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Hi! Ok, everyone tells me that I am a really great writer, even though writing isn't what I would do in my free time. But after reading so many of you guys' AH-MAZING stories, I just got inspired and wanted to show MY skills! Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Chapter 1


"Ugh", I wake up to hear the soothing, relaxing sounds of Beethoven and Mozart, interrupted by, BEEEP!!!

"5 more minutes", I murmur under my breath and fall back asleep.

10 minutes later I hear the alarm again. This time I am fully awake.

"I'm up, I'm up", I say and get out of bed and head over to my closet.

I take off my totally cute blue and purple flower pattern pj's that UbiLorelai made for me and I change into a super cute purple-pinkish cheetah print mini that UbiTrixie made and put on the bohemian vest, fashion week stilletos , a few accessories, my glasses and head out.

I go to my coffee table and pick up my my-link and check who's online.

"Hmmm", I say scrolling through, "Ah, here we go. Erika."

I then teleport to Erika Fabulous Paris, one of my BFFs.

When I arrive there, I see her sitting on a chair staring into space.

"Ummm, HEEELLLLOOOO!?!?", I say as I wave my hand in front of her face.

"What....oh, hey, Layla! Sorry, I'm back. What's up?", she says, fully alert now.

"Oh, nothing much. You?", I say.

"Same. Hey, who's online?, she asks.

"Ummm, let me check...", I grab my my-link from my purse and look. "Well, UbiLorelai and UbiSusie are online, but they are both at Diamond Beach. JaJa and MyMy are online, but I am positve that they are busy with their shop. Nina and Nic are online, but I know that Nina is busy designing for Go crazy with Nic, who is also busy with her other businesses and clubs. Sal, Ham, Kiara (Kiwi), and Mik are offline right now, too. I guess it's just you and me, my BFFL."

"Oh. Well, I guess we could go to Chef Pierre's for breakfast, you know, since his pancakes are LEGENDARY (Did I mention that Erika is insane for pancakes?)...or did you already eat?" She asks.

"Um, well...",I say pointing to my growling stomach, which right now, must be hating me because I haven't depostited anything in it for a while. "I, I could eat!", I shrug, pretending that Erika couldn't hear my stomach.

"Layla. You know that I know you better than anybody. When you say, 'I could eat', you mean that you are DYING to eat something!", Erika giggles. "Teleport to me." And she left.

"Um, ok, then." And then I teleported.

When I look up, I see Erika standing at the entrance, waiting for a waiter/waitress.

"I thought this was a 5-star place", I hear her mutter under her breath. "Oh, hey, Layla. Come over here!", she says, just as a tall red-head with glasses comes over to us.

"Hi! I'm so sorry. This isn't one of our busiest hours. Please, let me show you to your table.", the girl says. Erika and I follow her to a table in the far corner. Eri and I take our seats. The girl hands us our menus.

"Can I start you off with anything to drink?", the girl says.

"Oh, yes. I'll have an orange juice, ummm...what's your name?"

"Oh, sorry.", She points to her name tag. "I'm Sierra."

"Oh, ok, Sierra! Nice to meet you! I'm Layla and that's", I point to Erika, "Erika."

"Oh, a pleasure!" Sierra says. "What will you have to drink?", she asks Eri.

"Oh, I'll have chocolate milk." Erika says and Sierra nods and walks away.

"Sooo....how are things?" Eri asks me.

"Oh, you know, GREAT! I have a TON of orders to fill for Go Crazy. How are the Junior Helpers?" I ask.

"Oh, well things are great, but lately, things have been under control, you know?" She replies.

"Yeah, I hear ya." I say, just as Sierra arrives with our drinks.

"Here you guys go, what will you have to eat?" she asks.

"Um, I'll have eggs, sunny side-up, and bacon, turkey bacon that's crispy, please." I say as I hand back the menu.

"I'll have... PANCAKES! And LOT'S of 'em! Maybe 3 or 4. Wait, I mean, 5." Erika says, almost shouts, to Sierra.

"Coming right up!" Sierra says, smiles and walks away. When she comes back with our food, Erika gobbles down her pancakes and I devour my eggs and bacon. When we finished, I leave a tip for Sierra and we left.
When Erika and I walked out, she told me that she had some things that she had to do and that she would hang out with me later. So, I headed out to the Dance Academy to practice and create routines.

