from escapes and naked (sometimes disguised) stuns. You would get high scoring kills by "acting stealthy" while in the line of sight of your pursuer, which actually just meant either activating disguise 10 feet away from them in plain sight, or actually using a blend group to achieve the hidden bonus. Admittedly, there wasn't too much that was stealthy about "Jackal Mode," but it was, without fail, the best.

Wanted in AC:R plays incredibly similarly, and to some extent it is almost identical. The best set in Wanted AC:R brings back poison, but trades Disguise for Smoke Bomb. (Notes on Poison being better than you all realize below) The reason it trades Disguise for Smoke Bomb isn't because Disguise no longer gives you a 200 point hidden bonus but because Disguise no longer gives you faster escapes if someone triggers a chase. Because of this, coupled with the ability to stun 2 people in a 35 second cooldown smoke bomb, officially makes smoke bomb better than disguise in AC:R Wanted. (A side note: Disguise giving a 200 point hidden bonus was a completely BROKEN mechanic, making disguise the SINGLE best ability in AC:B when you combine it's other functions, you are wrong if you think otherwise) The reason Wanted has changed isn't because of the Approach Meter, but it has changed, literally, because stuns are now better than escapes. Another reason you take smoke bomb in wanted over disguise? Using it offensively not only gives you focus, but it gives you a notch up on your Approach Meter. Want to know something else? Everyone's #2 hated abused mechanic from AC:B is back. That's right folks, Smoke Bomb is still a better templar vision than templar vision because the Push Trick STILL WORKS.

In summation, Wanted in AC:B went like this...
Run to target, pop disguise, get hidden poison, maybe get stun while disguised, run to next target, get best kill possible, escape person chasing you, rinse repeat.

Wanted in AC:R looks like this...
Run to target, use smoke bomb to get focus hidden incognito poison (okay sometimes you won't always get the hidden, but the rest should be guaranteed), run from pursuer until smoke bomb is up in 30 seconds (if pursuer is not completely avoidable through other means), stun pursuer, run to target, get best kill possible, run to next target being mindful or pursuers, using smoke bomb to punish them being high profile (even though you yourself live in high profile), get highest kill possible, rinse repeat.

In more summation, Wanted in both games are....
Run to next target > Slow down to Kill > Defend while Running to next target > Slow down to Kill > Defend While Running to next target.....
You get it?


Ahhh Assassinate... Not my cup of tea, but incredibly competitive. I was good at the mode, I could put up 12k's when 12k would top the leaderboard. Unfortunately, when 12k was good enough to top the leaderboard, the leaderboard wasn't working. I made the choice to step away from being one the best Assassinate players, and chose to become the best Wanted player. Anyone who tells you I can't keep up is lying, and the people that can and will vouch for me are 3 best Assassinate players in the game (on Xbox). And if you don't know who they are, then you have no right to question my right to comment on the game mode to begin with.

Assassinate was interesting in that when played on AC:B, there were basically two and a half schools of thought when it came to abilities, but only one school of though when it came to getting the top scores.

The preferred ability set of top tier assassinate player on PS3 was Firecrackers Poison. Firecrackers Poison offered less disruption than the set I'm about to mention, but it offered it on a much more frequent timescale.

The top tier of players on Xbox almost exclusively used Smoke Poison. Smoke is the trump card of disruption, and the bonus points offered by poison were too much to pass up in any mode.

An Honorable Mention goes the Jackal Mode set. Even though I personally couldn't perform as well with it in assassinate, I know of at least 2 Jackals on the PS3 side could score just as high as FC/smoke Poison users.

Whatever the set, the mentality remained the same.... Vulching and being better at target acquisition than the other guy. Vulching was the act of running up to someone who just stunned their pursuer, using smoke bomb (or firecrackers) to disrupt his kill, and using poison and the x (square) button to get 2 kills in 3 seconds. Vulching resulted in a minimum of 1000 points, and when coupled with the other half of the mentality (being better at target acquisition than the other guy) resulted in 10k+ averages, and showdowns for the number 1 spot where number 1 had to score 48k in a week just to be green.

The highest scores often included kill counts in excess of 20, a few stuns thrown in, 6 poisons, and you were probably streaking 2-4 times.

Let's look at Assassinate in AC:R.

On the Xbox, most top players have abandoned poison for mute. They replace the points they would have gotten from poison with Brutal Escapes, and more overall stuns in a session. Also, Vulching is not nearly as predominant as it was in the AC:B. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

The mentality now (and this is partly, if not mostly due to the Approach Meter) is that quantity completely outweighs quality.

The "secret formula" to winning games now isn't actually the abilities, but it is in fact a new kill streak, a new perk, and a new mechanic. The kill streak is 7 normal (no approach meter requirement) kills, the new perk is Kill Buffer, and the new mechanic is stuns counting towards kill streaks. These three things combined leads to streaking 4-7 times a game while resulting in similar top end scores as AC:B did.

In summation...
Assassinate, was in fact, entirely reworked because of the Approach Meter. Whether it is better or worse WILL ALWAYS BE AN OPINION. The FACT however, is that it is basically an entirely different game mode. It CAN be played with the disruption/poison style to good success still, but the META GAME has shifted to stuns/kill buffer streaking.

The reason all of this doesn't even matter? By the time AC:R came out, almost NOBODY was playing assassinate. Finding a lobby for ranked assassinate was as difficult and time consuming as using a Justin Bieber music video (the term music used loosely) as spank bank material. In short, it just wasn't happening (sorry Teddy). The entire player base of AC:R assassinate is completely new players, splashed by the 20 "pro's" who are just happy to be able to get into assassinate lobbies again. And as a side note, it is the top players from AC:B who are shaping the meta game for assassinate in AC:R as well.


(Maybe Escort next time Awkwardly, sorry)

Manhunt had two(2) iterations; playing for leaderboard scores, and playing for wins(tournaments). I'll discuss playing for leaderboard scores here, as tournament play really hasn't appeared yet for AC:R.

Playing Manhunt had basically two mindsets, do it with friends as a team (you used to be able to invite people into a lobby and play with them on the same team, that was apparently a glitch and has been removed), or you could do it by yourself. Doing it by yourself was probably more difficult, but allowed you to place the blame on your random teammates for bad games, making you feel better about your own performance.

Playing manhunt with a team meant abusing a mechanic known as Stun-Locking. Actually, it had many names, but that's what I called it when I was abusing it, so deal with it. The offensive round was blessed with people not stealing your locks (generally) meaning you could get 6 kills for 6000 points, a good start to a 10k+ game. Playing with a full team meant you could use poison, as you almost would never have it stolen. This allowed for even greater points scoring. Generally in team games against public "randoms," Jackal Mode would offer the highest potential points for the offensive round. There was another less heavily abused mechanic on offense known as "Sweet Streaking." Sweet Streaking meant you started off the game with the 3 silent kill streak, and once you hit it, you get yourself stunned. You would change your ability set to now include the 5 silent streak (as you were now only 2 kills away from it). Once you hit the 5 streak, you would once again force yourself into getting getting stunned switching back to the 3 streak for your 6th kill. After getting your 6th kill, and your +1350 points just from streaking 3 times in six kills, it was mandatory that you say "Sweeeeeeeet," else you would receive an error message about getting disconnected from host. After going 6 kills for 6000 points on offense, you would load up the defensive round (almost always either smoke/mute or smoke/charge), and camp a blend group with your team, coordinating the art(abuse) of stun locking.

