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11-28-2010, 01:01 AM
I know that 1 is coming next month but why did they not release Advanced Mode for each game mode?

I prefer Advanced and also prefer Manhunt with Alliance threw in every now and then, but that will change when my Bro gets the game. Im not bothered about the maps for now, just baffled as to why they didn't Add them.

I'd prefer Manhunt Advanced over any of the others tbh.

Ubi when can we expect ManHunt Avanced? Dont let it be next year we will be rank 50's by then http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/sadeyes.gif

Anyway lads what do you think about it?

11-28-2010, 01:53 AM
I think a lot of us are already level 50. It's very easy to climb the level tree in the game, very easy

11-28-2010, 02:53 AM
Originally posted by DespondentSoul:
I think a lot of us are already level 50. It's very easy to climb the level tree in the game, very easy

Cant disagree with that. Still, Advanced should be there. It will defo make it more interesting imo. Just out of interest mate how many hours have you put in to MP?

Ive been waiting to sync online for the last 15 minutes. The only 2 things that i have a problem with in this game is the not being able to go on advanced modes on all modes and this matchmaking.Is any update coming for the matchmaking do you know?

11-28-2010, 03:00 AM
Over 20 views and no replys http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif

Is it only me that wants these modes?

11-28-2010, 03:07 AM
I have a feeling they will add Advanced Manhunt to the mix later on to keep people interested. I couldnt care less, the compass change is barely worth making a whole new mode for.

However if they make it so you have to be say level 30 to unlock it, things could get interesting. It wouldnt be harder due to new rules, but noobs wouldnt be able to play, so you would always be playing tough opponents

11-28-2010, 02:27 PM
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