When I got there, I saw Verity and Sal dancing and talking to Jordan. Sal saw me and waved and nudged Very.

"Hey, Layla!!! The roof! HeeHee.", Sal said.

"Heyyys! Wassup?", I asked.

"Oh, nothing much. Just talking to Jordan and hanging out, since barely anyone is online.", Very said.

"I hear you. Well, if you will excuse me, I am going to create some routines and practice some of my moves on the stage.", I said as I waved and left. I started off doing Oriental moves, then Flamenco, Ballet, Hip-Hop and my favorite... SAMBA! I did the advanced samba move and the advanced rumba move a load of times. Sooner or later, I became so dizzy and tired, that I crashed on one of the chairs, almost unconcious. I must've fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, I was back at my house, in pajamas, with a lot of voices talking all at the same time.

"Whaaa...", I said, drowsy and covered in sweat.

"Oh, good. She's awake.", I hear a voice say.

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Really good story I love it!!!

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Thanks sooo much! Spread the word, my friends! Spread the word!!! HeeHee... Oh, and depending on whoever wants me to write the most, I will write the next chapter.

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I do I do plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

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Ok. Ok. Here goes. My next chapter!

Chapter 2

It turns out that, that voice was Megan. And she was about to shove a pill into my mouth, but luckily, I moved out of the way before she could.

"What is going on?", I ask, still a little light-headed.

"Oh, you passed out at the Dance Academy. Turns out that you were a little dehydrated. But that pill that you just dodged would help you out.", Megan said.

"Yeah. Open wide!", Wymberly said. It turns out that Wymberly, Sal, Erika, Verity and Kiara were those voices I heard.

"Oh. Well, could you just give me some space to get up?", I ask, feeling really strange at that moment.

"Oh, sure. Everyone! Give her some space to BREATHE!", Sal says, recognizing my discomfort.

"Oh, ok.", Megan says and moves over. I sit up and I let Kiara hand me a glass of water, and I swallow the pill.

"Aaahhh! That's what my body needed right now.", I say.

"Ok, now that you are feeling better, you get some rest. We'll see you in a bit.", Very says, heading for the door.

"Yeah. If you need ANYTHING, let us know.", Kiara says.

"Will do." I say, as I wave good bye to my friends and reach for a magazine on my coffee table.

"Yeah. Let's just hope and pray that you'll be better in time to hang out at Sal's house later on." Erika says and then closes the door behind her. I started reading the In-Style magazine I had in my hand, but then I got tired and fell asleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
When I woke up, I saw that it was already 5:00 PM! I checked my messages. There was A LOT of messages about parties, clubs and other things, but sadly, I missed them, since I was asleep! I found a message from Eri. It reads:
LAYLA! WHERE ARE YOU! Sal's party already started! UbiLorelai came!
Ur BFF, Erika!
Oh, nooo! I ran to my closet, put on of the Fashion Week outfits and quickly teleport to Eri. When I got there, everyone was still there, EVEN UbiLorelai. Phew!

"LAYLA! You made it!!!", Sal said and came over to give me a hug.

"Yeah, sorry I'm late. I was sleeping.", I say.

"Oh, yes. You need to have your rest! I heard about the incident at the Dance Academy.", Lorelai said.

"Oh, yeah.", I blushed, "but, I am feeling a lot better now, so let's PARTY!" Eri, Sal, Mik, Ham, Kiara, Megan, Winny and Very watched UbiLorelai bust some exclusive Diamond Membership moves! Mik brought her awesome radio and we all had a BLAST!!!

"Go Lorelai! Go Lorelai! Go Lorelai!", we all shouted!

I asked Mik, "Hey, got any 80's music?"

She said, "Um, let me check" and she put on Pat Benatar's hit, Love is a Battlefield.

"We are young! Heartache to heartache, WE STAND! No promises, no demand. Love is a battlefield. We are strong! No one can tell us we're wrong! Searching our hearts for so looooonnnggg! Both of us knowing...Love is a battlefield.", I sang my heart out. It was then that I realized that I sang louder than anyone and the song was over.

"Ummm....", I said, clearly humiliated.

"WHOA! You never told me that you could sing!", Ham and Mik said at the same time.

"Well...-", I said.

