View Full Version : NYGM files to fix NYGM TW v2 & SH3 Cdr 2.6 issues

Teddy Bar
07-08-2006, 01:19 PM
Here are a set of updated files Observer (NYGM Team Member) tested today for compatibility. The lockups are caused by alterations in the hex offests, mostly used for the randomized crush depth feature.

Observer tested these files in single mission (TypeVIIB) and campaign (TypeIIA, VIIC, IXB, IXC, IXD2) and all worked fine. If you have altered or otherwise previously used a version other than these files, be sure to roll back. You may have to do a clean install if the roll back does not correct the altered hex offsets.

These files are installed in the SH3 Commander\Cfg folder. As before, be sure to make backups of the necessary files.


If there are problems please post here.

Furthermore, I have some issues with the malfunction and sabotage features included in this version of SH3 Commander. It will break various aspects of NYGM TW v2.2 without some serious updates to the Randomized Events.cfg file.

One other area to watch out for when using SH3 Commander is the crash dive. They have included a very deep setting for crash dive (in order to simulate jammed dive), but you can very easily get the crash dive blues if not careful. I have read, but not tested the following:

From Subsim http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=95473:

See my topic 'now we have a real submarine simulation'. Still testing , but this approach seems to resolve the 'crash dive blues'.

1. Initiate a crash dive.
2. Interrupt it, and your boat sits tail down (the blues).
3. Initiate an upwards depth change with the 'set_depth' command.
4. Hit 'maintain depth' ('A' key) and your boat levels out beautifully.