I will say this now, and I will say it later in this dissertation, stun locking was more difficult to successfully pull off than for which people give it credit. Many thing could disrupt even the best of stunlocks, the least of which was a chase kill. Chase kills had this magical way of ignoring defensive abilities, which stunlocking relied upon. Stun locking was probably the #1 most complained about abusive mechanic from AC:B, and Ubi decided to take it out. It is probably for the better, but considering all they did to buff the act of stunning, they might as well have just left it in.

Anyway, take your 6k offensive round, and your 3k from 15 stuns, and your 1k from blending on defense, and you have yourself a 10k.

When playing by yourself, you were playing for quantity of kills. Forget 6 for 6k, your teammates would steal your kills before you could work up the 1k per kill average you needed to pull off the score. Instead, you loaded up the 5 silent streak from the beginning, along with some mix of knives/smoke/disguise/templar vision/firecrackers, and raced to get the coveted double streak. Scoring 10 kills meant +1500 points from streaks, and you would usually combine it with 2-3 hiddens(often from disguise), and 2-3 acrobatic kills to supplement the fact you were scoring much lower per kill than you would with a preset team. Going 10 kills for 6k was pretty good, but there were a few people who upped then ante and truly turned the offensive round of manhunt into "time trials." These individuals didn't give a **** about anything that took more time than an acrobatic because they were racing for 15 kills (three 5-silent kill streaks +2250 points). These individuals would often get upwards of 8k in their offensive round, letting them basically afk for the defensive round and still get the 10k. Oh yeah, when you are playing by yourself get 15 stuns on defense without stunlocking (run at your pursuers once you have reset cooldowns active)

Onto Revelations...

First off, scratch stun locking off your list.... While you're at it... Scratch off sweet streaking, and go ahead and scratch off playing with a preset team as well. All of those things (especially playing with friends on your team) were in fact glitches and have been removed from the game.

So we skip on right down to playing with by yourself. To save myself time, I'm just going to copy paste, and replace the pertinent parts or the paragraph...

When playing by yourself, you were playing for quantity of kills. Forget 6 for 6k, your teammates would will steal your kills before you could work up the 1k per kill average you needed to pull off the score anything remotely respectable . Instead, you loaded up the 5 silent streak from the beginning, along with some mix of knives/smoke/ disguise /templar vision/firecrackers, and raced to get the coveted double streak. Scoring 10 kills meant +1500 +1100 points from streaks, and you would usually combine it with 2-3 hiddens (often from disguise) that you must get from blend groups , and 2-3 acrobatic kills to supplement the fact you were scoring much lower per kill than you would with a preset team. Going 10 kills for 6k was pretty good, but there were a few people who upped then ante and truly turned the offensive round of manhunt into "time trials." These individuals didn't give a **** about anything that took more time than an acrobatic because they were racing for 15 kills (three 5-silent kill streaks +2250 points). These individuals would often get upwards of 8k in their offensive round, letting them basically afk for the defensive round and still get the 10k. Silly nonsense when talking about AC:R. Oh yeah, when you are playing by yourself get 15 stuns on defense without stunlocking (run at your pursuers once you have reset cooldowns active)

Playing defense with by yourself in AC:R is easier than ever, because you can no longer get mad that your teammates don't know about stun locking! Smoke is borderline overpowered when full rapid reload, giving it 35 second cooldown (or a negative 10 second cooldown when boost cooldowns is active), and mute can hit 65 second cooldown on rapid reload as well. (Both of those cooldowns brought to you by crafting abilities combined with the overall cooldowns perk.) Racking up stuns and brutal/hidden escapes was supposed to make defense "balanced" with offense, but what I think Ubi was really trying to do was make defense the round that mattered in manhunt (oh wait, maybe don't change anything and just leave stunlocking?).

So in summation....
You can no longer play manhunt with friends, and now everyone should start watching Giaquinto's manhunt video's from AC:B to learn how to profit in AC:R when playing with by yourself . Apparently using templar vision so much actually gave him the power to see into the future, because word on the street is he's using the exact same ability sets as AC:B and the exact same mindset and he's still getting crazy high scores.

So let's make a comparison of the 3 primary returning modes from AC:B to the way they are played now in AC:R:

Played basically the same

Played completely different, but the 20 players that used to play it that still play it are okay with it. I checked with them.

Playing with friends flat out doesn't exist anymore (srs bsns) but playing with by yourself is essentially the same.

Now let's take a look at the new modes implemented in AC:R...

Run to the uncorrupted.
Run from the uncorrupted.

Steal The Applesauce Artifact
Run to the artifact.
Pick up the artifact.
Blend til whispers.
Run til artifact resets/you die.

Get to the artifact 3rd (see what I did there?)
Run after artifact carrier.
Kill Carrier.
Repeat steps 2-4 from above scenario.

Applesauce Artifact Assault
Applesauce Assault is actually quite riveting. I could write an entire thread on how this will replace manhunt as the competitive team game in AC:R, but I won't. Mainly because this thread is already like 10+ pages in MS Word.

Deathmatch is like Wanted on maps half the size of Sienna with no compass. AKA, the best ****ing thing to happen to multiplayer gaming since 2 joysticks on one controller.

Seriously, I could write an entire thread on why this is what AC Multiplayer was always meant to be (which I might), and then I could write another 2-5 threads about strategy for this game mode (which I will).

Opinions aside, it seems as if the Approach Meter was crafted because Ubi really wanted to put this mode in the game, and the old Detection Meter would be broken. As a result, the Approach Meter infiltrated the rest of the game, but ***probably*** didn't affect the other game modes as much as the Detection Meter would have affected deathmatch.

Alas, we will never know what it will be like to play Deathmatch with meters that start at incognito (omg 25k games) but that is probably for the better. As is, Deathmatch is riveting, and will probably be many people's favorite mode for a very long time.

Chest Capture and Escort
These modes were always gimmicks meant to appeal to the more casual gamer. You could min/max these modes, scoring over 10k in Escort, and getting upwards of 15k in Chest Capture, but the hard core gamers always preferred manhunt.

I honestly haven't touched either of these modes, but from talking to dedicated players of each mode, Nick Nitrous says Chest Capture is still playable, and in my opinion (not Nick's) is probably relatively unaffected by the change in scoring meters. Awkwardly Brutal tells me that it isn't the Approach Meter that ruins Escort, but it is in fact the proximity meter. WTF is the proximity meter you say? I'll get to that shortly. In other news, Awkwardly reports that Teleport Smoke is absolutely broken when on the VIP Killing round, claiming he regularly teleports in from exactly 35 meters aways, drops smoke, stuns 2 bad guys, gets a vip kill, then runs away. Three words, friend... Like A Boss

Okay, well, now that I got my game review/comparison portion of this post out of the way, I want to address a trend I've been seeing spread like wildfire all over the forums.

There seems to be this concept that all the great players from AC:B are already one foot out the door on AC:R because all of our coveted "abusable mechanics" have been taken away.

There is one thing that I want to make perfectly clear.

We discovered the abusable mechanics in AC:B, and we have already discovered the abusable mechanics in AC:R. You are under the impression that there are no abusable mechanics because WE HAVEN'T TOLD YOU WHAT THEY ARE YET.

You want proof? Look at the leaderboards on Xbox. Top players from AC:B riddle the top ten of every game mode. We all know each other. We all play with each other. And we all talk to each other about breaking this game wide open.