"How come you never recorded your voice!" Sal said.

"You sound INCREDIBLE!" Kiara said.

"Yeah, you sooo do!", Very said.

"You should totally have a record deal!!!", Megan said.

"TOTALL-!" Winny said.

"GUYS! Look, it's just that... Ham and Mik are such incredible singers, that I felt pretty dumb to even hum a tune. And I have ALWAYS been afraid of performing on stage. And where am I going to get a record deal on Jade Island! And COME ON! I don't sing THAT well!", I say blushing so hard, that even my NECK was red.

"Are you KIDDING ME!", Erika said apperently not believing what she just heard.

"Layla. You have such a magnificent voice! Why haven't I ever heard you sing before!" UbiLorelai said.

"Well, I have always been embarrassed to sing in front of anyone. Life's been tough, what with me moving here, to Jade Island and all. And I'm just too busy.", I say.

"WHAT! That's the biggest excuse I've ever heard! Just promise me that you'll give singing a chance.", UbiLorelai said.

"Ok. I will.", I smile, happy that she is actually encouraging me!

"Great! Now, I got to go. Us mods are really busy, you know.", UbiLorelai said and left. We all continued to dance and sing along to music. I was careful to not sing louder than anyone else again.

When the party was over, I went to my house. I changed into my pj's and crawled into bed. I grabbed the September Issue of In-Style and began to read about 'What's Now' and the latest fashions. I started to get a headache from reading so much, so I put the magazine down and turned off my lamp. I started to think about today and the things that happened... Eri and I having breakfast at Chef Pierre's, me going to the Dance Academy, me passing out, the party, and lastly... when I sang in front of my friends and Lor. I remember everyone's surprised reactions. What Lor had said, 'Just promise me that you'll give singing a chance'. I DID promise. Should I keep that promise?

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I LOVE how you used the line I a,ways say when there are no waiters at Pierre's!

"I thought this was a five star place!"



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Awww, thanks, guys!!! I revised my 2nd chapter so... READ IT!

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where is the 2 chapter?

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Oh, I revised it. It's underneath Megan767's last post. It's right there.

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Awwwwz thanx for including me! I'm including you too in my next chapter!!


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YAYS! I will, but Mik said that she wanted me to stop making a big deal out of my story and that hurt my feelings, but yeah, I guess I WILL add another chapter.

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OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, here comes my 3rd Chapter!!!

Chapter 3

"Layla... wakey, wakey!", I hear someone say.

"Come on! What does it take to wake someone here!". I hear another voice.

"Ok, if she doesn't wake up, I am so going to pour a jug of water on her." a third voice says. And at that comment, I jumped up out of bed. And tripped and fell flat on my face.

"Oh, help her up guys!", the first voice says.

"No, I'm fine, I'm fine.", I say as I get up and brush myself off. It just so happens that the 3 voices I heard, were Kiara, Erika and Sal.

"YAY! Now I don't have to pour water all over you!", Erika said.

"HaHa. Very funny", I said sarcastically. "Why did you come to wake me up at 6:00 in the morning?"

"Oh, we have something to show you, QUICK!", Kiara said.

Alright... Something is fishy. I go along with it, no matter how strange it may seem.

"Ok, whatever. Just let me change." I say as i walk over to my closet and put on whatever dress I have in there. I walk out. I see them sitting on my couches and when I come out they stand up and head toward the door.

"Alright. Are you ready?", Sal asks. Looking like she was about to blow, since she had to hold in a secret.

"Yeah! Are you?", Kiara says.

"Umm, I guess so. What is it?", I ask looking suspicious.

"Come on out!", Eri says. I walk out along with them. And you want to know what I saw? NOTHING. But, Sal handed me a flyer that looked like it was taped to my door.

"What's this?", I ask rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I was hoping for something bigger, but you know.

"It's a flyer for a singing contest. I found it taped to your door last night when I dropped you off after the party last night.", Erika says.

"Huh? Oh, no, no. I can't. Didn't I tell you? I don't perform in front of crowds.", I say, shaking my head rigorously and I hand the flyer back to Sal.

"COME ON! Look! It says that you get to perform with a partner! I could be your partner! You know, since I sing really well. AND, the grand prize is 10,000 gems!!! How can you NOT want to join?!?! Come on! Do it. Please?", Kiara says giving me the puppy dog look. How does she know I'm a sucker for that look?

