View Full Version : Maybe you should read this,DRM and buy it or not

02-02-2010, 08:58 AM
although it was posted a poll that is almost the same i made a new ones to see/get a better and quicklier view of what the community thinks. BTW *just idea came into my mind* why not contacting directly Ubisoft with many emails about the DRM, as i see taht 90% are opposed to?

( i have just reinstalled my old silent hunter 3 after i ve played it for month with laptop, most of time offline)
+ a question to all readers.
Do you think DRM is needed or not?( although good against piracy, but ****ing for legal owners). Propose solutions or compromises for it.

think also about in % how many people that do not buy it are related due to the fatc that DRM will be implemented