AwkwardlyBrutal and I have already logged close to 6 hours in training grounds and 1v1 assassinate matches spending hundreds of abstergo credits working out a private tier list for the different variations of crafting abilities. Some day, I'll make the tier list public, but like any tier list in any game, it caters to the top level of play. You can't just pick up Smoke/Poison and expect to instantly score 13k's in Deathmatch (oops, let that one slip did I?)

You know what, it's Thanksgiving (in some parts of the country) and I want you guys to be thankful for Your Innate. So here's a list of some things the average player (and some pro's) probably don't know about AC:R...

1. Poison is still the best offensive ability in the game. You craft this sucker to give you +300 points, forget about cooldown and activation time. You will hardly ever get this off the 8 or 9 times if you put the craft points into cooldown, and honestly, just be good enough to not get this intercepted.

Now here's the kicker. Poison is bigger risk/bigger reward than ever. Are you going to get stunned after you use it? Yes, if you use it during bad circumstances. Do you want to get stunned after you use it? Yes, if you already have lost 4 contracts in a row (not incredibly difficult in some modes). Is it possible to get all 6 poisons and not get stunned? EZPZ. Smoke Poison will probably be most hated abusable mechanic #1 once people realize how much better it is in this game than last game. Vulching your poisons in any mode then running away means you get off stun-free. (Just the part of vulching where you run in and apply the poison during their kill/stun animation, no need to waste smoke in those circumstances.) People get stunned all the time in the game, getting a grounded poison means you won't get stunned, and it also works you towards your challenge/title "The Sandman" which is better than 90% of the title's out there. Opinion (there I took care of that one for you Taekwonthis)

Also, if you want to take the easy way out, throw on Resistance. Resistance is crazy in this game and literally stands you up after 1 second. What does 1 second of being stunned accomplish for anyone? If anything it looks like you are praying for their soon departed soul. Ideally, you want to have kill buffer on, so that in the even you get stunned, once the poison goes through, you will break even on your killstreak count instead of being reset.


2. Kill Buffer's description states that when you are killed, the amount of kills/stuns you currently have accumulated towards your streak is decreased by one instead of reset. What the perk description does not tell you, is that this applies to stuns as well. PROFIT This perk is broken.

3. Built into the line of sight meter is a proximity meter. The ring around the portrait of your target glows if said target is in line of sight. The background of the portrait lights up if that target is 10 meters or closer. How far of a range is 10 meters you ask? It just so happens to be the exact range at which your compass first hits completely full. For example, when playing deathmatch, if you are used to the wanted compass, and the proximities given by it, then at the instant your portrait's background fills blue, you essentially have a full compass. Whether or not your imaginary compass is lit up obviously depends if the ring around the portrait is glowing.

4. Decoys and Bodyguards produce the "High Profile Player Insta-Lock" (the little left trigger button above their head) prompt. This actually makes them easier to fall for. There is, however, a de facto way of beating decoys and bodyguards.... Stun them. That's right, you can stun the decoy/bodyguard and maintain your contract.

5. Crafting Throwing Knives with "Extra Duration" does not increase the amount of time they are effectively "muted." It increases the amount of time they spend slowed down after that effective mute duration, which is in fact static. (There, saved you 160 abstergo credits) (80 to try it out, and 80 to switch it back to rapid reload, the better choice).

6. You can use abilities during kill and stun animations. This is probably more well known, but think outside the box with this one. Maybe you are playing wanted and you notice your pursuer is approaching you cautiously, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Stun a civilian and drop smoke immediately after. Pursuers will often run in, seeing an opportunity in which you are vulnerable and won't contest a kill, and will often be caught in the smoke. Free stun, at the cost of the smoke you were going to use anyway, but now you can tell the guy over the mic that he just got master baited.

7. Boost Cooldowns in manhunt defense, score x2 for every other game mode ever. Trust me, I know a doctor. But no really, with reset cooldowns not making an appearance (that **** was broken) and no 3 loss streaks in general making an appearance, the score x 2 is really the best option. Everything else is free target/pursuer identification (learn to play you don't need those) or the animus hack (go go 100 point kill for the loss). So yeah... Boost Cooldowns in manhunt defense, score x2 for every other game mode ever.

There it is. Four hours of my life and 16 pages of Microsoft Word later (actually wrote it in reply window and copy pasted just to see how long it was), there it is. My semi-comprehensive review/comparison of the AC:R Multiplayer. I'll be perusing it for the next few minutes to make sure all of the tags are correct, but please don't judge me on that ****. In fact, you know what? Just don't be a **** at all. I know I'm right with this stuff, because it's foundation is laid in facts. I spoke facts about the game, and hardly ever gave my opinion, and when I did, I told you it was my opinion. So.... Yeah.....

Xbl Gamertag : Your Innate

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another very important post

Artifact Assault: A living guide by Zoidberg747

Some of you may remember my alliance guide on ACB, this is pretty much the same thing. The only difference is this one will be updated quite a bit(which is why it is a "living guide"). This one will also be longer most likely, so dont bother if you dont REALLY want to go in depth with this mode. Also im not going to waste time explaining what the mode is, if you havent played it look for AA vids on youtube, this guide is going to be really time consuming as it is.

Section 1: Before the match

Ability sets
I am going to go over the best ability sets for certain types of playstyles.

Ability 1: Teleport(preferably crafted with 1 point for range and one point for activation time)
Ability 2: Smokebomb(preferably crafted with 2 points on duration)
Perk 1: Fast getaway
Perk 2: Overall cooldowns
Loss streak: Boost cooldowns
Killstreak: 5 kill streak

This class is NOT an easy class to use. People will say im wrong and it is, but as a person who uses this class almost exclusively, I can tell you it is never 100% guaranteed that it will work. The first thing you can do is smoke right when you get to the artifact, and then teleport. This only works if the entire team is camping at their artifact however. Many of the people who complain about smoke+teleport are players that camp at the Artifact I have found, and for good reason. If there is a chasebreaker nearby, try and make it into that and then teleport, because you will at least have smoke for anyone that tries to cut you off or chase you. If you see no one following you, keep going until you are about teleport range from the Artifact(like I said, you ahve to know EXACTLY where you are going to teleport for this ability set to work, this requires a lot of practice with the ability set before you will be good with it). If you teleport to the Artifact, you have now scored.

This is probably the best offensive set out there at the moment, I will go over more in the future when they are discovered.

Ability set 2:
Ability 1: smoke
Ability 2: Mute
Perk 1: Kill buffer
Perk 2: Overall cooldowns
Kill streak: 5 or 7 kill streak
Loss streak: Boost cooldowns

Originally posted by WLP Jigaloe:

This profile set is pretty good at capturing and is a good counter to Tripwire Bombs. The basic premise of the profile is to take a relatively direct route to get near the artifact. Once you get close, slow walk or blend in a group to capture the artifact. It's best if you can save your abilities for the time when you are exiting the artifact zone and heading back to your base. This way, you can have three or even four pursuers down as you run straight to base. This profile set can be ruined by Throwing Knives or pursuers that are waiting near the dividing line. Against skilled protecting opponents, this profile set will net you a lot of individual points, but may or may not give you a lot of Artifact captures.

Ability set 1:
Ability 1:Teleport(both points in activation time) props to AwkwardlyBrutal for clarifying this.
Ability 2:Throwing knives(both points in duration)
Perk 1: Hot pursuit
Perk 2: Overall cooldowns
Loss streak: Boost cooldowns
Kill streak: 5 or 7 kill streak, gauge your skill level accordingly

The main thing about this set is once again you HAVE to know the exact range your teleport will go. If the other team gets past your defenses, see where the artifact carrier is running and try and teleport in front of him to cut him off(This is why range is important for this class). Throwing knives of course will slow them down, but be wary of a smoke bomb that might be used by the runner(if they know what they are doing).