"Ugh. Oh, alright, but only because you'll be my partner and I won't be alone on the stage.", I say, now NODDING my head.

"YAY! Now you have your chance to show your stuff, Layla! Congrats!!!", Sal says doing the Hmong Happy Dance.

"OMG, Sal! HeeHee!", Kiara says also doing the dance move.

"Ok, it says that the contest is in 4 weeks! That's plenty of time for you guys to get prepared! I so can't wait!!!", Eri says.

"Well, I'll leave you 2 to figure out your performance and I'll go to Reyes Modeling Agency to design some shirts. C Ya!", Sal waved and left.

"Yeah, I completely forgot it's, like, 6:30 AM, so I'll just go back to my room and catch some Z's. Byeeee!", Eri hugs Kiara and I and then left. When Sal and Eri left, I Kiara and I went into my house to start getting ready for the contest.

"Ok, first things first. The song. What song do you think we should sing.", Kiara asks, grabbing a Capri Sun from my fridge.

"Umm, I kinda want to sing an Adele song because all of her songs are really catchy and we can really show our voices. What do think?", I say, grabbing a piece of bread and spreading peanut butter and jelly on it.

"GREAT! I like that!", Kiara says. She yawns. "Ahhhhh. You know what? Erika was sooo right! I'm sooo tired. We can talk later, ok?", Kiara says. She starts picking up her stuff. I hand her her purse.

"Alright. Sure! Later, then!", I say heading back into my closet. I hear the front door close behind me. I change into my polka dot pajama pants that UbiTrixie designed and put on one of the shirts that Glittery and Sparkly designed. I went back into bed and set my alarm. I take off my glasses and close my eyes.
I wake up to see the sun streaming through my window. I look at my alarm and I see the time. It's 9:00. It's not THAT LATE. I head into my closet. I put on my red and yellow heart print dress and put on my yellow socks and red ballet flats. I get out, grab my glasses from my night table, grab my my-link and head out the door. I grab my bike, which I barely ever use, and ride to Kiara's house. I get there and I knock. I see Kiara still wearing pj's.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Did I wake you up?", I ask noticing that she has some major sleep crust growing underneath her eyeballs.

"Oh, no.", she yawns. "I was just getting up, just give me a minute to change.", Kiara said and almost ran to her closet. She came out wearing her super cute rainbow striped dress made by UbiSusie and a super cute bow in her hair.

"Alright. Let's begin, shall we?", Kiara says as she grabs a notebook from her purse. We learned the song, Fire to the Rain by Adele. We separated the different parts which were to be sung and before I knew it, it was 4:00 in the afternoon. At 4:30 was when Eri wanted me to come over.

"Oh, I gotta go. Eri wants me to go to her house. We can continue tomorrow. And I grabbed my bike and left.

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this chapter is AWESOME!! i hope i like the 2 chapter of my story! (ppl plz comment on my story! only lala commented!)

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Alright, Alright! I am now going to write chapter 4!

Chapter 4

When I get to Eri's house, I put my bike on her porch and knock. She screams 'It's Open!!!' and I walk inside. When I'm inside, I see her eating a bowl of cereal. In her pajamas.

"Hi, Eri! Wassup?, I ask looking at her MAJOR case of bedhead.

"Oh, yeah. I was just eating breakfast. Hey, since I'm wearing my pajamas, how about we have a pajama party!!!!", Eri says, getting up to grab a napkin because at that moment, she spilled milk in her lap.

"Oh sounds really cool!!!", I exclaim, while Eri is rubbing HARD on her pj's to make sure there isn't a major stain. Once she is satisfied, she puts her attention back to me.

"Ok, you invite some friends and I'll do too. Be specific when you say 'party'." she says all matter-of-factly. I HATE when she's like that!

"Ok! Ok! I KNOW what I'm doing...", I say and saerch around my purse for my my-link. I start typing...

Subject: Pajama Party!
Heyyys! Ok, Erika and I will have a pajama party at her house. And I KNOW it's still pretty early, but on the bright side, you don't have to change! HeeHee! Ok, teleport if you wanna come!


I get a few replies:

Ok! Just let me finish desiging!
Nina http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Alright! Partay! Coming!

