View Full Version : If Desmond was able to master the Animus (theory)

07-24-2010, 11:05 AM
It was made clear especially in AC2 that the Animus has several effects on its user, most notably the Bleeding Effect.

However, what if the user was able to actually manipulate the program? We saw in the multiplayer footage that players could do things like disguise themselves as entirely different individuals. What if Desmond learned how to do that?

For example, certain NPCs would see Ezio as Ezio. But hostile NPCs and civilians would interpret the character as the disguised individual.

Yes, this would make things pretty easy, but it would be a skill that Desmond masters over time. It would last only a little bit due to the Animus's systems reacting to the error and trying to eliminate it. But as Desmond and the techno girl continue their research, they're able to do it for longer periods.

Or instead he could achieve the same effect via a Piece of Eden, idk

Getting damage or performing actions that otherwise would result in desynchronization would diminish the disguise. Doing suspicious actions would also do this as well.

I know this is sounding a lot like the Matrix, but here's another proposal. What if while using the Animus, Abstergo operatives could hack into the Animus 2.0 from their Animus constructs with their avatars/ancestors or whatever and fight Ezio?

07-24-2010, 02:12 PM
Wouldn't work - even if Desmond rewrote his memories so Ezio perceives himself as a random civilian, there'll still be Ezio's memories of fighting guards. Like how when you activate the Altair skin, people don't immediately start asking Ezio why he's dressed like an Arabic monk.

07-24-2010, 05:49 PM
Ooh yeah, good point.

07-25-2010, 02:43 AM
Plus, the only reason they can switch their looks in MP is because it's a simulation created by the Templars! The assassin's weren't ever actually able to do that!

07-25-2010, 11:16 AM
are you suggesting that desmond basically attempt to re-write history, because thats the only way that would work, all desmond is really doing is sort of watching the memories, but to him it feels as if he is doing it, hence he learns those abilities, i believe desychnronizing acts are where desmonds imagination takes too much of a part and it affects the memory, a.k.a. every time you get hit and lose sync that never actually happened to ezio, thats just desmonds mind taking over, so anything desmond does doesn't actually happen, so shapeshifting would basically cause you to lose sync as obviously that didn't happen, so would have no effect apart from probably causing you to desynchronise. and as ezioassassin51 said the only reasion mp characters can do this is because those are not actual memories, rather simulations that act the same way as far as the bleeding affect goes.

and if you thought that maybe desmond or modern templars could be able to morph in real life after using the animus, then no because well, people cannot do that. they would only learn actual skills they could preform, in desmonds case free running abilities, also eagle vision, i dont believe eagle vision was learned so much as unlocked in desmond, meaning he always had that ability just after generations of gene dilution it was lost to him. however the templars seem to hgave created completely synthetic memories.