Ability set 2:
Ability 1: Tripwire bomb(2 points on cooldown)
Ability 2: Throwing knives(2 points on duration)
Perk 1: Hot pursuit
Perk 2: Overall cooldowns
Loss streak: Boost cooldowns
Kill streak: 5 or 7 kill streak

This is for a person who camps at the artifact. Use your tripwires NOT on the artifact, but in front of chasebreakers and escape routes. This allows you enough time to catch the capturer. Use throwing knives if they elude your tripwires. This is the class that ****es me off the most, so I know it is effective.

Dont use the hidden gun on these classes, because even if you manage to shoot the artifact carrier, it only drops the artifact for the carrier's teammates to steal.

Class by ArcaneTempest:

Ability 1: Tripwire (I have it crafted one in range and 1 in duration)
Ability 2: Closure (crafted 1 cooldown and 1 in duration)
Perk 1: Hot Pursuit
Perk 2: Overall cooldowns
Loss streak: Boost cooldowns or Minor Hack
Killstreak: 7 kill streak

You can use the hack to kill from a distance. Closure if timed right can stop flag carriers from using chasebreakers, which makes this class a nice defensive set.

All around:
Mostly defensive set 1, teleport for offense, throwing knives for defense.

Knowing your maps

This is mainly for Offensive players, defensive players just have to know where the capturers are coming from.

When looking for a route, use the following criteria:
Minimal roofs are nearby. Roofs are very dangerous for artifact offenders.
Open areas where you can see all around you. You dont want to pick a bunch of alleys and small corridors where you can be cut off.
A lot of chasebreakers should be nearby on your route. These can make the difference between being killed and scoring.
It should not be obvious. Flanking is generally one of the best ways to grab the artifact. If you run head on at the artifact, you will die. Defenders are always looking forward. If you come in from behind, step on the line then run back the way you came, you have a much better chance of scoring. It is a longer distance, but you are catching them by surprise.

Now ill go over the best routes for each map.
Ill try to describe them as best as I can.

since Souk is such a small map, flanking is your best option. Go far left or far right and go behind the Artifact. On the elevated side, hug the right hand side of the map. If you go from the left you have a much larger distance in the open to get to the artifact.

If you are on the ground level side, The left hand side is a much better option. There is a couple of stairways after your border, keep going ahead and you will see a chasebreaker. If you go through the back and flank the artifact, you not only have the walls for cover you can steal the artifact from behind one of the walls.

The big middle area with the stalls should be your attacking and escape route. This allows for a wider line of sight, and allows you to see your pursuers. Be sure to use a lot of chasebreakers, and avoid roofs.

This one could use elaboration, any suggestions are helpful.
Knights Hospital
From the higher artifact go straight through the middle to the enemy artifact. Use the chasebreakers near it, run out and smoke, then run back through the chase breakers and run through the middle where you can see your pursuers.

From the ground level artifact, run through the middle until the border. Once their run to the very back of the map and flank the enemy to grab their artifact. Return through the middle of the map where there is less roofs and more open space.

From the lower level artifact, go right and keep going until the border. Once their keep heading right for the artifact. Your only obstacle is the double stair case, try to get into a hidden blend group and grab the artifact. There is a chasebreaker to the very left of the artifact. Then keep going the way you came there is less roofs and a lot of chasebreakers.

Form the top chasebreaker go left, until you get to the border. There should be a chasebreaker right there that leads to the fountain area. This is an open area, and if you proceed straight ahead there will be a stairway down to the artifact.

From the higher artifact go straight through the wide open area(after the chasebreaker) Once you get past the border keep going straight until you see a chasebreaker, dont go in it, but keep going farther up the map until you see the chasebreaker on the end. If you go through this one, you can grab the artifact and go through the chasebreaker, running the way you came.

From the lower artifact, keep going straight through the chasebreaker, and keep moving until you see a chasebreaker to your slight right. Run through it and make a sharp right, you should see a chasebreaker right in front of you. WALK through it, and grab the artifact(The stall protects you from their line of sight) Then run back the way you came, maybe going farther right to try and increase the distance between you and your pursuers.

From the side near the pillars, you actually want to go up near the pillars, and hug the right side of the map until you see a chasebreaker that leaves you about 5 meters from the enemy artifact. Once there, backtrack and go back the way you came(Im sure you can see a pattern here). There is alot of chasebreakers and minimal roofs.

From the opposite side, running through the pantheon is a good idea. You can go under the staircase and grab the artifact, backtrack and run until you see the chasebreaker on the otherside. Watch out for the long hallway to your right up ahead, as pursuers might try to cut you off their.

From the side near the open market, go to the left until you are at the very back of the map. Once their a tiny part of the artifact circle is behind the stall. Grab it and either run back the way your came or cut to your left and take the lift. You can be cut off this way though.

From the opposite side run straight until you are at the back of the map. Get behind the enemy artifact and grab it, the proceed to run back until you either get the lift or chasebreaker. Be warned they will try to cut you off from the left.

Mont Saint Michel
From the higher artifact, run to the right until you are as far right as you can go. Then keep running forward until you are behind the enemy artifact. Attack to the opponents right(if he was standing at his artifact) flank him and use a chasebreaker near you and make your way back from their.

From the opposite side head to the left through the huge open are up above(with the priest preaching to a blend group) once their drop to the ground up ahead, and climb up the staircase to get the artifact. I would backtrack personally, because after the open are you just jump over a bunch of roofs to get to the artifact.

Castel Gandolfo

From the higher artifact, run to your right, and flank the artifact going through the upper hallway.

From the other one do the same thing, in Castel the upper level is the best route, the only flaw is you can be cut off by pursuers climbing on the wall below

I highly suggest getting a friend and either practicing these routes or making your own. The criteria are probably the most important part of this section.

If you have a four man team, it is good to assign different positions.

If all four opponents are attacking: Have three people defending and one attacking. The attacker will get the artifact with ease, but you have to protect him from the opponents waiting for him on his side of the border. Their should be at least one person guarding the border for when the opponents are coming across.

If all four opponents are defending: Have one person guard the artifact and the other three attack. Once one person gets the artifact his teammates should escort him back to base. If nothing else die to slow down the defenders.

If the opponents have 2 defenders and 2 attackers: Have one person guarding the border, and one guarding the artifact. Have the two attackers come from different directions, so while the two defenders are focused on one person, the other can slip away with the artifact.

Section 2: General info

At first glance, it would seem that defending is the way to score higher. This is not the case. What ends up happening is when you score the artifact, you get to kill the ones who chased you. This gives you a ton of bonuses, usually netting you extreme variety. While defending you just get a bunch of kills, maybe a streak or two. Defending is easier than attacking in my opinion, so I think it works out.

Never.ever.EVER. have your whole team camp at your artifact. One smoke or capture and one teleport later I score. It is insanely easy to score on these teams, even if they have a solid defense. Because one slip up and you cannot kill the capturer unless you have teleport.

Always have at least one person defending. That way if that one person slips up, his teammates can cut the carrier off. If you all attack though, you could all die and leave a wide open path for your enemy to score.

Section 3: Defending and Attacking

Attacking: Getting to the Artifact
When you attack, make sure to flank or switch up your routes. This will make it harder to kill you. Also good defenders will block off routes they know you like.

Another tactic is to travel by roofs. If your opponents like to stay on the ground, you can jump and grab there artifact and have that split second needed to throw an ability or run into a chasebreaker.