Great! I'll be sure to come!

YAY! I'm comin'

KK, I'll b there, but only for a little while, though.

Ham (Hermione)

SWEET! Coming!

Awesome! Being there!

Huh? I thought we were going to practice our song! Well, I guess I could come..
At that message, I replied.
Oh, well, we could practice AFTERWARDS. I'm sorry, Eri just wanted to have this party.

Kiara replied
It's ok, just come over to my place when I leave.
I replied
Oh, ok! C Ya then!
I went and changed back into my Pj's. When I came out, I saw Eri, Sal, Mik, JaJa, MyMy, Ham, Nic, Very, Nina and Kiara.

"Let's get this party started!", Eri shouts. And we all screamed with laughter as we made a MESS of Eri's apartment! We had a pillow fight, stage fighted (Mik taught us how, since she was a movie star), and listened to the greatest music of all time! After all of that fun, we all crashed onto Eri's comfy couch.

"AAHHHH", JaJa says, sitting up a little.

"Yeah, thanks for an amazing time! I really needed it!", Ham says, exhaling.

"Uh huh. You got that right!", Sal says, and exhales even harder than Ham as a joke. We all went into a fit of giggles.

"Yeah! HeeHee!", Mik says, choking a little, out of drinking milk and laughing at the same time.

"You guys are too funny!", MyMy says.

"This was too awesome!", Nina says.

"Yeah, I'm glad I have you guys to support me!", I say, smiling at the great friends I made. It seems just like yesterday that I first stepped foot in Jade Port with Erika. The first face I saw, was Valerie. Her smiling face and her white teeth. She handed me my my-link. I was still pretty new and she showed me around. I then met Sal, Ham, Kiara, Mik and all of the greatest friends you could ever ask for. Everyone thought that my life here wouldn't last. They didn't think I could become a dancer. I left UbiWorld because I wanted to live the life I never had. I wanted to become a dancer and become worldwide. I'm halfway there at this point. And lookie here! I'm also going to sing at a nationwide contest with one of my greatest friends, Kiara. I'm able to do what I never thought was possible! With Erika at my side, and a my-link in my purse, I was ready to make history, one fame point at a time.

It took me a few seconds to realize that everything I just shared, I said OUT LOUD. I looked at the smiling faces of my friends. It seems like they didn't know what to say. One minute we were laughing at Mik and the milk dribbling from her chin, and the next, I was making them feel really embarrased!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound really strange.", I say, blushing. I stand up.

"Oh, no! It's not like that! I just never thought that you felt that way!", Sal says, smiling and hugging me.

"Yeah! I'm so touched!", Kiara says, also hugging me.

"GROUP HUG!", Erika screams and runs over to hug me along with JaJa, MyMy, Very, Nina and Mik.

"Awww, thanks guys! Still sorry about humiliating you!", I say, with my mouth smooshed against Mik's blouse. They all let go. Sal is the first to speak.

"Nonsense! We all love you and I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I was flattered and touched that you felt that way! We're your friends and you can tell us anything, you hear me?", Sal says, looking deep into my eyes. For a minute there, she sounded a lot like my mom. The one I left at UbiWorld, who supported every single thing that I did.

"Yeah. Tell us what you are feeling! We understand and CARE.", JaJa says, smiling the biggest, brightest smile I ever saw her give me.

"YAYS! I'm happy now!", I say smiling really big, too.

"Ok, I don't mean to sound rude, but can Layla and I go to my house to practice the song we're going to sing?", Kiara says, looking at me.

"Oh, yeah. We better get going. Sorry guys.", I say, giving an apolagetic look to Erika.

"Oh, that's alright! We don't mind! Have fun! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!", Eri says, smiling and heading towards the door to open it.

"Oh, wait! We can't go out in pajamas! Let us go change!", Kiara says, going to Erika's closet. I get in with Kiara and I change into my blue and black flower print dress, twilight glitter rock jacket, black fashion week stilletos and black fashion week socks. I grab my glasses, headband, earrings and black neckalce and come out. I say good bye to everyone and I give Eri a huge hug and walk out the door. I grab my bike and head over to Kiara's house with Kiara.

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AWWW layla! U ROCK! Luv Ya Bunches GIRL! we HAVE been Best buds since we were like THREE!

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