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09-22-2011, 03:15 PM
Im going to start this forum off with a list of 10 ideas of time settings for ac3 and beyond along with a brief description of why i like it.
1.the first one is feudal japan-this is no big surpriseto anyone whos followed the forums blogs and comments on ac3, so a brief description is in order. untouched era,samurais,and a class system similar to renaissance.
2.mongolian times-got this idea from the assassin tomb in ac2 so a journey in the past element here.
3.french revolution-just a good era got this idea from several commentors on other forums,just think the reign of terror good place for a templar or two who needs to requiescat in pace.
4.iron curtain berlin- just think of the history killing communists whilst climbing the berlin wall.
5.civil rights movement-this is my own idea i think its more a good time era so if it gets shot down so be it.I like it due to it being almost nonexistent in the game world plus its 50's and 60's america so there can also be that touch of cold war fever to set it off,plus no-one panic here we can have a black assassin.
6.ancient greece-now i've suggested it before and everyone said well theres enough from there about fighting mythical creatures and the gods, well who said anything about that i just like the free-roam ability.side bonus sparta is around then.
7.spanish inquisition-now this is my second favorite one on the list.this is just so good an era and i know it's close to renaissance italy but think on it
,untouched era plus the inquisition could mask the templars killing assassins for p.o.e.
8.salem witch hunt-now this is a quirky one because this incident streched all over the new world but mainly affected salem.
9.hannibals africa-now this is one where i lose people but here me out and you might agree, this could help bridge the gap to altair. you could be an assassin helping hannibal to stop the templars seizing power in rome and you get to see old rome before the dawn of the christian church and the templars coming out of the shadows during the crusades.
10.industrial revolution-my personal favorite.this is a beautiful time setting for ac3 or any other sequel.this is the frontier of steel and is the beginning of bigger,taller,better,metaler robber baron economics,as well as the ending years of manifest destiny.this is a beautiful clash time zone with the old west and the new world of today.you can also drive cars as well as have some useful tools,like rapid fire hand pistol.you can also wield guns like smith & weston's.now my favorite aspect of this era. scaling the freshly built empire state building as well as ellis island/statue of liberty,and traversing the newly built skyscrapers.

Now these are 10 ideas i thought of for ac3 and beyond.comment on any you like in particular or suggest any new ones you like,just keep it within reality.i.e time machines and futuristic era's.comment suggest like it or hate it let me know i created this forum so to get an understanding of what the fans want to see and maybe ubisoft will listen

09-22-2011, 03:19 PM
theres already a thread called "AC3 and beyond"

here ya go http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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09-23-2011, 08:45 AM
Yeah and paragraphs would be great. It's very exhausting to read your entire OP.