Hide in blend groups near the artifact. It can be harder to find you, and makes your opponents lose focus and gives you an opportunity to steal the artifact. Watch out for tripwire mines though.

Attacking: Coordination
Having a teammate attacking with you can make a huge difference. Decide which one of you wants to be the bait and run in and steal the artifact. What you can do is grab it, smoke, and run all the way to the other side of the map. Then purposely get killed. Your teammate can grab the artifact and run in the opposite direction, giving him a huge advantage.

Against good teams, coordination still works. You can have one person flanking and one person coming in from the side. If one of you dies the other can get a stun and smoke+teleport out of there.

Attacking: Running with the artifact
Be familiar with the maps. This is key to success being an attacker. Go through as many chasebreakers as you can, especially if you are being chased. Avoid roofed areas, unless you are roofing yourself. Then you have a clear sight of who wants to kill you. Mix up your routes and take sudden weird turns. This will make it harder to cut you off. Have a teammate nearby to protect you, once you reach your border have someone camp at it to get anyone who runs through your border to get to you.

Make sure that you dont have your whole team protect you and leave your artifact defenseless. If you see an opponent with your artifact, try to smoke him to give your teammates time to catch up.

Defending: At the artifact
Hide in a blend group near the artifact and watch your surroundings. Once someone gets in your line of sight, the picture in the top right hand corner will light up. It is a good idea to have tripwire bombs covering the exits. Throwing knives can help too.

Another tactic is to camp on a roof near your artifact. You can see a wider space and kill any stealers that come in. If they grab the artifact it is easier to cut them off if you are on the roof all ready.

Defending: At the border
It is always a good idea to have someone guard the border. This way you have your compass on you and can at the very least call out which way the stealers are coming from. Try not to stand right next to it and follow the opponents down the border. Hide in a blend group at the spot that has had the most traffic, then they dont know you are there. they run across, you kill them. On maps like venice where a roof is directly over the border, you can stand up there to kill any that cross at that particular section

Defending: On the roofs
When defending on the roofs, make sure you find the highest possible point on the map. Make sure you have a large line of sight so you can see any incoming attackers. If your artifact is stolen, try and cut them off. This will be easy considering you are on roofs. At the very least, call out all attackers to your defending teammates. Use gun and knives to stop attackers and let your other defender grab the artifact and return it to base. Templar vision would also be a useful tool to lock any targets for your defender.

That is all I have for now. This will be updated, especially if the thread is active and has people discussing new tactics. You can also use this thread for anything related to Artifact Assault. Special Thanks to RabidWesmann for being in the private match so I could find the routes.

Please voice your ideas and opinions. Guides are always better when they have multiple people discussing them. I hope this helped you guys out, as I spent 3-4 hours on itXD

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Here is :

A Brief Glimpse At The Ability Tier List - Why Smoke Bomb Is Better Than Disguise by YourInnate

In AC:B I would have argued to the death that Disguise (rapid reload specifically) was the best single ability in the game for any given circumstance. It trumped Poison in terms of how many points it could give you offensively for a single use (nonetheless over the course of an entire game) and it trumped Smoke Bomb in terms of how many points it could give you defensively for a single use (nonetheless over the course of an entire game).

Then main reason it did both of those things was because every time you popped Disguise you should have been getting offensive and defensive points for it. It offered enough time to get that Hidden Poison kill, as well as a stun, netting you 400 points for one ability (700 if you count the poison). It gave you enough time to get a double escape, and a Hidden Incognito Acrobatic. You were in charge of what Disguise did for you. Disguise depended on the skill of the player using it. The common misconception about Disguise is that people were using it to actually fool people. That was almost never the case.

The fact that it gave you 200 points for being "Hidden" was a completely broken mechanic. I would've never admitted it when AC:B was the game to play, and I certainly never admitted it because I would've loved to see it come back in AC:R, but now that it has not made it's way back, I feel completely fine saying the 200 point Hidden bonus you received with Rapid Reload Disguise was the single most abused mechanic at the top tier of play.

Smoke Bomb in AC:B was good. It wasn't Disguise good, but it was good. Smoke Bomb offered you scenarios in which the other players in the game had to create for your Smoke Bomb to offer you the most points possible. Smoke Bomb inherently allowed you to get up to 2 stuns in a single usage (Long Lasting) or a Focus bonus (actually achievable with any version). It allowed a Poison and then a stun, and even a kill and then a stun (Long Lasting), and the mechanics of the game SHOULD have allowed a poison followed by 2 stuns with long lasting smoke bomb, however, the lag in the game prevented that over 95% of the time that situation even arose. In short, Smoke Bomb relied on your opponents making mistakes to be effective.

In AC:R, the roles have COMPLETELY reversed.

Let's first analyze Disguise in AC:R.

They took away the Hidden Bonus. Okay, that's fair. In AC:B, the hidden bonus was basically an "I Win" if someone was using RR Disguise and someone else wasn't.

They took away the ability to get "hidden status" from disguise. This was a mechanic completely separate from the "hidden kill" points you would get. This was the ability to pop disguise during an escape, and have the act of being disguised make the game feel you were hidden enough to get the "stay hidden" escape meter instead of the red meter of doom. If they had left this aspect of Disguise in the game, it would still beat out Smoke Bomb in Wanted, and probably even the running ffa modes (Corruption and Steal the Applesauce). But they took out this aspect of Disguise as well.


When I first learned they took out this half of disguise's utility, I was mad. I felt they had no reason to take it out because it was in no way shape or form overpowered in AC:B. The Developers had better insight than me, and I thank them for it. It would have not only been overpowered in AC:R, it would've been game breaking. Hidden status from disguise in AC:R would've been Hidden Escapes galore. It would've been goad the entire team of Corrupted into chasing you, get through random double chasebreaker, pop disguise, instant 1k points. Same deal if you have the applesauce and you are protecting it from all those dirty applesauce thieves. Every chase involving 3 or more people (and they happen quite often in those 2 modes) would've been a 700+ point profit. We would seriously see 25k Corruption and Steal the Artifact games. And probably 20k Wanted games.

But I digress... Because those mechanics of utility ARE NOT in AC:R. Leaving Disguise as an ability... used to fool other people in the game.... Something it never actually did well, even in AC:B. The reason? Fooling someone with disguise relies too heavily on the other person.

Now let's look at Smoke Bomb.

Smoke Bomb's #1 most obvious buff was the ability to throw it. Almost long gone are the days of "Drive By Smoke Bombing" where you would run straight at your pursuer, then cut out with a sharp U-turn all while dropping the smoke bomb to catch them in it while never presenting yourself in actual kill range. Now you just lock on to your pursuer, hold down the smoke bomb, and adjust the aim to lead them in stride. Free stun.

Smoke Bomb's #2 most obvious buff wasn't actually a buff to Smoke Bomb, but a Buff to stuns. Stuns only being about 1.3 seconds long instead of the 2.8 they were in brotherhood means that you can get 2 in a stock, non crafted smoke bomb. Which in turn means you can get 2 in a rapid reload smoke bomb. Leading us to...

Smoke Bomb's #3 most obvious buff was the craft formulas. ***Probably*** the best smoke bomb for any given ffa mode would be full cooldown reduction. Full cooldown reduction WITH the overall cooldowns perk means Smoke Bomb reloads at a staggering 35 seconds. At 35 seconds, you can use it EVERY time you want to poison someone, and use it twice while Poison is on cooldown. Another absolutely delicious craft is 1 point in Duration and 1 point in Range. The 1 point in Range will throw off most anyone who is trying to bait your smoke bomb, and the 1 point in duration means you do not need to throw the smoke while already building focus to actually get the focus. Lastly, the ***probable*** best craft for any team mode is 1 point into cooldown reduction, and 1 point into duration. 1 point in cooldown coupled with overall cooldowns gives you a 45 second cooldown smoke bomb, coupled with the fact that it lasts 3.5 seconds instead of 3 means you can definitely increase your bonus from your Approach Meter while building focus on a kill. The 3.5 second duration also lets you get 2 stuns and run while other pursuers cough. In a non duration crafted smoke, you would get 2 stuns then die.

In short, all these buffs to smoke bomb make it An ability that depends on the skill of the person using it.

To sum up everything into one or two sentences;

Smoke bomb is and stays good the better the person using it is and gets, where as Disguise is bad and gets worse depending on how good the person using it's opponents are and get.

Therefore -> Smoke is good at all levels of play.
And -> Disguise may be good while the people you are playing against are still fooled by it, but drop it once you prestige and start playing against other people who have prestiged.

Xbl Gamertag : Your Innate
Stopped going for Average Kill Score on the leaderboards when I hit 600 points per kill. Way too many people boosted out their ppk on that lb.

The honorarily named Cardinal Jackal.

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next guide:An Ongoing Guide for the Escort Game Mode by the TheUberGuber

'm writing this for everyone from those who hate it to those who love the game of escort. Since ACB I've played quite a bit of it and I've had the opportunity to learn a good portion of strategies and tips which I am excited to share now. Some of them from friends, and some of them from my enemies as they shoved a blade down my throat. This guide is intended to get players to think, not just about what ability set or how to kill, but get an understanding of this game mode as a whole. Everything else should come naturally.

1.) VIP Routes and Navigation
2.) Map and Area Control
3.) The Hunters
4.) The Defenders
5.) 1st Half Vs. 2nd Half
6.) There is no number 6
7.) Be Creative

Number 1.) VIP Routes and Navigation

This is the number one skill that identifies a shark from a fish. Believe it or not but the VIP routes are not that random. As soon as the VIP Intercept indicators light up on your screen you can know too very important things:
A.) EXACTLY where the VIP has spawned
B.) The VIP's complete route and which direction they walk it in

As soon as a VIP is born it is on a circular path that it will travel until it is killed. These routes are all pre-determined, meaning that the route the game chooses to put the VIP on is random, but once the path is chosen, the entire route is already mapped out. Each level has about 8 - 10 routes pre-built into them (not a fact, just an estimate based off of experience). So if I'm playing Castel Gandolfo and I see the VIP's first checkpoint on the second story blue side near the markets. I know that the VIP spawned on the first floor by the side entrance, is heading up the stairs, into the corner walkway, back down the middle L-stairs (not the T stairs in the middle middle of the map), and down the long hallway to it's original spawn point, to do the whole route all over again. The VIP will never decide it wants to do something different, the path is locked.

So what does this mean? A whole number of things. For attackers it means you now know how to get in front of your target because coming from behind means chasing and chasing means less points. Let the victim come to you! Defenders, this means you now have the ability to coordinate more efficiently with one another to fill in the security gaps. More on security will be explained later in the Defenders section.

Now both VIP's have been killed. What to do? Don't sit around with your thumbs up your rears, light a fire under your feet and SPREAD OUT. Hunters, if you're lucky, you'll be right inside the respawn point of another VIP. I see defenders just sitting there waiting for the next VIPs to show up while the hunters spread out and when the next batch comes up, they're dead 5 seconds later before the Defenders even knew what happened. This happens all the time.

Number 2.) Map and Area Control

“Know the map you're playing on!” – Everybody

It's obvious you want to know the maps layout, but now what do you do with it? This is an important aspect to understand on escort, especially for Defenders, since you are the ones with the control power.

Every single ACB map was designed to be Symmetrical, with a large central and open “hot spot” that was made to bring everyone into it. Rome has the market place in the center. Castel Gandalfo has the T-stairs and fountain area. Venice is pretty much one huge hot spot. Mt. Saint Michel has three. it's upper courtyard in front of the cathedral, and the market square by the gate, and the garden that is just to the side of the cathedral courtyard. The new ACR maps are Asymmetrical and are designed to be labyrinthian with no real central “hot spot”. These are very important to take into account. ACB maps favor Defenders while ACR maps cuddle up with Hunters. The reason being is This:

I'm playing on Rome and I'm a defender. I give a half second to see where my VIPS are spawned at and then IMMEDIATELY run for the market place. I am establishing AREA CONTROL by keeping a look out over a large area of the map. It is almost guaranteed that at least one hunter is going to make a charge straight through the middle, the fastest way to reach his victim, which is what I'm counting on. By being in the center on the roof of the markets I am denying the enemy the convenience of bee lining to their targets. Just one person in the center calling off targets is a lethal deathblow to the hunters mobility because now they have to get past me without running. Roof top runners are also now nixed because I'm keeping an eye out for them especially. So now the enemy has to take the long routes around, and every second not spent killing is more points for me.

Now I'm playing Defender on Ippokratous. My ability to secure AREA CONTROL is much harder since there are tightly packed buildings and narrow alleyways all over the place. I can only see a limited area, normally one or two alleyways, requiring my teammates on the ground to be more vigilant.

The next thing I take into account is situational awareness. My VIP is walking around the wooden Gondola on Rome. This is the absolute corner of the map right? So where can my enemy come from? The double stairs, the two archway entrances and the catwalk. Rooftop runners should be getting hidden-gunned down so the stealthy ones have to come from the previously named spots. Placing one guy on the top of the wooden gondola lets him see every entrance quite nicely with Line Of Sight and have a faster reaction time to roof runners, and the other three are watching a different entrance as they keep a wide perimeter around the VIP. This makes for a nearly airtight defense. If my VIP is in the middle of the marketplace, well s&#@, because now there are more ways to close in than I can keep track of.

So in Recap:

ACB maps)
Symmetrical layout with central hotspot
Ability for Defender to see majority of the map from one location
limited mobility for Hunters

ACR maps)
Asymmetrical design with no central hot spot
Hunters have many more routes to take to the victim
Defenders are overloaded with only being able to keep eyes on a limited number of routes

Number 3.) The Hunters

Hunters, the Defenders have been given some really serious perks in finding us, which I will discuss in the Defenders section, but needless to say, our work is cut out for us. All hope is not lost, however. There are a number of tricks we can know that can penetrate almost any escort team. First off, the most basic rule of being a hunter is and you can quote me on this:

“Don't always follow your compass.”

BAM! A little anti-climactic I know, but the reason behind it is HUGE. Following your compass 95.89% of the time will put you on the TAIL of the VIP, which is the worst place you can possibly be as a hunter. Now you have to walk fast, and the more time spent following means more time Defenders start getting a little suspicious, if they haven't already decided to just kill your model out of curiosity. So you'll just run then eh? Ok thats cool too, except now your opponents definitely know it's you and if you do manage to get past them you just earned a grand spanking 100 points, which you just gave back to the enemy as they use a blade to clean out your colon. So what to do? This is where the first rule earns it's money. Head to the intercept point, let the victim come to you. You should know where the VIP is coming from and if you're especially good you'll even know the actual pathing the VIP will take in that area.

Now this may seem a little contradictory to what I just said but if your Defender's perimeter is solid that you can't get in for good points. Get close, RUN IN and kill the VIP. You only get 100 points, but the real money for Defenders is in the VIP making the checkpoints, and they get more points for each one, so if you can't get that stealth kill, just get the kill, hidden gun or whatever. I'm not going to tell you what ability sets to use because there are tons of them, and each one has strengths and weaknesses and counter sets. If you get too used to using one set, you'll eventually face someone who has the perfect counter set and then you'll come running to me crying about how that set didn't work. You need to be adaptive. I have a good example below in section 7. Finally, TEAMWORK, do it.

Number 4.) The Defenders

Defenders, lets be honest, we got it real easy now in ACR. In ACB we actually had to do some guess work as to who our bad guys were, but the dev team has decided to give us some serious assistance in this aspect. It may be a little overloaded and if it went away I wouldn't complain, but IT IS there, so we are going to use it. What I am referring to is the hub on the top-right of our screen. This nifty little window actually tells us if we have LOS to ANY of the hunters. When we have LOS the PICTURE FRAME of that Hunter will light up. If we are close enough to the Hunter that our compass would be full, his actual picture will light up(*EDIT* Thanks to AwkwardlyBruta for clarifying this). If you have both lights on, you should expect imminent action. With this tool you should never get another civilian kill again. This is also great to move ahead of the VIP to try to identify and clear out any rooms of hunters before the VIP even gets there. Even though we have this great tool, we still need to use LOS. Now I could make an entire new guide on LOS alone so I'm not going to touch on it too much.

DANGER! WARNING! This is such a common thing to see but is a terrible terrible habit. DO NOT, I say again DO NOT walk right next to the vip. With the ability to throw smokes and firecrackers you are only allowing your enemy to get two birds with one stone. Also your ability to react to a runner is severely reduced. By keeping a good distance, you have a better view of the area, you can react to runners quicker, and you prevent the enemy from being able to set up a proper ambush. The hunter is naturally relying on you to be connected to the hips with the VIP, so He/she will gallop jovially just outside of LOS. If you keep a good perimeter, have forward guys who clear areas before the VIP gets there, and rear guys who stay back just far enough to see that one hunter turning around the corner with LT right above his head and then go in disguise, only to have his face crushed in a second later... It's a good feeling... for the Defenders anyways. I said I wouldn't tell you what you should bring for Escort but I can tell you what not to bring to Escort as a Defender: Disguise. Lets be honest with ourselves. If there is ANY model walking next to the vip, I'm automatically assuming it's a Defender, and I'm going to pop smoke regardless. Disguise doesn't do us any good against solid Hunters, they're already expecting it and playing accordingly.

Final note for Defenders is RUN! Gentlemen, our bread and butter is in our VIP's making their checkpoints. We don't have an RDM. We get to run around like crazed chickens with our heads still on! Our kill will always be worth 100 points, give or take 50 points, unless we get a kill streak, which I highly recommend you do! Get out there and slay them! Take area and map control! You see a baddy, you run right up to his face and REARRANGE IT. Be vicious and blood thirsty. You should be mentally tired from all the constant observation and chasing you've done after every round. Always err on the side of face-splitting.

Number 5.) 1st Half vs. 2nd Half

The starting bell has rung and the game is off. We have now entered the:

1st Half

In the opening phase both teams are together on opposite sides of the map. The VIPS are spawned and the hunt begins!

Hunters: Take this opportunity to close space but be careful about running into the above mentioned “hot spots” where a good Defender will be waiting to greet you with open arms. Take the side routes even if they are a little out of the way and always make sure they lead you to in FRONT of the target. The first kills will set the tone for the rest of the game so this is where it really counts. If your fast and you missed any outreaching defenders who are running ahead to try to catch you, this is a good opportunity to try disguise/poison as the Defenders won't be as alert thinking it will be a while longer before any Hunters could make it there. Early kills will disorient and demoralize the defenders, keeping them from effectively working together.

Defenders: Like I mentioned in section 2. Area control. If you're playing on Venice and you spawn on the festival courtyard side, there are only four ways for the Hunters to approach: The left walkway side, the middle pillar entrance, the right gate chase breaker, and the roof. 7/10 times you're going to have at least two hunters trying to book it through the middle, where if you're like me, you're already waiting for them. Because the enemy is coming from one location it is better to have one or two players push out to try to meet them where they will not be expecting and thus will be running, revealing themselves. This is the critical time where you will learn what type of abilities your opponents are using and you need to be able to adjust accordingly. Are they using the rooftops? Are they being super offensive with mute/smoke bomb? Are they being subtle with Disguise/Poison? After the first set of VIPs have been killed we now enter the:

2nd Half

In the middle game our teams are now spread out, meaning enemy routes are now uncertain, they can be coming from anywhere now.

Hunters: You now have an idea of what your opponents are using. Are they organized? Are they watching the rooftops? The uncertainty of the middle game is what you need to maintain your momentum. Subtlety is not really a viable option anymore. If you were using Disguise/Poison, your enemy should be preparing with Templar Vision and enhanced LOS awareness. Equipping more offensive abilities like smoke and mute will intimidate your opponents. Also Never under estimate a good mobile crowd. Hunters tend to use static crowds too much. A highly crowded traffic area with mobile groups makes it like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and even with templar vision your opponent has to fight the crowd.

Defenders: You now have an idea of what your opponents are using. Are they organized? Are they using the rooftops? You should be hitting your groove now. Teamwork becomes essential here. Close up your perimeters but keep a good distance as mentioned earlier above. Templar Vision, Firecrackers, hidden gun and throwing knives are always a solid bet in the middle game. If everyone on your team has firecrackers/Templar vision, you can spread out its use by taking turns when you are in high traffic zones and your LOS meter is going crazy.

Number 6.) There is no number 6

Number 7.) Be Creative

Players this is a message for all of us, including myself: You need to know how to be ADAPTIVE. If you're getting curb stomped before you can even see your victims, YOU are the one at fault and you need to change your play style. Don't give me the whole “He's not playing it right!” or “it's obviously not me”. If you're sucking it up, own up to it. It is what is going to make you a better player. I've been run over many times by other players and instead of thinking how lame he was I think, “how did he do it? How can I replicate/counter it next time?”

So the enemy can see you from a mile away, are they watching the rooftops? How many? Just one? I can stun him with smoke bomb/mute and then hop right on the VIP for a good 250/350 kill. So they're watching the rooftops, they all have Turtle Beach headphones, and they are all using bluetooth to speak to each other with precision communication? Still not impossible. Check this out, you're up against team Turtle Beach mentioned above, they're keeping a tight circle on the VIP with one guy on the rooftops just itching to find a hunter and all you've got is a lousy headset with one buddy and two loser teammates who are just feeding Team Awesome with kills(I am obviously saying this from experience). So I tell my partner “Equip poison and disguise and wait ahead of the VIP in his pathway". As soon as he's ready I run up to get LOS with the VIP and start “dancing”(doing high-profile stuff like running). The bad guys come running, I drop a smoke down and keep dancing. I trigger a chase and the VIP is off, leaving his Defenders in his dust and right into the hands of my partner who is disguised with poison who gets hidden/silent/poison/lure(because he was running from me) for a whopping 1100 points. The enemy clobbers me for 100 points for a net gain of 1000. Then we swap places and I get the poison disguise kill.

There are a ton of other strategies as well and some that haven't even been thought of. I've written this in the hopes that it will help people get a better grasp of the game mode and also force those of us who do have it down, to have to dig even deeper to find another edge. If you want to play with me and/or talk shop on ACR my XBL is TheUberGuber.

Good Hunting.

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http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...441060769#2441060769 (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2361024388/m/2441060769?r=2441060769#2441060769) tips on breaking 10k

12-06-2011, 07:28 AM
how come the trip wire doesnt work sometimes?

http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...1024388/m/3641085769 (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2361024388/m/3641085769)

answer here.

12-06-2011, 07:29 AM
bad news about mute ,it seems

http://forums.ubi.com/eve/foru...1024388/m/1801076769 (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2361024388/m/1801076769)

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Guide to Manhunt by wharris1996

I. My Credentials

I spent the better time of the final months of Brotherhood in the top 30 in all modes, but wanted (But hey, I’m not writing a wanted guide, am I?) I currently average about 500 points per kill and am in the top 50 worldwide in stuns, despite my being unable to play during the week. My clan, although this doesn’t affect my credentials other than the fact that I am in it, has been at the top of the leaderboards in AC:R since launch and the top of AC:B for the final months before AC:R. I average over 10k a game, so please don’t just blow this off. I have some idea of what I am talking about.

II. What is Manhunt?

Manhunt is the prime team mode in the AC Multiplayer, but has been recently “ruined” by the inability to play as a party. It has always been a competitive game mode, and is currently neck-in-neck with Artifact Assault and Escort, as the top competitive team modes. But, I suppose, no team modes are actually team based anymore, are they? This guide is built to explain how to play Manhunt in “lone wolf” style and will tell my personal sets and strategies.

III. Ability Sets

Currently, I use 4 sets, which have nicknames according to their play style.


Ability One: Poison w/ two points on reward
Ability Two: Smoke bomb w/ two points on duration
Perk One: Kill Buffer
Perk Two: Overall Cooldowns
Kill Streak: +550 5-silent kills
Death Streak: Score x2

Reason/Purpose: The purpose of the QUALITY class is to be able to use both abilities to maximize your point output. This class is a slow-paced class that should be used during games where the targets do not run. It can be used against runners, just do not expect to get your poisons off as often.

Pros: The pros of this class is that by using one ability, your minimum score kill (Provided you receive Incognito) is 600 points (kill + focus + incog), while still being able to improve by entering a hidden group or poisoning the target. Also, the quick cooldown of smoke bomb allows for you to get a 600 point kill approximately every 40 seconds with travel time.

Cons: This classes reliance on close quarters and being able to close the distance with your target makes it ineffective against runners, unless they are completely incompetent.


Ability One: Templar Vision w/ rapid reload
Ability Two: Knives w/ one point duration and one point cooldown
Perk One: Kill Buffer
Perk Two: Overall Cooldowns
Kill Streak: +550 7 kills
Death Streak: Score x2

Reason/Purpose: To be able to go completely solo and be self sufficient and still average 7k offense scores.

Pros: The Templar vision allows a player to quickly uncover their targets and does not waste time “line of sight-ing” your target. The knives give an easy counter to runners and allow you to get good kills in lobbies full of roof-runners and COD-players. The normal kill 550 streak allows you to get your streak even if you get discreet/contested kills, easily making the difference between a 6k and a 7-8k round score.

Cons: Templar Vision may be considered “nooby” by the public here on the forums, but it has been proven multiple times to be a good ability despite common reputation. An example is seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCEEIUGK7sI


Ability One: Mute with one point duration and one cooldown
Ability Two: Smoke with both long lasting
Perk One: Kill Buffer
Perk Two: Overall Cooldowns
Kill Streak: Either +250 silent or +550 silent
Death Streak: Boost Cooldowns

Reason/Purpose: The purpose of this class is to score the most amount of point on either round of Manhunt.

Pros: LL smoke bomb allows you to stun three pursuers per use. Mute, when used correctly can set up a deadly “team wipe” stun wave, as well as revealing either your pursuer or target by coating them in webbing. The streaks, when combined with both abilities stack very quickly and it is very easy to average 16 stuns with an aggressive defense round.

Cons: Mute has a very loooonnnnnngggg cooldown time. If you use both abilities at once, you will be called a noob by outlaw Curtis. Mute has a delay in its activation time giving a fraction of a second where you can be killed and stunned.


Ability One: Hidden Gun RR
Ability Two: Knives RR
Perk One: Overall Cooldowns
Perk Two: Kill Buffer
Kill Streak: +550 7 kills
Death Streak: Score x2

Reason/Purpose: To **** off Giulien, why else?

Pros: After getting shot a few times, Giulien will rage and yell at you. Ignore/mute him and continue to shoot him over and over again.

Cons: The Italian accent, that is all.

IV. Manhunt Offensive Strategy

The Manhunt lone wolf strategy is a rather simple one. First off, when you have the white screen (loading…?) continuously run straight, this will put you a good 4 seconds ahead of your teammates. Remember to always go after the least populated target, so that you don’t have to worry about getting focus kills stolen. Use your abilities (I personally use RECKLESS) to maximize your score efficiency. Remember, its team, but not… Only care about yourself (except if it is a poison, never steal those, Jerk…) If you are unsure about who to kill, you should pop mute. If you see more than one target, drop smoke as you kill one and just remember where the other one was located. As soon as you get out of the animation, kill the next for possible discreet hidden variety on 2nd kill. Take your time to get the kill, you need incognitos and silent to maximize your score, but a reckless is okay for variety purposes. Take every opportunity to get higher scores. You can drop incognito if it means getting acrobatic/aerial for variety. It’s all about stacking varieties as they can make over 1000 points of difference to your score. Don’t be too obvious, but if you are, make sure that you have an ability to prevent contested kills. If at the beginning, you stick with your teammates, give them good locks for grounded finishes and assist (Varieties, of course). Know the maps and know how to cut off your targets and intercept their blend groups, this will make it much easier for you to kill them.

V. Defensive Strategy

This is why the class is called reckless guys… If you’re interested in a high k/d like some COD player, I’m sorry but you just wasted a lot of time. My play style revolves around spamming resets by dying as quickly as possible. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t just want to throw your lives away. You want to make the most of your lives so at the start of the white screen rush the enemy spawn and take as many as you can before you inevitably die. Yes. I said it. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. When you spawn without abilities, hang around your teammates and go down swinging with contested kills, corner stuns, and the works. Once you get boost cooldowns, go. To. Town. Never let up. Go kamikaze and stun stun stun. It’s hard to mess up at this part unless you’re lagging or suck with mute/smoke. On average you should get around 3-4 stuns per life, with more if after you stun you run and wait for abilities to come back (Boost cooldowns gives half the normal cooldown rate). A major factor is to get knock out bonuses and to lure your pursuers into chasing you. You can easily achieve this by feigning an escape when you have abilities. This will make noobs run after you. Now there are three choices. You can a) drop smoke and stun them for multiple, brutal escape; b) run through a chase breaker (There are plenty of them) and either get an out of sight by keep running or c) hide and get hidden escape. These stack up quite quickly and can get you greater variety just off defense. Keep fighting until you die and make sure you make the most of your time.

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hre is interesting thread with deatmatch tips:

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In manhunt The approach meter slows the game down and makes you think more as to how you should act in front of a target as in manhunt puruers are much easier to pick out. So you need to learn how to "kill time" and fill up the meter to incognito. This leads you to focus on being stealthy and acting like an NPC for a much longer duration.

For example when im in front of a group full of targets I just chill on a bench for a bit or hide ina seperate group - that way the targets forget about me as they dont register me as a pursuer. In my opinion if people learnt how to use this apprach meter more wisely theyd notice manhunt would probably be much less of a massacre.